All MTN Prepaid Tariff Plans: Benefits And Migration Codes

MTN prepaid tariff plans and benefits codes
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Aparrently, MTN Nigeria seems to be the best mobile networks when it comes to tariff plans with exciting offers in Nigeria. On this piece oday, we shall talk on All MTN Tariff plan, their benefits as well as their various migration codes.

There are numerous MTN Tariff plans is for all customers (both new and existing customers) including the MTN prepaid plans and MTN postpaid plans. We will also look at the best tariff plans and its migration codes.

MTN Nigeria has decommissioned a lot of their old tariff plans, without prior notice this decommissioning, and without the acknowledgment to the general public. However, they have been introducing more tariff plans with amazing benefits to replace those old ones.

MTN Tariff Plans are Categorised into two categories:

  • MTN New Tariff plans
  • SME Plans

All these tariff plans are prepaid and have their different benefits and migration codes, whch we will discuss below.

How to migrate to MTN Prepaid tariff plan

MTN has varieties of different Tariff Plans, packages that leaves you on your toes on which to choose from. You can migrate to any MTN tariff plan through these steps:

Insert your MTN SIM
Switch on your mobile phone
Dial *123#
Choose Option 2 for Tariff Plan Migration

You will be migrated immediately

  • Choose 1 for BetaTalk
  • Select 2 for Pulse
  • Select 3 for mPulse
  • Choose 4 for XtraSpecial
  • Choose 5 for XtraValue
MTN prepaid call plans and benefits

List of All MTN Tariff Plans and Migration Codes

Now that you’ve understood everything about Migration on MTN. Lets move forward to checking out the entire list of all MTN tariff plans and their various migration codes. However, we are not going to discuss about the Tariff plans that have been Decommissioned.

The tariff plans that are still available for Migration Includes:

Tariff Plans Migration Codes
MTN mPulse*344*1#
MTN Pulse*123*2*2# or *406#
MTN BetaTalk*123*2*1#
MTN XtraSpecial*408*1#
MTN Yafun YafunNew Line
MTN XtraValue*131*2#
MTN Awuf4u*888*PIN#

MTN mPulse Plan

The MTN mPulse is MTN’s latest tariff plan, this Tariff plan is basically for teenagers and for educational purposes. However, the plan also comes with other bundles that will probably fit your usage, especially your internet life. Among the rest, is the availability of data bundle plan.

MTN mPulse also connects both parents and children together, within the ages of 9 and 15. This plan is actually meant for both Parents and their wards, where they can easily sign up to the mPulse website. Parent can also supervise what their teens are doing on the website.

How to migrate to MTN mPulse

There are three different methods through which you can migrate to this plan, you can migrate by using the USSD code, sending SMS or via MyMTNApp, which is the company’s official app for controlling and manage your SIM.

  • Dial *344*1#
  • Send ‘mPulse’ to 131.
  • Download MyMTNApp, go to tariff plan and select mPulse

If you migrate to this MTN tariff plan, you will enjoy the following:

  • 25MB WhatsApp data bonus on first recharge in a calendar month.
  • Data Bonus on first recharge in a calendar week.
  • ₦200 airtime reward on your birthday.
MTN prepaid call plans and benefits

MTN XtraValue

MTN XtraValue bundle plan, is a plan that suits the wants and needs of subscribers – Airtime and Data Plans. If you are looking for the best MTN tariff plan that gives both airtime and data plan for browsing, or the best MTN plan for calls and data, then XtraValue is all you need!

This plan is available for all prepaid customers. Which means, you needn’t purchase a new SIM card just to be eligible for the offer. Note that when you subscribe to any of the MTN XtraVaue Bundle plan, you will be migrated automatically to XtraValue Plan.

What is MTN XtraValue?

XtraValue is a plan that offers you a bundle of huge airtime for voice calls and data, the bundles are available in 2 types (XtraTalk and XtraData) and at different prices starting from ₦300 to ₦20, 000. This price plan is available to all prepaid and Postpaid customers.

In order to satisfy customers needs and want, MTN XtraValue bundle is categorised into two, which includes XtraTalk Bundles and XtraData Bundles.

MTN XtraTalk Bundles

The MTN XtraTalk Bundles just like the name offers more airtime for Voice calls than Data volume. This means, if you are a businessman or businesswoman, you can easily subscribe to this part of the plan.

Where you can make longer calls, text your clients and many more.

But this plan is more effective is you do more of calling and texting that surfing the net or even using social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook and others.

MTN prepaid call plans and benefits

MTN XtraData Bundles

On the other hand, the MTN XtraData bundles offers more Data volume than airtime for voice calls. Where you can easily use more data plan than airtime.

With XtraData bundles, users and subscribers are allowed to browse the internet than making calls.

However, this depends on your preference and usage. If you use more data surfing the network, connectig to clients, staying online on Social Media Platform than making calls, the XtraData is your best bet.

How to subscribe to XtraValue Plan

The XtraValue tariff plan doesn’t have any subscription or migration code. You must subscribe to one of the bundle to get started.

To easily migrate, activate or subscribe to XtraValue plan, you have to subscribe to any of the XtraValue bundles. Simply dial *131*2# and select the preferred bundle type. You will automatically be subscribed to the bundle.

Other ways to subscribe or migrate to this plan, is by downloading MYMTNAPP and selecting XtraValue plan of choice from the available XtraValue plans.

You will be able to check your XtraValue Bundle balance by dialing *556# or *559*61#. You can also send any of the below keyword of preferred XtraValue plan to 131, to subscribe to the plan.

MTN XtraValue PlansPriceVoice ValueData ValueValidityHow to subscribe
(N300) XtraTalkN300N1,00050MB7daysText V300 to 131
(N300) XtraDataN300N300200MB7daysText D300 to 131
(N500) XtraTalkN500N1,950100MB7daysText V500 to 131
(N500) XtraDataN500N500500MB7daysText D500 to 131
(N1000) XtraTalkN1000N3,900300MB14daysText V1000 to 131
(N1000) XtraDataN1000N1,0001GB14daysText D1000 to 131
(N2000) XtraTalkN2000N7,850650MB30daysText V2000 to 131
(N2000) XtraDataN2000N2,5002.5GB30daysText D2000 to 131
(N5000) XtraDataN5000N19,5001.5GB30daysText V5000 to 131
(N5000) XtraTalkN5000N6,5006.5GB30daysText D5000 to 131
(N10000) XtraTalkN10000N39,0002.5GB30daysText V10000 to 131
(N10000) XtraDataN10000N14,00014GB30daysText D10000 to 131
(N15000) XtraTalkN15000N59,0003.5GB30daysText V15000 to 131
(N15000) XtraDataN15000N24,00020GB30daysText D15000 to 131
(N20000) XtraTalkN20000N80,2004.5GB30daysText V20000 to 131
(N20000) XtraDataN20000N28,80030GB30daysText D20000 to 131
MTN prepaid call plans and benefits


MTN Awuf4U is a bonus offer that rewards customers with 200% airtime bonus on Every recharge below ₦100 and 300% airtime bonus on Every recharge from N100 above when they recharge using the special code *888*PIN# or via VTU channels.

Although, this is NOT tariff plan, but it does give some mouth watering deals, for making calls and sending message. Where you can recharge by dialing *888*pin# and enjoy 4x the value of your recharge.

How to recharge with MTN AwuF4u

The MTN AwuF4u bonus gives you 200% airtime bonus on every recharge below ₦100 and 300% airtime bonus on every recharge from ₦100 and above. You see, it was created to your own likeness. Dial this code *888*PIN#, for ₦100, ₦400 in your Awuf4U account.

And it continues like that, even with ₦400, you’ll get N1,600 and also with ₦750, you’ll get ₦3,000. That is how you continues. This is how the bundle plan works:

For instance, If you recharge with ₦100, you will get ₦400 in Awuf4U account i.e. ₦100 (recharge value) + ₦300 (bonus).

Each of the plans, has a validity of 14 days to 30days. Starting from ₦100, to ₦400, to ₦750 and even the ₦1,500.

Gladly, AWUF4U offer is available to all MTNN Prepaid and Postpaid customers. You can check your Awuf4U account balance by dialing the USSD code *559*14#.

Recharge Band (N)Face Value + Bonus in Awuf4U AccountAwuf4U Account Validity
N1 – N99Recharge value +200% airtime bonus14  Days
N100 – N200Recharge value +300% airtime bonus14  Days
N201 and aboveRecharge value +300% airtime bonus30  Days

To further show that AwuF4u is not a tariff plan, if you migrate to any other plan, you will NOT lose the airtime in your Awuf4U account. That means, if you migrate to another plan, you will be able to use the airtime in your Awuf4U account but your calls, SMS and Data will still be charged at Awuf4U rate. Note that you cannot transfer airtime from your Awuf4U account to another customer’s account through Share & sell.

MTN prepaid tariff plans and benefits

MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid

The Nigeria’s largest and biggest telecom company, MTN introduced the XtraSpecial prepaid plans alongside with the XtraPro tariff plan.

But the XtraSpecial tariff plan is what attract users more, when you are on this MTN call plans, you can easily make local and international calls.

MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid tariff plan does not attract a daily or monthly subscription or access fee and it is a little bit costly but note that it is more preferable than most of the Tariff Plans in Nigeria.

What is MTN XtraSpecial plan?

MTN XtraSpecial prepaid plan is a tariff plan that allows you enjoy a FLAT rate of 15 kobo per second for MTN-to-MTN calls, MTN-to-Other networks and to 18 selected international destinations from the very first second.

If you are a postpaid user, you can go for XtraSpecial Postpaid plan.

Unlike the MTN XtraPro, the MTN XtraSpecial allows you to make calls at 15k/Sec (₦9/Min) on a flat rate basis to all networks in nigeria without daily access fee with an additional benefit of 7 days free subscription to EPL Video Service.

How to migrate to MTN XtraSpecial

To migrate to MTN XtraSpecial Tariff plan is very easy. Simply dial *408# and select 1 migrate OR text 408 to 131. With MTN XtraSpecial you can make use of ₦100 recharge card for 11 mins +.

MTN Nigeria has made it possible for all prepaid users to migrate to XtraSpecial prepaid tariff plan without issues. You will also enjoy ₦4 charge per one SMS to All Networks in Nigeria, and 50% data bonus on every purchase of ₦2000 monthly bundle.

MTN prepaid tariff plans and benefits

MTN Pulse tariff plan

The MTN Pulse tariff paln evolved from the iPulse tariff plan, then MTN Nigeria slowly changed the features of the plan, revamped it and named it MTN Pulse. It is one of the best tariff plan from the telecom company.

MTN happily put up this notification on their website, “Pulse is Back!!! “Pulse is back!!! Yeah, MTN’s Pulse, the biggest, hippest, hottest, flyest, dopest and trendiest package exclusively for the youth and the young at heart is indeed back”.

Well, I wouldn’t have agreed more, the Pulse tariff plan seems to be the best, and special plan from them. It is good for both MTN calls and MTN data plans for browsing and surfing the internet. If you are into both, then MTN Pulse should be on your mind!

What is MTN Pulse tariff plan?

MTN Pulse tariff plan is a prepaid tariff plan that allows you enjoy FLAT rate of 11kobo/sec for calls ACROSS ALL local Networks in Nigeria after you must have spent ₦12.50k on your MTN line. With MTN Pulse, “You Talk more, Laugh more and Love more”.

The telecom company has made it possible for all prepaid subscribers to join the conversation online with the hashtag #ItsWhoWeAre. “Pulse is our community, where we get to express our lifestyle and enjoy a prepaid tariff plan of 11kobo per second to talk, laugh and love more.”

How to migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan

To migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan, please dial *406# or 406 to 131, or dial *406*1# or *123*2*2#. Thankfully, all MTN Prepaid customers can migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan.

All campuses (Universities, polytechnics, college of education, school of nursing, police academy etc) and its surrounding environments are regarded as the “Pulse Zone” in the new MTN Pulse tariff plan.

MTN prepaid tariff plans and benefits

MTN YafunYafun StartPack

MTN Yafun Yafun is one of MTN’s Tariff plans that gives awesome bonuses. This package started by giving a multiple of six (6) times the recharge amount and has now gone into giving a whooping multiple of eight (8) recharge amount as bonus.

What is MTN YafunYafun offer?

MTN YafunYafun SIM offer is a special MTN Call plan that allows New MTN customers enjoy bunch of benefits after registering and activating a new SIM. You can also enjoy 700% bonus on EVERY recharge of N100 and above.

It was previously called MTN StartPack, but the mobile network telecom revamped it, and named it MTN YafunYafun SIM offer.

To get started, simply recharge from ₦100 and above airtime value by dialing *555*digits PIN# and you will automatically receive 700% bonus that will be credited in a dedicated account.

How to migrate to MTN YafunYafun plan?

MTN Yafun Yafun is a default MTN Tariff plan. To get started on MTN YafunYafun SIM offer, you can buy a new SIM, register and activate it and start using the Tariff plan.

To receive the 700% bonus, just recharge by dialing *555*the recharge PIN#. After recharging, you will receive 700% bonus on that recharge. However, 500% of the bonus will be used for Voice calls & SMS to all networks in Nigeria and the 200% will be used for Data.

You will be able to enjoy the 700% bonus on ALL your recharges and free access to WhatsApp service for a period of 3 months ONLY. The airtime bonus is valid for 7 days and you will receive the 700% bonus on ALL your recharges for a period of 3 months.

So, with ₦100 recharge card, you will get > ₦700/N45 (15 minutes 30 seconds from bonus account) + ₦100/N40 (2 minutes 30 secondsfrom the main account) ≅ 18 minutes.

After 3 months you will stop receiving the bonus on your recharges and the system will automatically migrate you to MTN BetaTalk tariff plan.

To check your 700% bonus balance, simply dial *559*43#. You CANNOT migrate back to MTN YafunYafun tariff plan.

MTN prepaid tariff plans and benefits

MTN New BetaTalk Tariff Plan

MTN BetaTalk plan is another special tariff plan that offers incentives bonus offers. Unlike other normal and regular tariff plans, BetaTalk tariff plans offer both calls and data bundle for browsing the internet.

This is one of the latest and best tariff in Nigeria. Which is coming from MTN Nigeria. Mtn beta talk plan comes with 250% Per Recharge bonus airtime on every recharge of ₦100 and above!

What is MTN BetaTalk plan

MTN BetaTalk is a prepaid tariff plan that rewards you with 150% bonus on recharges below ₦100 and 250% bonus airtime on every recharge of ₦100 and above.

With BetaTalk, subscribers can enjoy national and international calls and will be charged at the rate of ₦25.20/minute (42k/sec) from your main account and ₦27/minute (45k/sec) from the bonus account.

Understand that all International and national calls, SMS and Data will be charged from your main account as soon as the bonus airtime is exhausted or expires.

How to migrate to MTN BetaTalk

To migrate to MTN BetaTalk Tariff plan is very easy. Simply dial *123*2*1# OR text BT to 131. So With MTN BetaTalk, you can make use of ₦100 recharge card for 12 mins and some seconds.

Note that is plan is eligible for Prepaid customers and users only, MTN Postpaid customers CANNOT migrate to the MTN BetaTalk tariff plan. You can recharge via *555*pin# and check bundle by dialing *556#.

MTN SME Tariff Plans: Benefits And Migration codes

Mtn Nigeria has different varieties of tariff Plan, especially for business and personal use. Among these tariff plans are the MTN Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) MTN Biz Plus, MTN Biz Class, MTN SME Plus Plan which are more than just any tariff plan.

The tariff plans are business-wise and businessmen and women are the target of this tariff plans.

Below are the Mtn SME Tariff Plans along with their Migration codes.

You can connect to one of the new MTN Business plans to enjoy minutes of airtime, SMS and Mobile Internet with the superfast speeds of MTN 3G/4G. Okay, let’s get started.
We are going to talk about the following:

SME Tariff PlansMigration Codes
MTN BIZ Plus*460*1*1#
MTN BIZ Class*460*1*2#
  • MTN Biz Plus
  • MTN Biz Class
  • MTN SME Plus
MTN prepaid call plans and benefits

What is MTN Biz Plus?

MTN is a tariff plan that is business-wise and they are mostly used by businessmen and women. On MTN BizPlus you can make calls as low as 11k/sec from first minute of the day after ₦5 daily access fee is deducted, if the amout on your line is below ₦5, all calls will be charged at 20k/sec. To enjoy the service, customers must migrate from their existing tariff plans to the Biz Plus service where they will be able to choose and enjoy further discounts from any of the bundle products. Local sms is ₦4, International Sms charged at Zone rate.

You can migrate to their existing numbers to the Biz Plus service by dialing *460*1*1# or text 460 to 131.

MTN BizPlus is currently the cheapest and Most affordable tariff plan on MTN and it is Business wise as well.

What is MTN Biz Class?

MTN Biz Class is a prepaid service class, that provides customers with a combination of Business Headline News and lower call rates for on-net and off-net GSM Voice, Data and SMS targeted primarily at SMEs.

To Migrate to the Mtn Biz Class, you can do that by dialing *460*1*3# or text 433 to 131. Meanwhile, the Non-MTN subscribers just need to buy a new MTN SIM card and migrate to the Biz Class service class by dialing 4603# or text 433 to 131.

With the MTN Biz Class, you will have the ability to share airtime for Voice and Data with employees, colleagues and friends, Access to other business-focused bundled offerings and also get Free Happy Hour calls.

MTN prepaid tariff plans and benefits

What is MTN SME Plus?

MTN SME Plus is a prepaid service that provides customers with better pricing which introduces lower cost on-net GSM Voice, Data and SMS bundles targeted primarily for the SMEs.

The SME Plus tariff pricing provides daily regressive pricing for national voice calls. The regressive pricing shall be based on accumulated usage (i.e. in seconds) between 04:30:01hrs and 23:59:59hrs every day.

One of the Benefits of MTN SME Plus is for Businesses to make more calls, download more data and send more SMS at remarkably reduced prices and Provides FREE trial for some of our ICT products (Back up as a Service and ePresence).

MYou can migrate to this plan, by dialing *460# or text 460 to 131. It is from this platform a customer will now be a able to choose the bundle that suit their business and The SME Bundle proposition is a mix of Voice, SMS, Data and ICT attributes.

NOTE: First migration into any MTN Tariff plan is absolutely free. However, subsequent migration within same 30 days will attract a service fee of ₦100.

These are the different MTN Tariff Plans with their benefits. It’s left for you to choose your preferred MTN call plan.

What are your thoughts on them? Share with us in the comment section.

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