Switch To MTN Postpaid Plan And Get Billed Monthly

MTN Postpaid Plans
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MTN postpaid plans are not well known by the average Nigerian so here are details on this amazing plan.

What makes an individual rational is how well you can utilize your resources to get maximum output.

The reason why we all use mobile network is different ranging from activities you perform to your capability. The voice call and data a company requires will be different from individual uses.

But what is common to any of the categories is their yearning to get a desired output for the degree of resources they are ready to let go to bringing them to a position of rationality in their decisions.

MTN has two major categories, the prepaid and postpaid plan, you can read more about the prepaid plan on the MTN prepaid plan article. Learn how to start your recharge card business online in Nigeria.

MTN Postpaid

MTN Postpaid plan works for those working and with a monthly salary and also company that has a monthly budget. Postpaid is a mobile network plan that bills users at the end of the month. The services of a postpaid will be paid for at the end of the month, you receive a bill at the end of each month based on your actual usage.

MTN Postpaid plans

How to migrate to MTN postpaid

To migrate to MTN postpaid if you are a prepaid subscriber, you will have to visit the MTN service centre or connect store in your environment. These are the following things you have to do:
• You will have to fill and sign off a subscriber agreement form
• Then you will be asked to present a valid international passport, driver’s license or national ID card.
• 2 passport photograph
• Fill a bank confirmation form
• Then you will fill a credit consent form
• Provide a copy of a recent bill whether electricity, water, telephone bill or waste disposal.
• You will have to undergo a credit rating.

MTN XtraSpecial postpaid

MTN XtraSpecial postpaid is a special tariff plan that allows the customer to enjoy calls at a flat rate of 15kobo/secs for MTN to MTN calls and MTN to other networks and to other 18 selected international destinations from the very first seconds. And there are other exciting products and services. The MTN XtraSpecial postpaid requires no charges for access fee, it is free to enjoy the flat rate.

MTN Postpaid plans

What are the eligible countries.

The 18 eligible selected destinations that you can call on MTN XtraSpecial postpaid are:
• Canada
• China
• Germany
• India
• Ireland
• Malaysia
• South Africa
• United Kingdom
• United Status
• Sweden
• South Korea
• Israel
• Hong Kong
• Romania
• Denmark
• Cyprus
• Malta
• Luxembourg

You will not be required to register any destination to call at 15k/sec, as long as you call is within the eligible 18 countries you can enjoy the flat rate for calls. To view the eligible destinations dial *408*2#.

Migrate to MTN XtraSpecial postpaid plan.

Once you are a postpaid subscriber you automatically qualify to enjoy MTN XtraSpecial postpaid. You only need to migrate if you are a prepaid subscriber. Follow the requirements above to migrate.

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