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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to make an urgent call and you do not have airtime on your phone, you cannot purchase airtime from your bank or you do not have enough cash that moment to buy airtime? If you have not experience this, to tell you the truth this can be really frustrating.

South Africa giant MTN is one network that has always been there to meet the communication needs of their esteem customers, this network intelligently thought of various ways they can satisfy these needs.

MTN did not just put the need of their customers who are buoyant in mind but also those who might not have enough to buy airtime at a particular period in time. This is really commendable, as there is a believe that is common in the world that those that remembers you during your time of crises or times when you are not so buoyant are your true friends, this fact is not exaggerated in the case of MTN as they have provided services that their customers can benefit from.

Before I tell you more about MTN Xtra time, let me show you this recharge card tip.

What is MTN XtraTIME?

MTN has introduced the MTN XTRATIME CREDIT. This service allows eligible customers of the network access airtime on credit when their account balance is low. The MTN XtraTIME service allows MTN customers borrow credit and pay back at a later time, this borrowed airtime can be used for all chargeable activities on the MTN network.

Customers can access MTN XtraTime by dialing *606# then a menu will appear and from this menu, MTN customers can check if they are eligible for the service.

How to check MTN XtraTIME Credit Balance

Customer can use the usual balance enquiry command *556# to check the outstanding MTN xtraTime amount owed, the command will return a negative value showing outstanding xtraTime amount.

See these USSD codes for data and credit on other networks in Nigeria

The owed amount will be taken back at the very next recharge made by the customer, in cases where the recharge amount is lesser than the outstanding amount; the remaining owed amount will be deducted from subsequent recharge.

MTN images - MTN Xtratime terms and conditions

MTN XtraTIME terms and conditions

People often say “whatever has advantage has disadvantage” this is also true in the case of MTN although MTN prefer to call it terms and conditions. The XtraTime credit service is made for only prepaid customers leaving out postpaid customers and there are also criteria that need to be met before the customer can enjoy this service.

Some of these MTN XtraTIME terms and conditions are;

  • MTN Sim must be prepaid.
  • MTN Sim must be registered.
  • Subscriber’s main account balance must be between N0 and N12.
  • MTN will also consider customers average recharge and average monthly spend to allocate XtraTime credit band.
  • Subscribers must have paid up previous XtraTime request charges associated thereto.
  • The MTN XtraTime service is open only to persons the age of 18 years and above. Once you click on accept, you certify that you are above 18 years and acknowledge that you are fully bound by the legal and other consequences on MTN xtraTime service as contained in the MTN Xtratime terms and conditions.

The XtraTime account refers to the dedicated account which will be created when a subscriber’s request for advance airtime is approved, the subscriber will be credited with 85% of the requested airtime, while 15% will be withheld as a service charge.

MTN XtraTIME credit bands

The different MTN XtraTime credit bands that are available can be accessed by the MTN subscriber depending on the subscriber’s profile or tenure on MTN network, recharge frequency etc.

The available MTN Xtratime credit bands are;

  • N50 xtratime
  • N100 xtratime
  • N200 xtratime
  • N400 xtratime
  • N500 xtratime
  • N750 xtratime
  • N1,500 xtratime
  • N3,000 xtratime

Customers should note, other MTN xtratime airtime denominations can be introduced and existing denomination withdrawn as the need arises without any prior notice to customers.

Subsequent chargeable services like calls, SMS, data etc. used by customers will be charged from his or her account once the xtratime account has been credited. A customer will not be able to transfer airtime from his or her xtratime account using MTN share ‘n sell.

Once a customer exhausts his or her xtratime airtime, the customer will not be able to make chargeable activity until the MTN xtratime credit advanced to his or her account is paid back in full by recharging the MTN account. However, the customer will still be able to call customer care even when the MTN xtratime has been exhausted.

MTN images - MTNXtra TIME Credit

How to access the MTN XtraTIME service

MTN prepaid customers can access MTN XtraTime credit by dialing *606#, a menu will come up for then to check their eligibility status, request for airtime – MTN xtraTime, request for data – MTN XtraByte or learn more about the MTN xtratime by selecting next.

When an eligible customer requests for xtraTime, the xtraTime credit will be loaded in a special xtratime account once the request is approved. Customer can check their special xtratime account balance by dialing *606#.

The airtime advanced can be used for all chargeable activity on the MTN network. Once the xtratime credit is exhausted, customers will not be able to perform any other chargeable activity until the xtratime borrowed is paid for.

MTN XtraTIME Service charge

MTN xtratime credit attracts a service charge of 15% of the airtime borrowed, for example; if you borrow N100, a fee of N15 will be deducted as service charge and the remaining N85 will be credited to the customers special xtratime account.

How to pay back MTN XtraTIME

To pay back the borrowed airtime, customers can use the usual balance enquiry command *556# to check the outstanding MTN xtratime owed. This command will return a negative value showing the outstanding xtratime amount, the owed amount will be deducted at the very next recharge made by the customer.

In a case were the recharge amount is less than the outstanding xtratime amount, the remaining outstanding balance will be removed on subsequent recharge.

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