MTN Cheapest Call Rates That will Get You Talking Forever

MTN cheapest call rates
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MTN offers different call plans for their customers to make selection of what suits them and works better for them. Are you looking for a plan than can save you your airtime? Do you want to make more calls? Then this is for you. Learn this recharge card tip.

MTN cheapest call rate.

The MTN pulse has the cheapest call rate you can have and also offer you other advantages. The MTN pulse gives you the opportunity to call at the rate of 11k per seconds for all calls to all local network across Nigeria.

Is there a first call charge.

To enjoy the 11kobo/secs call rate there will be a charge of 25kobo/sec for your first 50seconds call each day. After your first 50 seconds call then you can start calling at the rate of 11kobo/secs.

MTN cheapest call rates

What happens if I do not spend 50seconds on my first call

It is not a must your first call must be 50seconds but until your total call reaches 50 seconds you will not be able to enjoy the call rate of 11kobo/seconds. Your call accumulates until you spend your first #12.50 which is the call charge of 50 seconds, so you can make more than 1 call to make your 50 seconds complete.

Benefits of MTN Pulse

There are so many benefits accrued to every subscriber of MTN pulse, apart from enjoying the cheapest call rate, you can also enjoy the following:

  • Data bonus on recharge.
  • Special Instagram bundles of instabinge lite of 250MB or instabinge heavy of 1GB for #100 and #200 charges respectively.
  • MTN pulse night bundle is also available to all subscribers where you get 250MB for #25 and 500MB for #50.
  • You can stream your favourite music on Music+ for just #10 daily
  • Enjoy 100% data bonus on purchase of the 500MB weekly data bundle.
  • MTN pulse keeps you stay connected with the trends by connecting you to the world.

How do I migrate to MTN Pulse

If you are not on MTN pulse there is a need to migrate to enjoy this cheap call rate and other bonuses accrued to this plan. To migrate simply text “406” to 131 or you can dial *406*1# or *123*2*2#.

Is there a migration charge?

There is a charge of #100 migration fee if it is a subsequent migration within 30days. #100 will be required to migrate to MTN pulse.

Is the discount call rates for all type of calls?

You will only enjoy the discounted call rate of 11kobo/secs on every local network calls, MTN to MTN and MTN to other network calls. This discount is not applicable to international voice calls.

So you don’t need to be worried about too much charges because you make a lot of voice calls, just migrate to MTN pulse and keep enjoying your calls at the cheapest rate possible only with MTN.

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