Ultimate Guide: MTN Tariff Plans and How to Migrate

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One of largest telecommunication industry MTN has been known for introducing new plans to suit her customer’s communication needs. MTN Nigeria knows what it takes to be at the top of their game in the telecommunications industry as they try to find out the communication needs of their esteem customers and strive hard to meet this needs.

MTN Tariff Plans

MTN has introduced many special MTN tariff plans that their customers can benefit from. These plans ranges from postpaid plans and prepaid plans and allows their subscribers receive mouthwatering benefits.

However MTN Nigeria is not the only network that introduces new initiatives to meet customers communication needs, other networks like Glo Nigeria, Airtel and 9mobile also plays their quota.

MTN network did not only introduce these tariff plans for new customers but for existing customers also. However this article will focus mainly on MTN tariff plans new customers can benefit from.

Almost all MTN tariff plans can be received by new subscribers, so telecommunication users can take advantage of this opportunity by buying an MTN SIM, register and activate it in other to receive the various offers from MTN.

Some of the MTN tariff plans offered by are;

  • MTN Pluse Tariff Plan
  • MTN Awuf4u Tariff Plan
  • MTN XtraValue Tariff Plan
  • … and more

This article will be taking you through some of the tariff plans for new customers, their benefits, subscription codes and validity period. Before you buy your next data plan, let me share this recharge card tip.

MTN images - MTN Pulse Tariff Plan

MTN PULSE Tariff Plan

MTN The MTN Pulse tariff plan was launched a couple of years ago; this MTN tariff plan is one of the best plans in the telecommunication industry, trust me if you are looking for the best tariff plan for local calls on MTN network then MTN pulse is totally for you.

MTN Pulse tariff plan does not just come with cheaper call rate, it also comes with amazing benefits and bonuses that new subscribers of MTN receive.

With just N100 on MTN Pulse, you can talk for up to 14 minutes irrespective of the network you are calling, as the MTN Pulse call rate goes for as low as 11 kobo per second which is far better than the 15kobo per second call rate of the MTN Xtraspecial plan.

However, this plan has a not so pleasing condition which is, before the call rate is charged at 11kobo per second, the MTN pulse subscriber will be charged 22kobo per second for the first 50 seconds of calls daily.

Aside from the flat call rate of 11kobo per second, MTN subscribers are also entitled to free 10MB data when they recharge at least N100 and the free MB is valid for 24 hours. However you won’t get another bonus until after 7 days.

Likewise, you will get free 20MB data when your recharge N200, the same terms and condition also applies. You can also recharge more than the mentioned amount and get more value for your money.

Note: These tariff plans all come with individual terms, bonuses and incentives.

Like other MTN tariff plans, the MTN Pulse tariff plan offers 500MB for N500.  The plan also offers MTN night plan for just N25 for 500MB to chat on the various social media platforms at the hours of 12am to 4am in the morning.

Code for MTN Pulse Night Plan Subscription

To subscribe to the MTN Pulse night plan, simply text NIGHT to 131. The plan also offers access to unlimited streaming on music + for as low as N10 per day so you can take advantage of the benefits of this plan by migrating to MTN pulse,

USSD Code to Migrate to MTN Pulse Tariff Plan

If you are wondering how to migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan, look no further because within minutes, you can be on the tariff plan.

To migrate to MTN pulse, simply dialing *406*1# or send 406 to 131.

Summary of MTN Pulse Tariff Plan

  • Call rate on MTN pulse goes for as low as 11k/s, but note that the first 50 seconds will be charged at 22k/s. You can enjoy this benefits by recharging N100 and above.
  • When you recharge N100 you will get 10MB while N200 will fetch you 20MB which is valid for 24 hours. You can recharge more and get more bonuses.
  • Data on MTN Pulse goes for N500 for 500MB which is valid for 7 days.
  • MTN Pulse Night plan goes for N25 for 500MB and can be used from 12am to 4am.
  • To migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan, dial *406*1# or send 406 to 131.
  • Lastly, access to unlimited streaming on music plus goes for N10 per day.
MTN images - Beta Talk with 250 percent bonus

MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan

MTN Beta talk is another gallant tariff plan from MTN, like other tariff plan, this plan also comes with its own benefits that new subscribers of MTN can enjoy from. The MTN tariff offers calls to national networks for as cheap as 40kobo per second but this is a bit on the high side as MTN pulse offers cheaper call rate of 11kobo per second or N24 per minute.

As a subscriber of MTN Beta Talk tariff plan, you will also get 150% bonus on recharge below N100, when you recharge N100 and above you will get 250% bonus.

MTN Beta talk tariff plan also gives 10MB data bonus on recharge of N100, this data bonus is not restricted to a particular social media platform as it can be used to login in to any social media platform.

The data bonus has a validity period of 7 days.

To migrate to MTN beta talk tariff simply dial *123*2*1# or send BT to 131.

Summary of MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan

  • MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan charges 40kobo per second to call other networks.
  • Recharge of N1 to N99 attracts a150% bonus airtime to call other networks.
  • Recharge of N101 and above will give you 250% bonus airtime.
  • When you recharge N100 you will get 10MB data bonus and more recharge will attract more data bonus.
  • The bonus valid for 7 days.
  • To migrate dial *123*2*1# or send BT to131.
MTN images - MTN XtraSpecial prepaid plan

MTN XtraSPECIAL Tariff Plan

This is another tariff plan new customers of MTN can benefit from. This is one of the best MTN tariff plans for international calls and is available for postpaid and prepaid customers.

There are loads of international countries available when you switch to MTN XtraSpecial tariff plan with subsidized international call rates and charges.

The international countries with subsidized call rates and SMS charges for this MTN XtraSpecial tariff plan are Canada, China, Germany, Sweden, South Korea, Israel, Hong Kong, Romania, Denmark, Cyprus, India, Ireland, Malaysia, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Malta, and Luxembourg.

As an MTN subscriber, you can start enjoying this XtraSpecial tariff plan by recharging as low as N100, call rate to national and international lines are charged at 15kobo per second while SMS charge N4 per second.

To migrate or subscribe to MTN XtraSPECIAL tariff plan, dial *408*1# or send 408 to 131.

SUMMARY of MTN XtraSpecial Tariff Plan

  • The calls can be made to MTN networks, other networks and international lines
  • Call rate is 15k/s for all calls to MTN
  • MTN XtraSpecial tariff plan will charge 15k/s to other networks in Nigeria
  • Call rates to international lines are charged at a shocking 15k/s.
  • SMS rate is N4 per SMS
  • To migrate dial *408*1# or send 408 to 131
MTN images - MTN Awuf4u

MTN Awuf4u Tariff Plan

MTN Awuf4u is a special offer from MTN; this plan offers customers 200% airtime bonus on every recharge below N100 while a recharge of N100 and above attracts a 300% airtime bonus. MTN Awuf4u tariff plan allows you to call other networks in Nigeria for as low as N27 per minute and SMS for N4 per SMS.

MTN Subscribers can also enjoy calls to the 18 MTN eligible international destinations at subsidized call rates and sms charges, however, browsing will be charged at N15 per MB on pay as you go.

To enjoy this MTN Awuf4u tariff offer simply recharge by dialing the regular recharge pin *555*PIN#.

SUMMARY of MTN Awuf4u Tariff Plan

  • MTN Awuf4u tariff plan call rates are charged at N27 per minute.
  • Recharge below N100 will attract airtime bonus of 200%.
  • Recharge of N100 and above will attract a 300% airtime bonus
  • Bonus can be used to call other networks and 18 international destinations at the rate of N27 per minute
  • To enjoy the bonus recharge with *555*PIN#
  • MTN Awuf4u tariff offer is valid for 3 months of recharge, after the validity period , the customer will automatically be migrated to beta talk.
MTN images - MTN Xtra Value for free data and credit

MTN XtraVALUE tariff plan

MTN Xtravalue tariff plan from MTN is a 2 in 1 tariff plan that rewards MTN customers with airtime bonus and data bonus. The tariff plan consists of xtra data plan and xtratalk. The extra talk offers more airtime bonus while the xtradata offers data bonus and the bonus airtime can be used to call national and international lines.

The XtraTalk airtime bonus from MTN XtraVALUE can be used to call 18 MTN eligible international destinations at subsidized rates but you have to recharge up to N300 to enjoy the benefits.

MTN XtraValue tariff plan comes really cheap with call rate for national calls are charged at N24 per minute while calls for international calls are charged at the rate of N39.6 per minute. While the XtraData bonus data offers 150MB and N372 airtime on recharge of N300.

Code to migrate or subscribe to MTN XtraValue tariff plan

To migrate to XtraValue tariff plan for a particular amount on xtratalk, simply dial V the amount you want to subscribe with to 131 for example, send V300 TO 131.

To subscribe XtraValue tariff plan for the XtraData, simply send “D” then the amount you want to subscribe with to 131 for example D300 to 131 and start enjoying the benefits.

SUMMARY of MTN XtraValue Tariff Plan

  • MTN Xtravalue has 2 packages – the Xtratalk and the Xtradata
  • They both start with a recharge of N300.
  • Bonus airtime from XtraTalk can be used to call national and international lines.
  • Call rate for international calls goes for N39.6 per minute while call rate for national calls is N24 per minute

So there you have it. Those are most the MTN tariff plans worth mentioning at this time.

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