Mybonus2u: The New Hot Site To Make Quick Money Online

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This mybonus2u or Mybonus review is all about registering and getting a subscription plan. Then you order products from mybonus2u and you get paid.

You don’t even need to pay for the stuff you order because it’s already part of your subscription plan. Sounds interesting I suppose? Well, let’s take it gradually.

In a way to made sense, but in the commission and referral plan. You refer someone to register and get a subscription plan and get paid or by commission when you market the product and the customer buys you get paid.

How does Mybonus2u work?

In MyBonus2U, a member is expected to deposit a minimum of N1,000 and a maximum of N10,000,000 on his or her my MyBonus2u Account. The higher the amount deposited, the higher the daily ROI.

Below is an explanation of the MyBonus2U daily ROI which is based on the amount deposited.

Silver Member:

  • Minimum Deposit: N1,000
  • maximum Deposit: N59,000
  • Daily ROI: 3%

Gold Members:

  • Minimum Deposit: N60,000
  • maximum Deposit: N179,000
  • Daily ROI: 3.5%

Platinum Members:

  • Minimum Deposit: N180,000
  • maximum Deposit: N499,000
  • Daily ROI: 4%

Diamond Members:

  • Minimum Deposit: N500,000
  • maximum Deposit: N2.9M
  • Daily ROI: MEMBER: 4.5%

Official Members:

  • Minimum Deposit: N3,000,000
  • maximum Deposit: N7.9M
  • Daily ROI: 5%

Highest Members:

  • Minimum Deposit: N8,000,000
  • maximum Deposit: N10,000,000
  • Daily ROI: 5.5%

MyBonus2U also calculate members daily ROI based on his/her available balance. Take for instance, a member who deposited N60,000 will earn 3.5% (N2,100) Of his/her N60,000 for the first day and the 3.5% (N2,100) ROI will will be added to initial deposit to become N62,100.

3.5% of the available N62,100 (Not 3.5% of 60k again) will calculated and added for you the next day. The ROI will always be calculated based on your available balance.

How to earn on MyBonus2u

MyBonus members earn by clicking on 60 orders daily to earn their daily ROI. MyBonus2U also rewards 16%, 8% and 4% as a referral bonus for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd downlines.

It’s either you are the product and get paid other products for your friend and get paid or get paid by commission and through referrals.

3 compared to some sites which I won’t mention did not tell you invest 20000 Naira and get hundred thousand Naira in a week without doing anything. How logical and reasonable is that in the reality of today’s world.

Oder and get paid

What is the main job you have to do on this platform. You sign up with a registry fee get a subscription package plan from 1000, 5000, 8000, 18000 and above. How it works? Well you earn based on your subscription package.

The higher your subscription plan the higher the income you get on this site daily. For each day you have 60 ordering slots.

From my calculations if you are able to order 60 times either for yourself or for your family. You’d be able to earn 300 naira and above daily. Quite interesting! If you a person that can be able to meet up to the task of covering 60 slots daily.

Then in a week using the average you can end daily as 300, you can get up to 2100 naira. Then in a month 8400 naira.

Referrals and commission

On the site you can also earn by referrals and commission when you get the app order site just check for your own referral link in your dashboard section and refer a friend and as soon as they register and purchase or order something you get paid.

How to withdraw on MyBonus

MyBonus2U app

MyBonus allows members to withdraw from their account daily and minimum withdrawal is N1,000. Both capital and ROI can be withdrawn at any time but remember your daily ROI will be calculated based on your available balance.

To Request for a withdrawal, click on Withdraw button and then follow the on-screen instructions.

How to register for MyBonus2U

  • Click Here to Sign up
  • Fill in your details and click on Register
  • You can as well download their app from the Registration page.
  • If registering on the app, Use ——– as your referral code.

How to Recharge on MyBonus

  • Click On Recharge Button
  • Choose your preferred payment method and proceed. (Preferably, Express payment or online payment).

How to perfom on MyBonus

To earn on the platform, Click on shopping button on the platform home screen and choose your subscribed plan. Follow the instructions on the Page to complete your shopping and earn from it.

Be rest assured that you are not paying any dime for placing the order.

Is MyBonus Legit or Scam?

Now that all have been explained about the MyBonus app, what must be running through your mind now is “Is MyBonus2U Legit Or is MYBONUS2U app a scam?

Whatever your question might be, just read carefully to deduce your answers.

Firstly, The CEO of Mybonus is known and his name is Omotola Adanna. Knowing a CEO usually gives some assurance of the a platform legitimacy but their are also platforms with anonymous or unknown CEOs that are still legit though.

Secondly, Bulks of payment proofs or testimonies about this platform can be found in many places and there’s no record of anyone or Groups complaining about non payment so far.

Thirdly, The platform is no longer new and it has already gained massive members. Since we couldn’t find any negative comments about this platform anywhere which means members are already happy investing on the platform.

Forthly, The platform seems very secure and tracks multiple accounts so they are banned instantly. They are also on 2years domain and their domain will expire in late 2022 which means they have 2 more years to spend. Though domain name can be shutdown at will.

This however isn’t a guarantee that the platform will surely last till 2022, domain name can be shutdown anytime they system wishes


The platform is confirmed to be paying as at the time of writing this Reviews, but we however, advise you to invest wisely what you can afford to lose or not invest at all.

This is because what’s working today might not work tomorrow and we never can predict when this platform will stop working.

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