How To Transfer Airtime and Data On The Airtel Network

transfer airtime data credit on airtel nigeria
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Table of Contents

Finding it difficult to transfer Airtime or Data from your line to another? Or you don’t know the transfer code to transfer Airtime on the Airtel network? Well, I’m here today to tell you not to fret no more as I’ve got you covered on this.

Having airtime or data on your line and not being able to share with someone in dear need of it can be frustrating atimes.

Or you probably have airtime or data on your line and want to share with your partner yet you cannot share, that alone can frustrate one especially when the issue is emanating from the Network Provider’s side.

Imagine having a friend or loved one in a tight situation and you have enough data and airtime to share but you barely know how to go about it, you and I know how that can be.

Well, on this guide today, we are going to talk about how you can share airtime or data from your Airtel line to another at your convenience. If you buy recharge card without getting anything in return, you’re wasting your money.

transfer airtime data credit on airtel nigeria

How to Transfer Credit And Data on Airtel

In this guide you’ll learn how to transfer credit and data on Airtel Nigeria in a very easy-to-follow steps.

Airtel is an Indian-owned telecommunication company which commands a large number of customers in Africa’s largest country.

So as to meet the needs of its numerous Nigerian customers, Airtel launched the ME2U and Data share feature.

In summary, ME2U and data share allows all subscribers on the network to share their credit (airtime or data) with family and friends — using a simple code.

Table of Contents

  • Airtel airtime (credit) and data share transfer code
  • How to transfer credit on Airtel lines
  • How to share data or gift data on Airtel lines
  • Things to note

Airtel airtime (credit) transfer code

The USSD code used for transferring credit on Airtel is *432#.

However, to be able and qualified to use this ME2U service, there are a few criteria — which we shall be discussing right here.

  • First, your credit balance must be greater or up to the minimum balance you wish to transfer to your friend. You can verify you current balance by dialing *123#.
  • You are permitted to transfer credit to fellow Airtel subscribers and other networks as well.
  • Finally, you must activate the ME2U service.

By default, all Airtel lines come with 1234 as their transfer PIN. And this must be changed before you will be able to use the ME2U service.

Reason is, you are not permitted to use the default 1234 PIN to make transaction on your line and it’s also a guessable pin too.

Activating your transfer PIN on Airtel is not so complicated. It can be done either by SMS or on the Airtel toolkit.

Well, the SMS method is preferable as it is by far easier and simple.

To change your Airtel ME2U PIN using SMS:

Send a message like this — PIN 1234 New PIN — to 432. That is, if you want to change from the default 1234 PIN to let’s say… 4123, then send the message — 
PIN 1234 4123 — to 432.

Alternatively, you can change your default PIN on the on Airtel toolkit. Just follow this simple steps:

  • Visit Airtel menu on your device
  • Select ‘Airtel services’
  • Press ‘Me 2 U’
  • Select ‘Change PIN
  • Enter default pin 1234
  • Choose a new PIN and save changes.

Now that you have a successfully changed your PIN, let’s go there…

transfer airtime data credit on airtel nigeria

How to transfer credit on Airtel lines

  • Dial *432# on the phone you wish to send from.
  • Select transfer airtime.
  • Enter number of the person you’re transferring credit to
  • Enter your PIN;
  • Confirm your transaction by replying with option one (1).

Alternatively, to transfer credit on Airtel using SMS: Send the a message containing 2u [Phone Number] [Amount] [PIN] to 432.

That is, if you wish to transfer ₦500 to 08012345678 — and your PIN is 4123 — then send the message 
2u 08012345678 500 4123 to 432.

Simple as ABC isn’t it? Okay let’s continue.

How to Transfer and Gift Data on Airtel

Here in this guide you’ll discover how to transfer data on Airtel by dialing a simple code on your mobile device.

The feature that allows users to transfer data on Airtel Nigeria is called SmartShare, and it comes in two forms — Me2u and Gifting.

With Me2u, subscribers can transfer certain amount of Megabytes (MB) to their loved ones. That is, if you have 1 Gigabyte data in your balance, you can decide to transfer 100 MB to anyone you want.

Gifting, on the other hand, is when you buy a data plan for your loved ones and friends from what’s in your data balance.

Note: Transferring data is different from data sharing, which on the other hand allows up to 5 people to use the same subscription. 

To continue with this guide, first you need to change from the default PIN which is set at 1234. To do so dial *141# and reply with 5. Follow the instructions you see there to change from your default PIN.

How to Transfer data on Airtel

To Transfer 10MB to your family or friend:

  • Dial *141*712*11*Phone Number#. For instance, if the recipient’s phone number is 08012345678, then you’ll need dial *141*712*11*08012345678#.
  • Confirm transaction by dialing 1 when you get a prompt to do so.

To transfer 25MB to your family or friend:

  • Dial *141*712*9*Phone Number#. For instance, if the recipient’s phone number is 08012345678, then you’ll need dial 
  • Confirm transaction by dialing 1 when you get a prompt to do so.

To transfer 60MB data to your family or friend:

  • Dial *141*712*4*Phone Number#. For instance, if the recipient’s phone number is 08012345678, then you’ll need dial  *141*712*4*08012345678#.
  • Confirm transaction by dialing 1 when you get a prompt to do so.

An alternative way to transfer data on Airtel is to dial *141#, select option 5 (SmartShare) and then 3  (Me2u), enter the data volume you wish to transfer and confirm your transaction.

Note: Transfering of MB on Airtel comes with a fee of 100 naira or 10 MB.

transfer airtime data credit on airtel nigeria

How to Gift Data on Airtel

  • Dial *141# using your Airtel line.
  • Select option “5” (SmartShare) and then “2” (Gifting).
  • Choose the bundle you wish to buy for your friend.
  • Confirm your transaction.

You can gift daily bundles, weekly bundles, monthly bundles, or mega packs to your loved ones, depending on your preference.

Note: Data gifting is usually set on auto-renewals. To stop this, send “STOP” to 141.

Things to note on how to transfer on airtel

Now that you know how to transfer credit on Airtel, I want to make one thing explicitly clear. ME2U transactions are irreversible, therefore you must be extremely careful with your transactions.

Check to make sure the number is correct before initiating and confirming transactions to avoid sending to a wrong number.

In addition, if somehow along the line you forget your ME2U PIN, you can always call Airtel customer care number using 111 for prompt assistance.

So here you have it all people. You can transfer airtime as well as data plus gift data to friends and family members on your Airtel line. Feel free to share.

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  1. I tried to transfer credit but it’s not working.It keeps telling me to change code that it has not been changed in 999days.What does that mean?

  2. Comment:my airtel sim internet data services is not working,i have set it with different configuration settings on this website but it still won’t work and i have 3gb data on it.what should i do next help me please my number is 09077291050.pls help me thanks.

    1. It has nothing to do with the configuration but your phone.

      Delete all the other settings you have used before, restart your phone and redo.

  3. 200 naira was transferred to me, I did not receive any message and I checked my account but it’s empty. Pls what is the problem.

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