MTN Do Not Disturb: Stop Spam or Unsolicited Messages

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Sometimes you just want to scream “LEAVE ME ALONE” when these unsolicited MTN text messages and calls start flying in, if only you could stop them from disturbing you so much.

For most of the time, they are extremely irritating and it has become a daily grind to stop these unwanted and unsolicited messages from MTN bt it’s subscribers.

Receiving unsolicited calls and SMS from networks can be very annoying at times, especially when you do not know how to stop the calls or SMS from coming in.

Telecommunication providers in Nigeria Glo, MTN, 9mobile, Airtel has introduced a service that will enable their various esteem customers decide whether they want to receive these calls and SMS or not.

MTN Do Not Disturb (DND) – Stop Spam Calls and Messages

On July 1 2016, Nigeria communication commission (NCC) mandated all telecommunication providers in Nigeria to provide a service that will enable their various users deactivate unsolicited or unwanted messages and calls, hence the introduction of “Do not disturb” (DND).

Do not disturb service was designed to give all telecom subscribers the freedom of deciding what messages or calls to receive from their various network providers – MTN, 9mobile, Glo and Airtel Nigeria.

Try the same with your other SIM – stop unwanted messages on Glo or stop spam messages on Airtel Nigeria, and how to stop unwanted messages on 9mobile because they all have the do not disturb feature.

The director of public affair of the Nigeria communications commission (NCC), Mr. Tony Ojobo in a statement said the action was taken in order to protect subscribers from the nuisance of unsolicited texts and therefore a direct regulatory response to yearnings of the subscribers.

He further explained that the commission has invoked a regulatory provision which had hitherto been overlooked by the operators.

One of the oldest and largest telecommunication network providers MTN Nigeria is one of the networks in Nigeria that has provided the do not disturb (DND) service to their esteem customers.

This Do not Disturb service allows MTN customers opt out of receiving unsolicited calls and SMS like promotional and marketing text messages or calls.

In other words, with the MTN Do Not Disturb service, MTN subscribers can now stop spam or unsolicited text messages and calls from MTN.

These unsolicited, spam or unwanted messages and calls from MTN may not always be directly from MTN. It may also come as a result of bulk SMS sent by a third party but the fact still remains that wherever the calls or SMS is coming from, it is not welcomed.

The MTN do not disturb service like that of other network providers has two blocking features which are partial blocking mode and full blocking mode.

The partial blocking mode allows subscribers filter the messages that come in, this simply means they have the privilege of choosing the ones they want to block and the ones still want to continue receiving.

On the other hand, the full blocking mode allows MTN subscribers opt out or block all unsolicited calls and messages via SMS or IVR from coming in.

MTN images - MTN Do not Disturb DND to stop unwated text messages

MTN Do Not Disturb Activation Code

Quick break down here: To activate in this case means to stop unsolicited, spam or unwanted messages from MTN. Also it means to start the MTN Do not Disturb service.

To activate the “do not disturb” service simply text STOP to 2442 on your MTN line to opt out from all third party, promotional and IVR messages.

Once this message is sent to the short code the customer will no longer receive calls or message of any sort.

MTN Do Not Disturb Deactivation Code

Quick break down again: To deactivate mtn do not disturb in this case means to allow MTN send you promotional messages from itself or third parties.

If the customer changes his/her mind, they can deactivate the service by sending ALLOW to 2442 to opt out of the MTN do not disturb service.

When a customer deactivates the do not disturb service they will start receiving all third party, promotional SMS and IVR messages.

List of various promotional messages and DND Codes

Below are some information for customers who want to opt out of receiving some messages and still receive others.

  • Text OUT to 2442 to receive all SMS and IVR messages
  • To continue receiving SMS relating to banking, insurance and financial products SMS 1 to 2442
  • If you want to continue receiving messages relating to real estate SMS 2 to 2442
  • To continue receiving SMS relating to education, simply send 3 to 2442
  • SMS 4 to 2442 for receiving SMS relating to health
  • If you want to continue receiving SMS relating to customer goods and automobiles, simply SMS 5 to 2442
  • To receive messages about communication, broadcasting and entertainment, SMS 6 to 2442
  • To receive messages relating to tourism and leisure, simply send 7 to 2442
  • To receive SMS about sports , simply send 8 to 2442
  • SMS 9 to 2442, to continue receiving text messages relating to religion
  • To stop receiving all messages or enable full blocking mode by sending STOP to 2442
  • Send HELP to 2442 to see the list of applicable key words, commands and guide

That’s it folks! No more annoying messages and calls flooding your phones from MTN because now you have the key to stop spam, unsolicited or unwanted messages and calls from MTN with a simple SMS. Also, learn how to start VTU business in Nigeria with just 5000 Naira.

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