Accessing The RAGP login dashboard From Mobile and Desktop

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Just like I have discussed in previous articles, the RAGP login dashboard is an easy and user friendly interface that is stress free and fast.

The RAGP login dashboard, as shown in the image below, just like your usual social applications you can access the site with one click each.


To visit the RAGP login page, click here – RAGP login page

The details you will see on the login dashboard includes the following:

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Packages
  • How it works
  • FAQ
  • Login
  • News Portal

The RAGP login dashboard also includes the following:

  • Package
  • Point Value
  • My network
  • Recharge
  • Cable subscription
  • Bills payment
  • My Transactions
  • Profile Details
  • Membership Upgrade
  • Transfer/Withdraw
  • Logout

All these aforementioned have their various functions and more when you click on them.

  • Click here to register – Recharge And Get Paid Registration Portal.
  • Your referral code is – sonaija.
  • For purchase pin – use any 7 digit number.
    • Your purchase pin is a 7 digit number like an extra password.
  • Click here to login again – Recharge And Get Paid login..
  • Select your membership package
    • Basic package – N5,000
    • Bronze Package – N10,000 – most popular
    • Silver Package – N20,000
    • Gold Package – N40,000
    • Platinum package – N50,000
    • Executive Platinum Package – N100,000
  • Select Paystack and complete your payment or Whatsapp me 07041354779

The Login Dashboard give you all the information relating to your account.

In the same dashboard, you will see other details talking on how you set goals you want to achieve, how to start a team, the company’s mission and well how you can work with people. 

You will also see how they can be contacted as various channels is provided, latest blogs about their services and feedback as well as head office.

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