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Just like other networks where gifting or sharing of data is a breeze, do you wonder if you can share data on 9mobile network also? Wonder no more because all of your questions will be answered.

Apart from giving, sharing is another act of kindness. People are happy and grateful whenever they receive a gift from their loved ones, the “giftee” is also happy seeing that the gift receiver is happy, not only is sharing an act of kindness, it is also an act of love.

There are so many things we can share or give to our friends and loved ones; we can buy nice shoes, cloths, we can share our meals, and even data.  

Yes you read right, we can share our data with our friends and loved ones which is really terrific as we are now having more things to share with those we love and continue watering the love that exists between family and friends.

Telecommunication network providers in Nigeria – Glo, MTN, 9mobile, and Airtel – are really doing their best in other to promote love between family and friends. They have done this by introducing the sharing service that allows their various customers share their airtime, data with family and friends.

Most times you might also want to trade some of your data for cash, this sharing service also allows you to transfer some data to others as long as they are using the same network as you are.

One of Nigeria’s fast developing network providers 9mobile also allows their customers share data to whoever they want to share to as long as the data receiver uses the same network as they.

This service allows you share data in megabyte or gigabyte very fast just by using one USSD code, the 9mobile customer who intend on sharing his pr her data must have an active data plan.

Note: The least data that can be transferred per transfer is 10MB, while the largest transferable data per transfer is 50MB while the daily transfer limit is 250MB, customers should also note that data transfer is only possible with data plan from 200MB to 20GB.

This article will take through the steps you have to take to share data to you family and friends. Also, be a boss by getting more spending power. Read our post on how you can make money from selling recharge card and data bundles online.

9mobile Images - Sharing data on 9mobile

How to share data on 9mobile – in few steps;

  1. The first step to take is, get a 9mobile SIM card, register and activate it.
  2. Secondly, subscribe to a data plan from 200MB to 20GB
  3. To start sharing, you must have a data transfer PIN; the data transfer default PIN is 0000. However, you can change your data transfer PIN by dialing *247*old PIN*new PIN# for example if you want to change your PIN to 2244, simply dial *247*0000*2244# then send
  4. To share data, simply dial *229*PIN*volume of MB*9mobile number#. For example to share 50MB to 080xxxxxxxx, simply dial *229*2244*50*080xxxxxxxx.

While you are only allowed to transfer a minimum of 10MB and maximum of 50MB per transfer, you can keep sharing and gifting your 9mobile data right after that because the daily transfer limit is 250MB.

Also know that  data transfer is only possible when you purchase a data plan of 200MB to 20GB worth.

Another amazing thing about sharing on 9mobile is that you can share data to 5 people using the USSD code or using SMS code. You can do this by following the steps above on five different numbers, but regardless of how many numbers you want to share your data with, the daily data limit is still 250MB.

Happy data sharing!

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