MTN Migration Codes For Tariff And Call Plans

MTN migration codes for call and tariff plans
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Flashing back to old time memories, I remember being taught MR NIGER D in secondary school so as to master all that is attributed to living thing. The first on our abbreviation is movement. Movement cannot be taken out of any characteristics of a living thing.

Migration from home to work place, migration between states, migration between countries, that is why travelling can never go into extinction because as long a life is still in existence there will be movement.

Men migrate for different reason, some migrate because they have a specific need to or because the state of their activities has changed, probably work calls for them to migrate. Some migrate just to enjoy benefit of a better life.

Migration is not limited to moving from one location to another, migration spreads across all areas including your mobile network. There are so many reasons you might have to migrate, so you can’t say this is not for you. You might want to migrate because other plans offers more benefits that will be of advantage to you or the reason why you need a mobile network plan has increased compared to what you get before.

MTN migration codes for call and tariff plans

MTN network tariff and call plans

MTN is a network that gives you different packages from which you can make your best choice that will suit your purpose and budget. There are different plans from which you can make selection of and they are:

  • MTN mPulse
  • MTN XtraSpecial
  • MTN BetaTalk
  • MTN XtraValue
  • MTN Pulse

How do I migrate?

Do you want migrate to any of these MTN plan? Are confused about want to use? Don’t stress yourself so far here are the codes to migrate to your favorite plans of your choice

MTN mPulse

MTN mPulse is a prepaid plan that has been specially made to benefit the young at hearts, ranging from pre-teens to teenagers. MTN has created space for our young ones between the age of 9 to 15 years of age to get educated using their mobile network.

With MTN mPulse you enjoy and get benefits such as you will get a special birthday reward of N200, special data bundles for mPulse website at 350mb for just N150 and 100mb for N50 only, you get access to the mPulse website where you can get all fun and educative content and you will get to operate your whatsapp freely for 7days every month.

MTN migration codes for call and tariff plans

There is data bonus available on every recharge and the national call rate is at 15k/secs.

Parents can get their kids enlightened and empowered academically using MTN mPulse.

To migrate to MTN mPulse

To migrate your network as a youngster or as a parent for your kids you can dial *344*1# or send “mPulse” to 131. You can also download the MyMTN app to select mPulse from your tariff plan option.

MTN XtraValue

MTN Xtravalue is a tariff plan that offers enough airtime for voice calls for national calls, international calls to some destination and also offers you huge data bundle. The Xtravalue is divided into two, the MTN XtraTalk and XtraData.

You can choose the MTN XtraTalk if you need more for voice calls or MTN XtraData if you need more for surfing the internet. Either ways they both offer voice and data value it is just a matter of priority and which you want more.

MTN migration codes for call and tariff plans

To migrate to MTN XtraValue

You can dial *131*2# to choose which of the XtraValue plan of your choice or send the keywords to 131. Check the article on MTN call Plans for the keywords.

MTN BetaTalk

The MTN BetaTalk is a prepaid tariff plan that rewards you with 150% airtime bonus on your every recharge for below #100. For above #100 you get a 250% airtime bonus for your voice calla. It also offers you data subscription of 30MB for just a token of #50. The airtime bonus is available for Pay As You Go data and all national calls and SMS.

To migrate to MTN BetaTalk

You can start enjoying this amazing bonus and benefit only when you migrate to MTN BetaTalk. You can migrate by dialing *123*2*1# or you can send BT to 131. To make things easier use the MyMTN app to migrate.

MTN Pulse

The MTN pulse tariff plan, is a prepaid plan that has all fun packaged together. MTN Pulse brings lifght and fun your way through the amazing benefits it offers like a cheap call rate of 11kobo/secs, it also offers a data plan specifically for Instagram and a nightlife data bundle. It gives you chance to stream your favourite music on Music+ for #10 and keeps you connected to your desires and passion.

To migrate to MTN Pulse

You can migrate to MTN Pulse using the MyMTN app. You can also dial *406*1# and enjoy the hippest life together.

MTN XtraSpecial prepaid

As it is called, tt is a special prepaid plan that allows you to enjoy voice calls at a flat rate of 1kobo/secs for MTN to MTN calls, MTN to other network or one of the 18 international destinations. It does not attract an access fee or any monthly subscription.

Migrate to MTN XtraSpecial

Simply dial *408*1# or *123*2*4#. You can text “408” to 131 to migrate to MTN XtraSpecial prepaid.

Select your best choice and enjoy MTN services everywhere you go.

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