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Telecommunication users subscribe to different networks for different reasons, some of them want a network that can offer them cheaper call rate and voice bonus, while others wants a network that can give them more data value for their money and cheap browsing rate to surf their various social media platforms like whatsapp, Facebook, twitter, YouTube and more.

Most telecommunication users has more preference for a particular social media platform than others, so they might want to access only one particular social media platform, but we all know that most plans or data bundles offered by most networks are used for all social media platforms and goes for a more expensive fee.

Some users will ask, what if I only want to be accessing my whatsapp, do I still need to subscribe for a data plan that is used for all networks? There is good news for you.

Well the good news is that one of the largest telecommunication networks in Nigeria, MTN has introduced the MTN Goody bag that allows MTN customers choose and subscribe to one social media platform to access or pick five social media platform they want to subscribe to.

Service charges are really cheap and affordable seeing as you can choose and subscribe to one social media platform with just N25 daily fee, N50 for weekly subscription and as low as N150 for monthly subscription.

However, if you decide to pick five different social media platforms, it will attract a different subscription fee. To subscribe for five different social media platform on a daily bases will attract a subscription fee of N50, while weekly subscription will attract N150, and for the monthly subscription a fee of N500.

The MTN goody bag covers eight social media platforms which are Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, 2go, WeChat, Eskimi, and Nimbuzz.

Before you subscribe for your next data plan, read this recharge card tip.

MTN Goody Bag Code to subscribe

To subscribe to MTN goody bag simply dial the ussd code *131# then hit “send”. A series of option will appear then select option 3 which is the goody bag option, then select the particular social media platform you want or if you want to pick five different social media platforms, you will still see the option there.

MTN Good Bag Code to unsubscribe

You can unsubscribe by sending the applicable keyword to 131, example STOPWCM to 131 for wechat monthly plan or STOPWAW to 131 for whatsapp social bundle.

MTN Goody Bag Code to Cancel Auto-Renewal

The subscription will be auto renewed on expiry, to cancel auto-renewal simply send STOP the particular social media plan to 131, for example STOPWAW to 131 for whatsapp monthly plan.

Take a break for a second and peep these data plans from networks in Nigeria

MTN also has pack for streaming videos on YouTube, this pack is a time based data that allows you watch videos on YouTube from a data enabled device. This offer is available to all MTN customers and comes in different prices and time in hours.

MTN Goody Bag Data Plans, Prices and Apps – (One social media platform)

  • Goody bag daily- This plan goes for N25 only which gives a Glo customer 20MB and can be used for either Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, 2go, WeChat and Eskimi
  • Goody bag weekly- This plan goes for N50 which gives a Glo customer 50MB and can be used for Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, 2go, wechat and Eskimi
  • Goody bag monthly- This plan can be used for either Eskimi, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, 2go, wechat and goes for just N150  which nets the Glo subscriber 160MB.

MTN Goody Bag Bundle Data Plans, Prices and Apps – (5 social media platforms)

  • Goody bag daily – this Glo data plan goes for N50 which nets the Glo subscriber 40MB and customers can use it on any 5 social media platforms for the once mentioned above
  • Goody bag weekly- this Glo data plan can be used for any five social media platforms and goes for N150 which gives the Glo subscriber 120MB of Glo data.
  • Goody bag monthly- This Glo data plan goes for N500 which nets the Glo customer 600MB of Glo data and can also be used on 5 selected social media platforms.

MTN Youtube Pack

The  MTN YouTube pack comes in two time frames, the 1 hour and 3 hours unlimited streaming of videos on YouTube. Note that this plan will not work on any social media, stream Netflix or other videos, it only works on YouTube.

To get access to the YOUTUBE pack simply dial *131*8#

  • 1 hour YouTube pack- This YouTube pack goes for N150 which gives 750MB that allows you stream YouTube videos for 1 hour with 24 hours validity period, to subscribe to this pack, simply send VP1 to 131 or dial *131*8*1#
  • 3 hours YouTube pack- This pack goes for N400 which gives you 2.25B that allows subscriber’s stream videos on YouTube for 3 hours with 24 hours validity period, to subscribe to this plan simply text VP3 to 131 or dial *131*8*2#

MTN Goody Bag FAQs

I received a pop-up menu to choose either one-off or recurrent after activating a Goody bag social bundle, what does this mean?

The pop-up menu is  a new feature that allows you set your goody bag social media bundle one one-off or recurrent purchase, the one-off purchase means that your social bundle will not auto-renew after expiry while the recurrent purchase means that your bundle will be renewed on expiry.

If i cancel the menu without selecting an option, will my MTN Goody bag bundle be on one-off or recurrent?

If you cancel the pop up menu without selecting any of the options, your goody bag social bundle will be on one-off purchase, this means that your bundle will not be auto-renewed upon expiry. You will also be able to cancel auto-renewal on your goody bag social bundle anytime by sending the opt-out keyword to 131.

If i have an existing data bundle or bonus and subscribe to social bundle which data will deplete first while browsing?

You will be charged first from your social bundle data allowance, then any active data bonus before charging from your data bundle. To check your goody bag bundle balance, dial *559*25#, note; You will only be able to browse the social network or instant messaging service that you have subscribed to.

Will i be able to roll over my unused social bundle allowance?

You will not be able to roll over your unused social bundle allowance after renewal. You will also receive data allowance on every subscription to social bundles.

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