How To Get MTN Free Data In 2020

MTN Free Data Plans
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The normal thing is that you will have to pay a particular amount for to get data for internet browsing as each mobile network as provided different packages with each data worth. MTN has their own data packages also but the question is it possible to get free data?

Is it possible to get free MTN data?

I know someone is so keen to hear this part, everyone wants free things, we want to enjoy those giftings that we don’t really have to pay anything for. This giftings are not restricted to people only but everyone expects their mobile network to be able to give them gifts also.

But beautifully, there are ways you can get free data on MTN without have to necessarily subscribing but you can enjoy data giftings from them no matter how little.

Here are ways below to enjoy free data with MTN. Before I share this trick with you, let me show you how you can make money from VTU business in Nigeria.

MTN Mobile App

MTN has created a mobile app and this is a network that truly represents what they say they are “Everywhere you go”. The creation of this mobile app gives you the ability to carry MTN with you wherever you are and wherever you go. This MTN Mobile app is called the MyMTN app. And with is App you can enjoy free data gifting. Follow me as you learn how.

Free Data on MTN

Free Data on MyMTN

The only way to enjoy free data gifting is to open up your Google playstore or your any App store, search for MyMTN and download the app into your phone. After downloading, open up the ap, follow the necessary procedure for registration and you will be gifted with 500MB data worth to browse the internet.

MTN Pulse

In our previous post, we’ve talked extensively about the MTN Pulse, which is the jollification prepaid package for youths, to enjoy, flex, call and browse. The MTN Pulse offers different mouth-watering benefits that you will find interesting just search for our previous post on MTN Prepaid Plan and read thorough. But right here, our major point of interest is if MTN Pulse offers free data gifts.

Free Data on MTN

MTN Pulse Free Data

Yes MTN Pulse offers free data. When you migrate to the MTN Pulse and you recharge you will get to enjoy 10MB on your recharge. To migrate to MTN Pulse, just dial *406*1#

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