Latest MTN Data Plans You Likely Don’t Know About

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Like other competitors, MTN has also made it possible for their customers to choose from data plans that suit them.

“Data is life”, this slogan was used in one Glo advertisement and I asked myself is data really life. Literally data is not life but there are so many activities we carry out on the internet which will not be possible without data so figuratively data is indeed life.  

We all love chatting on our various social media platforms, the likes of Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter, instagram and more.

We are always caught in a situation of not having enough to subscribe to our various data plans, but the truth is that they are cheap and affordable data plan we can benefit from.

There are data plans for mild internet users and heavy data users and they go at different prices so you can choose one that suits your need. Before you subscribe for your next data plan, let me show you this recharge card tip.

Some of these plans have no internet usage restrictions as you can surf all platforms on the internet anytime and anywhere while others restrict you to certain social media platform or a particular time and place.

When it comes to data plan prices, Glo data plans are still the cheapest in the country, MTN data plans may not win the battle on price but can claim victory of the war of internet bundles.

MTN data plans may not be dead cheap compared to some of its competitors like Globacom but it is very affordable.

Big spending consumers who can afford to buy smartphones like iPhone X, Samsung Note 8 or even lower priced smartphone like Tecno and Infinix will have no problem with MTN data plans especially when considering the speed and availability.

MTN Nigeria is known to always provide one of the best services for telecommunication users who subscribe to her network.

These services includes data plans and tariffs that allow their esteem customers enjoy mouthwatering offers at cheaper rate, most at times, the offers can be used while roaming.

However MTN has eligible destinations where their customers can use some of the bonus they get from various tariff plans.

This post is going to be discussing some cheap and affordable data plan form MTN, what you need to do to benefit from them, the various denominations you can subscribe to and the time period you are allowed to use the data for.

MTN data plan varies form monthly subscription, weekly subscriptions, daily data plan, special data plans that offers users data bonuses and also allows them browse at cheaper rates.

Like other competitors, MTN has also made it possible for their customers to choose from data plans that suit them.

MTN has about seven data plans their customers can choose and benefit from. There are also data plans for entry level users and medium data users and high data users.

In terms of charges for PAYG browsing, MTN currently charges 5 kobo  per kb for pay as you go browsing rate. So you can subscribe to any of the MTN available data plans and start using these plans instead of this browsing rate.

Quick Summary on MTN Data Plans and Special Packs

MTN daily data plans which are extremely cheap but last for 24 hours, then there are the weekly MTN data plans which are active only for 7 days.

Not your cup of tea? Dive into MTN monthly data plans which needs no introduction and MTN quarterly data plans which are the mega plans that will sustain most MTN subscribers for as much as 60 days.

The Quarterly MTN data plans commands real big bucks – up to N50,000, no kidding!

MTN also has several data packs for different purposes like MTN Youtube packs simply for streaming videos on Youtube, MTN Goody Bag Social which is available in daily, weekly and monthly plans simply for social media.

MTN images - Check MTN data balance

MTN Data Balance Code

Before you buy another MTN data bundle or plan, you can easily check your available MTN data balance by dialing the USSD code *131*4# or SMS 2 to 131.

Even if you are currently running a different MTN data bundle, you can still top up with any other data plan which will also increase your validity period by simply shifting the old date to the new data plan date.


The various data plans all work for 4G LTE as well as 3G and 2G.

But at the end of the day, it comes down to what kind of smartphone you are using, if you are in an area covered by MTN 4G LTE network and if you have a USIM.

To check if you currently have a USIM, SMS 4G to 131 from your smartphone and you will receive an SMS response letting you know the status of your device if it is 4G LTE ready.

An in-depth coverage of MTN 4G LTE is available if you need more information

MTN Internet (APN) Settings

Browsing on your MTN Sim also entails browsing configuration settings, to get your 3G/3.5G/GPRS settings simply send SETTINGS to 3888 on an MTN Nigeria mobile phone. You can also configure your phone manually by using the following settings;

  • Account name: MTN GPRS
  • Access point name: (APN)
  • IP Address:
  • Port:8080 (for HTML) or 9201 (for WAP)
  • Username: web
  • Password: web

MTN Data Plans

MTN has different data plans that go for different prices, and this plan has their own validity period depending on the amount subscribed with and the data can be used 24/7. I will be taking you through some of the data plans;

MTN images - Data plans for daily weekly and monthly

Take a break for a second and peep these data plans from networks in Nigeria

MTN Daily data plans

100MB Daily Data Plan

N100 will fetch you 100MB to browse 24 hours which is not too good as the 24 hours’ time period is small. To subscribe text 104 to 131.

150MB Daily Data Plan

The 24 hours browsing bundle offers daily internet data bundle to surf the net, users can subscribe to this plan with N200 naira and get 150MB that can be used to browse 24/7 in just one day. This will be beneficial for those that do not frequently use the internet but just wants to check or do something on the internet in one day. However, this plan is available to only prepaid customers, to subscribe to this plan simply send 103 to131.

MTN Weekly Data Plans

N300 Weekly Data Plan

MTN N300 data plan costs N300 and offers 150MB data volume valid for 7 days.

To activate, simply SMS 102 to 131 and start enjoying.

N500 Weekly Data Plan

MTN N500 data plan goes for N500 only and will fetch you 500MB data volume + 250MB bonus data valid for 7 days.

To activate, simply SMS 103 to 131 and start enjoying.

To check your MTN data balance SMS 2 to 131.

Note; MTN supports 4G LTE for some smartphones that are supported by the MTN network. MTN also offers night and early morning browsing bonuses to it’s subscribers on various data plans.

MTN Monthly data plan

MTN 1GB data plan

The MTN 1GB data plan was formally 1.5GB, it now offers MTN customers who wish to subscribe to the plan 1GB data with 24/7 internet access for 30 days at just N1000.

This 1GB data plan also offers 500MB data bonus that can be used from 1am to 7am in the early morning. This data plan is quite afford and for middle class data users and students can also make of this plan as well as most of them normally read and make research in the early morning.

To subscribe to the MTN 1GB plan send 106 to 131.

MTN 1.5GB data plan

The N1200 data plan will give you 1.5GB which is valid for 30 days, or me this plan is better than the 1GB MTN data plan as it gives more value for your money. To subscribe, simply send 130 to131.

MTN 2.5GB data plan

This data plan goes for N2000 naira, middle class data users can also take advantage of. To subscribe, send 110 to 131 and start enjoying.

MTN 5GB data plan

N3500 will fetch you 5GB, to subscribe to this plan simply send 107 to 131 and start enjoying.

MTN 10GB data plan

The 10GB data plan goes for N5000 naira and is best for those who browse or connect their modems to their laptops that is heavy users of data and has a validity period of 30 days. To migrate to this data plan simply send 116 to 131.

MTN 22GB data plan

This another amazing data plan from MTN, although it is for high class individual as not everyone can afford to subscribe with N10,000 naira. This data plan is best for those who use wireless router to build hotspot in their homes or office as the plan offers an amazing 22GB data to surf the internet 24/7. To subscribe to this 30 days plan simply send 117 to 131.

60 days Monthly data plan

When you subscribe with N20,000 you will get 50GB valid for 60 days.

To subscribe simply text 133 to 131

90 days Monthly data plan

When you subscribe with N50,000, you will get 85GB valid for 90 days.

To subscribe send 133 to 131

Note; Auto-renewal applies to every MTN data plan or bundle you buy so if you need to stop it at any time, simply SMS “NO( the SMS activation code)” to 131, i.e if you want to stop auto-renewal for N1000 bundle, SMS NO106 to 131.

Unlike MTN Nigeria’s competitors like Glo, and Airtel which gives double data, these Nigerian networks’ also gives bonus data that can be used all day.

MTN Nigeria doesn’t give double data or at least it is not listed as a plan for everyone, and worse, the bonus data given by MTN can only be used from 1am to 7 am.

What MTN lacks in bonuses, they make up for or try to make up for it on varieties, meeting every consumer demand.

Listed below are more MTN data plans and subscription codes specific for different purposes.

MTN images - mtn goodybag social bundle

MTN Goody Bag Social Bundle – Social media

This plan is not for every MTN subscriber, maybe a small minority because if you are a heavy social media user, you can easily blow through 50MB in a single day’s usage. Compare that to the maximum amount of MB you get from the Goodybag Social bundle which comes at really affordable prices but due to fair usage policy, an MTN subscriber on MTN Goodybag Social only gets away with 25MB daily and that is when you combine different social bundles together.

MTN GoodyBag Daily Plan

To activate a social app, SMS the app code to 131 or press *131*3# and choose. One App cost as low as N25 but you can get up to 5 at a huge discount, N50.  Choosing multiple apps is a no brainer, zero sum game, win – win situation, which ever term you prefer. Whats more? If you currently have an active MTN data plan or even MTN data bonus active, it doesn’t stop anything. You can still activate MTN Goodybag Social bundle and that will be charged first when browsing social media apps till it is exhausted before it digs into whatever MTN data you have left.

Apps – Activation code – Deactivation code
Whatsapp – WAD – STOPWAD
Facebook – FBD – STOPFBD
Twitter – TWTD – STOPWTD
Instagram – INSD – STOPINSD
Price of MTN GoodyBag Social Daily is N25

MTN GoodyBag Social Weekly
Whatsapp – WAW – STOPWAW
Facebook – FBW – STOPFBW
Twitter – TWTW – STOPWTW
Instagram – INSW – STOPINSW
Price of MTN GoodyBag Social Weekly is N50

MTN GoodyBag Social Monthly
Whatsapp – WAM – STOPWAM
Facebook – FBM – STOPFBM
Twitter – TWTM – STOPWTM
Instagram – INSM – STOPINSM

To pick multiple – maximum of 5 – MTN GoodyBag Social bundle plans, dial *131*3# and select up to 5 from the options by entering the numbers of your preferred social apps you need activated. Once you are in, you can check your MTN Goodybag bundle balance by dialing *559*25#. To deactivate, send the SMS code of the app to 131.

MTN Youtube Data Plan

This is a time based data plan to stream videos on Youtube only, won’t work for facebook videos or any other website videos you choose to stream. So MTN subscribers might see it as a limitation, but personally, this Youtube plan is as good as it gets compared to using your direct data especially if you regularly stream videos on Youtube. And it will be a lot better if it works with Youtube streaming services like Kodi, where you can stream channels for free.

Note: Your MTN Youtube bundle is active once you start streaming a Youtube video, and it does not rollover.

MTN Youtube data plan – 1 hour youtube pack
cost of data plan N150
Data volume sustainable for 1 hour of streaming
Validity 24 hours
SMS activation – SMS VP1 to 131

MTN Youtube data plan – 3 hours Youtube pack
cost of data plan N400
Data volume sustainable for 3 hours of streaming
Validity 24 hours
SMS activation – SMS VP3 to 131

Once activated, you can check your MTN Youtube Video Streaming bundle balance by dialing *559*18#.

Recap and FAQ of MTN Data Plans

Who can subscribe to MTN Data bundle?

MTN data bundle is very affordable, giving customer’s value for their money and it’s open to all because all MTN customers can subscribe to any of the data bundle.

What does one-off or recurrent option mean after activating a data bundle?

The pop-up menu is a new feature that allows customers set their data bundle on either one-off or recurrent purchase.

The one-off purchase means that your data bundle will not renew after expiry, while recurrent means that your data bundle will auto-renew after expiry as long as your available credit balance is sufficient.

What will happen if i exit the pop-up menu without selecting any option?

If you exit the pop-up menu without selecting any option, your data bundle will be on one-off purchase, meaning that your data bundle will not be renewed on expiry.

If my data bundle is on one-off option, Will i be able to opt in for recurrent option or renew bundle?

The service allows you opt in for recurrent option or renew the bundle by sending R+ bundle code to 131.

You will also be able to cancel auto renewal on your bundle any time by sending the opt-out keyword to 131.

Can i purchase multiple data bundles?

Yes you can purchase, activate and stack multiple data bundles and all the data bundles purchased will have its own expiry date, the data bundle with the least validity period will be used first.

Will i be able to receive data bonus on any of the MTN data plans?

You will receive data bonus on the following data bundles;

  • 25MB bonus on 50MB daily plan
  • 75MB bonus on 150MB daily plan
  • 250MB bonus on the 500MB weekly plan
  • 500MB bonus on the 1GB monthly plan
  • 1GB bonus on the 2.5GB monthly plan

That’s it folks! Leave a comment below about your experience, issues, criticism, praises of MTN and any of its data plans, what you would like to see MTN add or remove.

Hey, don’t forget to share on your social media – twitter, facebook and even whatsapp – loads of people will find this useful.

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