The Secrets To Buying Car At Cheap Rates From USA Revealed!

Secrets to buying cars from USA to Nigeria
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If you are looking to start car importation business in Nigeria where you import used or brand new cars from USA or Japan into Nigeria, then you are on the right article because I wont just show you the route to take, I will also show you the steps to take to begin your car importation business in Nigeria today.

A sizeable amount of cars on the Nigerian roads were not brand new when they were bought. Such cars are referred to as ‘tokunbo’ cars.

Tokunbo cars have provided alternatives for a lot of individuals in Nigeria to own their dream cars. One of the attributes of a Tokunbo car is the affordable price as compared to a brand a new car from dealers.

These cars are imported from countries like America, Germany, Australia, Canada, France and other European countries. Nowadays, it has become a source of livelihood to individuals who made a business out of it, by importing such cars.

However, if you are thinking of importing cars to Nigeria from USA and other countries even Japan, you should know there are headaches panadol can’t cure waiting for you from the get-go.

If it was that easy, everyone with a little bit of capital would have been importing cars as a business to Nigeria.

A Clean Ford Car Imported From The US

The Business Of Importing Cars

A fortune is being made, but rather at a costly price. This is because even though such cars are cheaper to their brand new counterpart, much is still spent in terms of shipping and custom duties.

And the worst part is people like you who see profits from car importation business go crazy with it and jump right in because, “how hard can it be?”. I will give it to you straight, there are lots of cars rotting away in Nigeria customs because of charges left and right or some other “difficulties” they faced in Nigeria.

However, don’t be turned off just yet, there are others like you who are making it huge in this business of importing cars into Nigeria.

We’re going to be looking at how you can get into the business of importing such cars at a cheaper rate, and make millions in the process while avoiding the endless headaches of customs and other unspoken groups.

Processes Involved

Importing cars to Nigeria from USA and Canada

In every given business, there are bound to be secrets. Secrets that pilots the very few into the highest financial status in the given business.

You may have been importing cars from the US and Canada; you may not also. But this piece is centered on showing you ways you can import from the US at a low cost price. And all that is required in this process is just your mobile phone.

With this secret, you can import high and low cost cars like: Toyota Corolla, Range Rover, Toyota Sienna, Toyota Venza, Ford Edge etc. You will be saving about 1.5 million or more in the process, depending on the number of cars or type being imported.

Learning The Ropes Of Importing From USA

Shina Saseyi

Shina Saseyi is a seasoned car importation dealer who has successfully imported more than 150 cars, since he began the business. His expertise has enabled him to help individuals get their dream cars at a cheaper rate as compared to getting such cars from a dealer.

See his results here:

Click here to start importing cars from USA to Nigeria

The five step car importation plan you MUST know

He has been doing this with a five-step importation plan, which he masterminded out of his experience. The five-step process includes:

  • Firstly, finding the car you want on any of the 2 special websites where you can get cars at special prices. These 2 websites have tens of thousands of cars listed everyday at very special prices.
  • Secondly, researching the car you need. Finding the best car on sale for the lowest price possible. Knowing the unique way to select the best quality cars for the best lowest possible prices.
  • Thirdly, investigating the Car You’ve Decided To Buy. Before  payment for any car, you’ll NEED to get an 18-point report car health report from the USA National Car Database, an independent government body. These reports are not from the car seller or dealer so it cannot be forged, or altered or manipulated.
  • Then, pay For Your Choice Car, Plus Shipping

Click here to start importing cars from USA to Nigeria

  • And having your car delivered and taking possession
  • This comes after making the payment, where your car will then be delivered to the Tin-Can Wharf in Lagos within 5-6 weeks at most.
  • When this happens,  there are exact Customs official and agent who will help you with the clearing at the lowest possible price.

Shina has repeated this process and improved on it. If you’re keen on keying into what Shina has been doing and mimicking his steps one by one, you will achieve at least 2 of the following with relative ease:

  • Buy your dream car at a reasonably cheap price.
  • It will be a strong and durable car
  • You won’t have any problems, like many people do when they get cars from importation process.

Benefits of the 5-Step Car importation process in Nigeria

This five step importation process which Shina have been utilizing is a stress free process. The sweet part is that you do not need to talk to anyone on the phone throughout the process. Too good to be true.

This is because the whole process is straightforward and like an open-book. It is organized and transparent in such a way that you do not need to talk to anybody in the process. ​

Your Money Is SAFE. You Will Be Protected! And you will use your saved money for other things that will improve your life.

Thankfully, Shina created a step by step guide that will work you through all the five process he has been using for his importation business. This guide is called The Cut Cost Car Importation Blueprint

The Blue Print:

Cut cost car importation blueprint

This ​blueprint​ walks you through everything you need to know from A-Z about buying fairly used cars from the US and getting it delivered to you here in Nigeria.

It also explains what you should look for when buying cars. E.g.The body of the car, the colour of the car, the price, the mileage etc.

See What’s in the Blueprint:

Inside the blueprint you will be shown:

  • Main auction sites where you can get special car deals in America and how to register with them
  • You will learn the 25 states you can buy cars from in the US
  • You will be shown cars you can buy from the auction sites, and the ones to avoid.
  • You will discover the 4 types of bidding that you can use to buy these cars
  • You will understand how to safely make payments for the car you are buying using ATM card, wire transfer or a cashier cheque
  • You will discover the 3 major methods you can use to safely ship the car you bought from America down to Nigeria within 5-6 weeks
  • You will get the contact details of the exact shipping company in America that Shina have been using to ship his cars since 2011 of being in the importation business

If you want to venture into the car importation business, or you simply want to get an affordable while saving money for yourself, follow this link below to get access to Shina’s blueprint and strategies for importing cheap cars:

Click here to start importing cars from USA to Nigeria

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