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Listen! You can keep your phone number, receive and make calls while you travel around the world with Nigerian networks like MTN, 9mobile, Glo and Airtel. With MTN it’s simple – roaming with MTN International calling bundles.

Remember this slogan “Everywhere you go”, this is a popular MTN slogan that is normally used in MTN advertisement, I must say the person that thought of this slogan did a great job as that is the perfect slogan for a network that not only covers all states in Nigeria but more than 41 countries in the world which they have roaming partnership with.

This roaming service offered by the south Africa network is available for all MTN customers, both prepaid and postpaid customers and is available by default.

Another good news is there are no monthly fees, no connection fee and no deposit required before the customer can roam.

Roaming with your MTN line while traveling will ensure you are always reachable even if you are a thousand miles away from home.

Sometimes, telecommunication user’s travel out of the country to relax probably from work stress, one problem they may be faced with is communication issues as they might be using a network in Nigeria that does not support roaming in the particular country they travel to.

Almost all networks in Nigeria, Glo, 9mobile, MTN and airtel supports roaming and recently I wrote an article on Glo roaming, and I noticed that some networks covers more international destinations than others.

The various networks in Nigeria also offer special tariff plans and offers for their various users that might want to travel out from the country to another country.

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MTN Roaming Service

MTN also offers roaming service for their customers that wants to travel out of the country as they have partnered with various networks in many countries in order to these international roaming services.

However, this roaming service do not supports all countries in the work but only MTN eligible countries and they include Canada, Germany, Ireland, Israel, china, India, Sweden, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Malta, South Africa, South Korea, United states, Romania, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Denmark and Luxembourg.

The MTN roaming service allows MTN customers receive calls, browsing, sending and receiving SMS from/to lines in other countries, the service also allows you receive voice mail and forward calls to another number while roaming.

However there are some services not support by the MTN roaming like data bundle, DSTV mobile from MTN and MTN caller tunes. While roaming, you can make calls to other country by first dialing the country’s code then the number you want to make the call to. Also, get paid for buying recharge card online.

Compiling an essential list of all things roaming so you worry no more

That list is essentially all you need to know about roaming in Nigeria no mater the network – MTN, Glo, 9mobile or Airtel.

For example, if you are in the US and want to make a call to someone in Nigeria simply dial +234 followed by the number of the person you want to call.

Note; when you are roaming, you are connected to MTN’s roaming partner network, so you will be charged when an unanswered call diverts to your MTN voice mail, you will also be charged for sending SMS which is dependent on the MTN roaming partner’s network.

Before you make your first roaming call, there are few things you should bear in mind;

The service you receive while overseas depends on the network you are using.

But know this, you may experience some differences such as coverage quality, delay before you can make calls after switching on or may be take a longer time than usual as the network automatically checks your status with MTN first.

When making a call, your phone’s screen will also display the name or number of MTN’s roaming partner in that particular country rather than MTN Nigeria.

MTN images- MTN International calling bundles

MTN International Calling Bundles

MTN as we all know by now is one of the largest telecommunication giants in Nigeria – according to Vanguard Nigeria, MTN Nigeria grew subscribers in 2018 to 54 million.

Part of this growth comes from the fact they also offers amazing tariff plans and international calling bundles their millions of Nigerian customers can enjoy depending on their communication needs.

MTN also offers international calling bundles that allows prepaid and postpaid customers enjoy voice bonus and at affordable rates.

Types of MTN International Bundles

The MTN international bundles are of three types – the international bundle 1, International bundle 2 and International bundle 3. The benefits, call rates and offers of these MTN International bundles are outline below;

  • MTN international calling bundle 1 offers 20 international voice minutes for N300.
  • MTN  international calling bundle 2 gives you 40 international voice minutes for N500.
  • MTN International calling bundle 3 offers 150 international voice minutes for N1500.

These three bundles and their benefits can be used in 18 different international destinations and at cheap call rates.

MTN International Calling Bundles Migration Codes

To subscribe or migrate to any of the MTN international bundles simply text the purchase keyword to the short code 131.

  • For international calling bundle 1: text IDB300 to 131 costs N300.
  • For international calling bundle 2: text IDB500 to 131 costs N500.
  • For international calling bundle 3: text IDB1500 to 131 costs N1500.

Once you have sent the command of any of the international calling bundles, the system will deduct the applicable fee for the choose bundle from your main account, credit your international calling bundles account with the total number of international minutes, a notification message will be sent to you telling you your purchase was successful.

You can check your MTN international calling bundle balance or to make an enquiry, simply dial *559*7#.

MTN images - MTN Hello World Global roaming bundles

MTN Hello World Global Roaming Bundles

MTN Nigeria also offers special roaming bundle called the Hello World Global Roaming bundles; this bundle has the small, medium and large subscription type.

This service is available in 27 international destinations which are Australia, Canada, Cameroon, china, Cyprus, Ghana, Czech Republic, France, Iran, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, South Africa, Italy, Kenya, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, and United States.

This bundle allows MTN customers enjoy discounted calls, SMS and data, you can also receive benefits up to 500MB data bundle and 100 minutes of free incoming calls.

  • Small type subscription: This international bundle goes for N5000 and offers 40 incoming call minutes, 25 outgoing call minutes, 5 outgoing SMS and also has a validity period of 7 days
  • Medium type subscription: This MTN international calling bundle goes for N10,000 and offers 60 incoming minutes, 45 outgoing minutes, 10 outgoing SMS and 100MB data bonus and also has a 14 days validity period.
  • Large type subscription: This MTN international calling bundle goes for N15,000 and offers 75 incoming call minutes, 100 outgoing call minute, 25 outgoing SMS and 200MB data bonus and is also valid for 30 days.
MTN images - MTN Roaming UAE

MTN Roaming UAE – International Calling Bundles

UAE consisting of Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Sharjah Umm al-Quwain, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah has only one international bundle for MTN roaming.

This MTN International bundle goes for N6000 and offers 30 incoming call minutes, 20 outgoing call minutes and 10 outgoing SMS and it’s only valid for 14 days.

Quick recap on MTN International calling bundle

What is MTN International calling bundles?

International calling bundle is a bundle that offers MTN prepaid and postpaid customers cheaper and affordable voice minutes. There are three types of international calling bundles which are bundle 1, 2 and 3, these bundles offers international voice minutes for international calls to 28 different destinations.

How to migrate or subscribe MTN International bundles

To migrate pr subscribe to international calling bundle 1 simply text IDB300 to 131, for bundle 2 send .IDB500 to 131 and for bundle 3 send IDB1500 to 131. The different bundles have their validity period, bundle 1 valid for 7 days, bundle 2 is valid for 14 days while bundle 3 has Validity period of 30 days.

You will able to purchase same bundle multiple times as well as purchase different bundles at the same time.

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