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You are sitting next to your phone expecting a very important message – probably an alert but instead you get a message telling you to dial X and Win… Well, that nonsense ends today because you too can stop unwanted messages on 9mobile.

As telecommunication users, even though we might not be a subscriber to the same network, we all have one thing in common which is receiving unsolicited, spam or unwanted messages or calls form our various network providers either directly or through a 3rd party.

These calls or spam messages can be very annoying especially when we do not know how to stop them.

I was once ignorant on how to stop this unsolicited calls and messages that I even had to call customer care service of my network provider for their assistance to stop receiving the calls and promotional messages, but little did I know that stopping this calls and messages was just with one simply code.

This article focuses on the do not disturb service on 9mobile,  it will give you authentic information on how to stop unsolicited, spam or unwanted messages on 9mobile from coming in. Before then, let me show you how you can make lots of money from selling recharge card online.

In July 2016, the Nigeria communication commission – NCC gave a directive to all telecommunication network providers in Nigeria to activate a do not disturb service which gives subscribers the freedom to choose what messages to receive from the various networks.

In a press statement, the director of public affairs NCC, Mr. Tony Ojobo said that the action was taken in order to protect subscribers from the nuisance of unsolicited, spam and unwanted texts and calls. So a direct regulatory response to the yearnings of the subscribers.

By this action, he explained, the commission has invoked a regulatory provision which had hitherto been overlooked by the operators.

9mobile Images - 9mobile do not disturb to stop spam and unsolicited messages

9mobile Do Not Disturb Service

Developing network provider 9mobile has also heed to this directive by launching their “do not disturb service” which will assist in putting an end to all these messages and calls flooding out phones especially if you want to stop them.

Try the same with your other SIM – stop unwanted messages on MTN or stop spam messages on Glo, and how to stop unwanted messages on Airtel because they all have the do not disturb feature.

The 9mobile do not disturb service is in two categories which are partial blacklist and full blacklist, the partial blacklist allows customers opt out of a specific service category for example sports, religion, tourism etc.

While the full blacklist allows customers opt out of all third party promotional or marketing messages.

How to stop unsolicited messages and calls on 9mobile

To block all unsolicited messages from coming in, SMS STOP to 2442.

To remove your number from the do not disturb list, SMS START to 2442. Note; the do not disturb service only applies to third party marketing or promotional messages, you will need to opt out of the existing service.

To opt out of a specific service, texts HELP or STOP to 2442.

9mobile Do not disturb partial blacklist

For partial blacklisting from some service categories simply follow the guidelines given below

  • To stop receiving messages related to banking and insurance and financial products simply text 1 to 2442
  • To stop receiving real estate related messages, simply SMS 2 to 2442
  • Send 3 to 2442 to stop receiving messages related to education
  • Send 4 to 2442 to stop receiving messages related to health.
  • To stop receiving messages related to customer goods and automobiles, SMS 5 to 2442
  • To stop receiving messages related to communication and broadcast/ entertainment simply text 6 to 2442
  • Send 7 to 2442 to stop receiving tourism and leisure related messages
  • Send 8 to 2442 to stop receiving sport related messages
  • To stop receiving messages on religion simply SMS 9 to 2442

The do not disturb (DND) service is free of charge for all telecommunication subscribers; you can also view the partial blacklist keywords by texting LIST to 2442.

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