All MTN Data Bonus And How To Subscribe To Get Them

MTN Data Bonus
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Yello dear MTN customers. MTN your favourite mobile network, available to give you the best everywhere you go and place a smile on your face as you make use of it, is here again with wonderful deals. Not just what will make you expend your resources but give you quality value for your expenses. MTN offers you a call package and also quality data package that you may stay connected. Before I go on, see this recharge card tip.

Data Plans and Bonus

There are different ranges of data packages you can make selection from to suit your need. But MTN gives an additional value of bonus to some of this data plan to give you extra time, surfing the internet.

Data PlanBonus DataPriceValidityActivation code
50MB25MB₦1001 Day”104” to 131
150MB75MB₦2002 Days”113” to 131
500MB25MB₦5007 Days”103” to 131
1GB500MB₦1,00030 Days”106” to 131
2.5GB1GB₦2,00030 Days”110” to 131

50MB Daily Data Plan

The MTN 50MB daily data plan offers you an additional bonus of 25MB, all together making 75MB to browse and chat all day. This data plan only last for 24hours and can be rolled over if not exhausted and if you subscribe before it expires.

This data plan attracts a charge of #100 and to subscribe just text “104” to 131 or dial 131 and follow the instructions provided.

MTN Data Bonus

150MB daily plan

The 150MB is a daily plan that attracts a charge of #200. It is a daily plan that is valid for 24hours, if after 24hours and your subscription is not refreshed, the data plan remains invalid. The 150MB also attracts a bonus of 75MB in additional to your 150MB.

To subscribe for this plan, text “113” to 131

500MB weekly plan

You can buy the weekly plan that is valid for 7 days at the rate of #500 and it gives you 500MB with a bonus of 250MB to give you extra time surfing the internet.

You can subscribe to this data plan by dialing 131 and follow the options or texting “103” to 131.

1GB Monthly plan

Subscribe for the monthly plan to have internet access to all social media valid for 30days with MTN 1GB monthly plan at a charge of #1000. You get an extra bonus of 500MB all together making 1.5GB of data for just #1000.

To subscribe text “106” to 131 or dial 131 and follow the options to select your choice.

2.5GB Monthly plan

If you consume more data in a month or you need more than the regular monthly plan offers, MTN is here for you. You can subscribe by dialing 131 or text “110” to 131 for the 2.5GB monthly data plan and get an extra data bonus of 1GB, to make 3.5GB data for #2000 only. This data plan is valid for 30days.

MTN Data Bonus

Is MTN data bonus for a particular package.

The MTN data plan and bonuses is not just for some specific package but it is available to all. Regardless of the call plan you are you can subscribe to any above and your bonus will be given to you.

Can I rollover my data bundle

Yes, you will be able to roll over your unused data bundle as long as you subscribe before the expiry date or before it is cleared out of you data balance. So if you subscribe to 1GB monthly data bundle and you have 500MB left, when you subscribe before the data is cleared out, you will have 1.5GB data balance.

Can I rollover my data bonus

The data bonus is not available for rollover, if you have 500MB left in your main balance and 100MB left from your bonus data account from subscribing to the 1GB monthly plan. If you renew your subscription before expiry date. You will have 1.5GB main data balance and 500MB data bonus, your 100MB will be cleared out.

Subscribe to any of the data plan above and start enjoying the AWOOF!!! Data bonus.

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