2000% Bonus: MTN Welcome Back Offer for returning and inactive customers

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One of the largest telecommunication industries in Nigeria, MTN Nigeria has always looked for ways to satisfy the communication need of it subscribers. They have even gone to great lengths to see that their in active customers are wholeheartedly welcome back with amazing benefits that allows them  enjoy more calls, more browsing to rekindle the love.

What is MTN Welcome Back Offer?

MTN welcome back offer allows returning or inactive MTN customers that have not used their lines in the last 30 – 180 days with 2000% bonus on their first recharge of the month for three months.

Returning or inactive MTN subscribers will also enjoy special data bundles for the same period of time. So if you have an MTN SIM that you have not used for up to 30 days MTN is asking you to return so you can benefit from this mouthwatering offer MTN Welcome Back Offer.

This article will be taking you through the benefits you will receive when you return back to MTN. So sit back and relax and enjoy reading this amazing offer from MTN that will blow your minds. Before I tell about the MTN welcome back plan, let me show you a trick on how you can make money from selling recharge card online in Nigeria.

This MTN welcome back offer is for all MTN prepaid customers that have not used their MTN SIM for up to 30-180 days on the network without any chargeable activity, the offer allows the returning customer receive up to 2000% bonus on every recharge for 3 months.

However, 500% of the bonus will be used for voice calls and SMS to all networks in Nigeria while the remaining 1500% bonus will be used for data. For example; if you recharge N100, you will receive N2000 bonus, N500 will be used to make national calls and send SMS while the remaining N1500 will be used to browse the internet.

This recharge bonus will be only given to you on every first recharge in a month for the next . three months. Plus, you will also receive bonus via physical, logical, and DYA, VTU recharge as well as recharge form your bank account.

To start enjoying this offer, first insert your inactive SIM card, then recharge at least N100, you will automatically receive the bonus. You can check your bonus by dialing *559*65#.

Summary on MTN Welcome Back Offer

  • MTN Prepaid users that have not used their SIM for 30-180 days are eligible for this MTN Welcome Back offer.
  • You get up to 2000% bonus of your recharge from N100 and above
  • 500% of the bonus will be used to make national calls and send SMS, while the remaining 1500% bonus will be used for browsing the internet.
  • You will get the bonus automatically when you recharge at least N100 on returning to MTN after 30- 180 days.
  • The MTN Welcome Back Offer bonus will be given to you on every first recharge of the month for 3 months
  • You will also get data bonus – when you recharge N100, you will get 250 MB data bonus valid for 3 days. A recharge of N200 will fetch you 1GB data bonus valid for 7 days, while recharge of up to N1000 will fetch you 4GB data bonus valid for 30 days.

Who did it first? That is a question for another day but other telecom networks in Nigeria have a new or inactive customer incentive like 9mobile new smartphone offer or Glo Oga SIM then there is the MTN new customer incentives

MTN images - MTN Welcome back bonus

MTN Welcome Back Offer FAQs

How can i check if i am eligible for the MTN Welcome Back Offer?

You can check if you are eligible for the MTN welcome back offer by dialing *559*65# on your mobile phone. It is possible that the customer might have been on a postpaid plan before dumping the MTN SIM, so those set of customers might not benefit from the offer.

If i just activated my MTN SIM , will i be able to enjoy this offer?

No, this offer is for only returning customers of MTN who have not used their SIM for a period of 30-180 days and not for new customers. However there are many benefits a new MTN subscriber can benefit from, you can check the link below for information.

Will i enjoy 2000% Bonus on every recharge?

No! You will only enjoy this bonus offer on every first recharge made in a month for 3 months, after 3 months you will stop receiving the MTN welcome back offer bonus.

Will i receive the bonus if i recharge via other recharge channel?

Definitely! You will receive the bonus even if you recharge via logical, physical, DYA, VTU and even electronic recharge.

What will happen if the First recharge of the month is Less than N100?

If your first recharge after returning is less than N100, you will not benefit from the bonus but you will receive applicable bonus on tariff plan as the recharge value is eligible for the bonus.

But note that you might not receive bonus for the subsequent months if you recharge less than N100 in the first month.

Will i get the 2000% Bonus when i receive airtime via Share N’ Sell?

You will not receive 2000% bonus when you receive airtime via share N’ sell, you will only receive the bonus via the approved recharge channels mentioned above.

Will i receive the 2000% bonus and my Beta talk Bonus on the same Recharge if on BetaTalk?

NO, you will only receive the 2000% bonus on your first recharge in the month. However, subsequent recharge in the same month will be rewarded with the 150% or 250% bonus of the mtn beta talk offer.

Can MTN Welcome Back Offer Bonus be used for International calls?

You cannot use the 2000% bonus for international calls; you can only use it to call other networks in Nigeria. All international calls will be charged from you main account and at standard international rate.

What is the Validity Period For the Various MTN Welcome back offers?

The validity period for the various offer various depending on your recharge, when you recharge N100- N500, the 2000% bonus will be valid for only 15 days. while recharge of N501 – N1000 has a validity period of 30 days.

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