SUPER HOT Skills To Learn To Make Money Online In Nigeria

Turning skills to cash
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Do you have digital skills but don’t know how to use them to earn cash and make good money? Or would you like to learn hot digital skills that can turn you into a millionaire overnight for free? Too good to be true? Yes, but it is true and there is more.

Big Irish Academy, an academy based in Ireland is empowering people with digital skills for four weeks. These digital skills would help you earn a high income and give you a certificate which would enable you get foreign clients.

Big Irish Academy is a reputable academy with 100,000+ students who are earning high income from home through the skills they learnt.

They are offering over 50 top skills which you can learn for free. However, there are two main skills that could turn you into a millionaire as we mentioned in the beginning of this article.

At the end of this article, you wouldn’t have to worry about a full time job or business connections in order to become financially successful. You don’t even need to be a graduate. All you need is to know how to read, write and use a computer.

The good thing about the courses we are going to be discussing is that you can do it from the comfort of your home. You also get to earn above the minimum wage of white/blue collar workers across the country.

As technology advances, there is an increase in the demand for skilled individuals.

Skill is now being prioritized above certificates. Though that is still going to take years to change in Nigeria, you don’t have to wait for Nigeria in this internet age where you have access to the whole world.

You don’t have to be denied job opportunities because you do not have the necessary educational certificates. You don’t have to continue to live in poverty because some potential employers overlook your skills just because your degree grades are not impressive.

You can own your life and destiny. You can change the financial narrative of your life with the two courses that would be discussed in this article.

At the end of the courses, you would be shown how to get foreign clients who value skilled individuals like you.

Also, you can say goodbye to ‘brokenness’ on every level.

How do you get started? You would have to select one of the top skills from the Irish Academy, learn it and become an expert on it.


Because foreign clients are not interested in amateurs, your skill must be worth the
dollars they pay.

Let’s take a high paying skill like copywriting for example;

What is copywriting?

In it’s most basic form, copywriting is the sentence you see everywhere you go like this one you are currently reading. The actual text is called “copy”.

In the online world, copywriting is more like advertising with text. Copywriting is promotional writing were the reader is being guided (convince or persuaded) into taking an action like signing up, making a purchase, downloading the app, schedule a consultation or sharing something to their social media page.

Example of great copy is the Nike “just do it” slogan. In today’s world, that would have been made by a copywriter.

How about “EA sports, it’s in the game.” Another amazing copy created by someone somewhere.

But copywriting is not just short slogans, it can also be long form, stringing the reader along to achieve a certain goal like a saloon ad talking about the negative effects of dandruffs then topping it off with their NEW and INNOVATIVE solutions to dandruff removal blah blah…. That is another form of copywriting.

How hard is it to be successful in copywriting?

For a start, this very article you are reading was written by a copywriter. Copywriters are in hot demand daily and the best part is you can work for any client in any location because it is a work from home job.

Just like any other career or job, the more experience and success stories you have, the higher you can charge.

Yes you can too.

The next question you would need to ask is:

What skills should I learn to make money?

Before we delve into the 2-in-1 money making course known as ‘Turning skills to cash ‘, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 skills you can learn from Irish Academy. These 7 skills would enable you rake in over $1000 faster than you would have ever dreamed.

1. Copywriting – Copywriters are constantly in demand. More companies are moving their brand online and they need copywriters to write both offline and online marketing content. Copywriters help businesses to sell their products/services.

This skill takes years to perfect but you can become an expert in different aspects of Copywriting. You can focus on advert, product description or email writing. These areas are easy to master within a week of intensive learning.

Copywriters are paid six figures in Nigeria and even higher by foreign clients on freelance platforms.

2. Graphics Design – Branding is everything to companies. Graphics designers play a large role in branding and are indispensable. Why? Because graphics are used to design flyers, logos, Ads, banners as well as to create captivating web interface and content for the

3. Web development/design – Web designers and developers are indispensable. Without them, websites can’t be built and maintained. There would always be a need for these skills. They also pay them six figures based on the level of expertise.

4. Whiteboard animation – these are animators who create animated videos for businesses to market their brand, products and services.

5. Coding – codes are used to build websites, software and apps for clients. People who code are called ‘Coders’. They use programming languages and codes to build apps, softwares and websites. Coders earn six figures and even millions of Naira when working as
freelancers for foreign clients.

6. Social Media Management –
Companies and celebrities with social media accounts often need help managing their social media accounts. They often employ people who are active on social media as well as people who create personal posts that gets lots of engagement and interactions on social media.

‘Social media manager’ is the job title given to people who are recruited to manage others’ social media presence. They manage the brand of their employers, market the brand, products or service on social media. They also engage with the social media customers or
fans of the company or celebrity they work for.

Social media managers get paid well and they never run out of jobs as every business need social media presence to remain relevant.

7. Facebook Advertising – Facebook advertising enables businesses and individuals to advertise their products and services to target customers. It’s a more precise way of online advert.

You get paid well to run Facebook advertising campaigns for businesses. While it looks simple, it requires expertise and a great knowledge of advertising strategies.

What Next?

Getting a skill is one thing, knowing how to turn that skill to cash is another thing. After learning any of the above skills, you would need to go to a freelancer marketplace. This marketplace has thousands of people who are looking for expert freelancers to handle their projects.

There are so many to check out but the most popular ones include:, Fiverr and Upwork .

These freelance marketplace accept Nigerians but Nigerians get the best from Upwork.

Upwork is currently the biggest freelance site. You are likely to find CEOs of top companies looking for skilled freelancers and they pay handsomely.

The ‘Turning Skills To Cash’ course

The ‘Turning Skills To Cash’ course is a 2-in-1 training. It contains over 13 hours of thorough video lessons that will enable you to learn the dos and don’ts of making money on Upwork.

It’s divided into two parts. The first part of the ‘Turning skills to cash’ course will teach you how to register and learn the free digital courses at Irish Academy.

The next part will show you how to attract top clients which = high earning in dollars.

‘Turning skills to cash’ part 1:

  • You will learn how to gain access to the Big Irish Academy.
  • How to get a free 4 week learning ticket.
  • How to combine “Big Irish Academy’s portal with another free learning
    portal so you can start earning at least $1000.

‘Turning skills to cash’ part 2

This part delves into strategies for attracting high-paying clients on Upwork. It is divided into 4 modules. When you order this course:

  • Module 1: You will get access to 23 videos within the 4 modules in this part of the course. This would enable you to start earning in the first week of sign up.
  • Module 2: you will learn how to set up your profile, the kind of profile picture to use headings as well as the best way to set up a profile that attracts clients. This module has over 12 video lessons to give you a thorough knowledge of account setup.
  • Module 3: This Module would teach you how to create proposals that get attention and get you the job. This module has 4 lessons and at the end, you’ll learn how to craft an emotionally persuasive proposal that appeals to clients’ sentiments.
  • Module 4: this is the last part of the 2-in-1 ‘Turning skills to cash’ course. At the end of this, you would learn how to apply strategies that will expand your freelance brand once you start making money.

When you sign up for this course, you also get:

  • The Upwork Proposal Vault worth N60000. This vault is made up of 20 successful proposals that got high paying clients attention. They are loaded with psychological- persuasive working familiar to direct response marketers. These proposals can be re-written by you and used to get high
    paying jobs even if you are yet to build a freelance reputation.
  • LinkedIn Client Generation System is worth N30,500 Value. You will learn how to get clients easily on LinkedIn. This mini course has 5 lesson videos that will teach you how to set up your LinkedIn account to attract clients.
  • Swift Upwork Approval Training is worth N15,000. This is a single video lesson that teaches how to side track Upwork’s protocol and get your account approved in time. Getting approved has always been the problem and without the approval, you can’t start earning. You get to learn this
    method for free. Great right? Yes, it is.
  • Lifetime Access To Mentorship Telegram Group. This is free and an additional bonus to you. After going through the ‘Turning skills to cash’ course, you would be added to the group. The author of the course would answer your questions, access your profile and give you personalized
    advice and tips for your freelance jobs.

The 2-in-1 Turning Skills To Cash course and the bonus courses are worth a combined fee of N210,500.

However, all these packages are being given to you for N35,000 but you only get to pay N20,000 for the 2-in-1 Turning Skills To Cash course as well as the 3 bonus mini course and lifetime mentorship.

These offer is available for only 30 persons after which the price would gradually increase to N35,000

You also get the opportunity to opt in and out of this course as Expertnaire offers you a 30-day money back guarantee. This hardly happens as people who sign up for this course are followed up by the author of the course till you start earning your dollars.

Now you know the skills that can make you rich and how to get clients to pay for them. Remember to like this article and share with a friend. Click here to get started.

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