Make 7 Figures From Exportation Using This Exportation Guide

Make 7 figures from exportation in Nigeria
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We open the curtain by talking about something that is rarely talked about in the Nigerian terrain. And that is exportation. Actually, it is not often heard because of the given nature of the Nigeria system.

Nigeria is a country that has more importation ratio to exportation ratio. In fact, this is something that almost anybody knows, owing to products used in Nigeria that bears names of the countries they were imported from.

But what if I told you that despite this, there are many people, Nigerians like you, that are engaged in exportation business, and are making it big? I bet you would doubt this. The reason is not far-fetched.

Exportation business in Nigeria is a closely guarded secret. Also, it is carried out relatively in a closed way that members of the public are not aware of.

And to make matters interesting, these individuals are raking in 6-7 figures on a constant basis. With this business, they are doing well financially.

Moreover, if you’re reading this, you have struck a goldmine with this piece of information and your only job is to read this article that would show you how to earn 6-7 figures by venturing into the exportation business.


First of all, situations are rather hard in a country like Nigeria right now. The economy is certainly not in a good shape. Hence, jobs are inherently difficult to get. And many are living from hand to mouth. Thus, you may be having one or two issues as regards finance in your life right now.

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Earlier, I mentioned that exportation business is a closely guarded secret, I actually failed to mention that this secret has decided to be shared by a seasoned expert in the exportation business. Meaning, you too can grab this secret with your hands.

In short, Olatunde Wealth decided to be a blessing to many Nigerians out there by showing them the secrets to wealth creation through his 7-Figure Exportation Guide.

Click here to start making 7 figures from exportation in Nigeria

He knows all there is to know about exportation because he is the convener of the prestigious export business training in Nigeria, NIGERIA EXPORT WORKSHOP also known as N.E.W.

The NIGERIA EXPORT WORKSHOP series is an intensive training facilitated by Olatunde himself and other seasoned exporters in Nigeria who have made millions of Naira over the years doing export business in Nigeria.

Also, Olatunde and his fellow seasoned experts have partnered with different organizations and Chambers of Commerce, including but not limited to Nigeria-American Chamber of Commerce, Lagos Chamber of Commerce, Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture, EMS, Skyway Aviation Handling Company Limited (SAHCOL), Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO Aviance) and a host of others.

Above all, the workshops over the years have also produced successful millionaire-exporters who were novice prior to having access to the same information and opportunity.

For instance, check out what people who have been to his trainings are saying:

See what people are saying about the workshop:


Make no mistake, the right thing for you to do is to actually key into a resource that is being given to you on a platter of gold by an expert himself.

Specifically, in every intending business that an individual wants to venture into, the fastest and safest way to grow is to have a seasoned Coach who would serve as a guide for you to become successful. Therefore, if you’re going into the business, Mr Olatunde is your best bet. In other words, you NEED a coach, someone who has built his export business empire and ready to introduce you to his high network of exporters and importers around the world and are ready to do business with you.

What The Guide Will Show You

But why the 7-Figure Guide from Olatunde?

  • The 7-Figure Export Guide is a comprehensive and practical compilations of secrets to a successful exportation business
  • Exportation is a high income skill that has turned the lives of those who keyed into it around. The testimonies from the N.E.W workshop keeps rolling in.
  • Priority Access To The Exact Tools/Strategies Export experts Use For Export Business And Live Case Studies
  • Customer support, coaching, follow ups, mentorship and monthly Export contract till you succeed.

This is why you should key into this export guide by Olatunde.


Getting the guide from Olatunde Wealth would expose you to the following secrets

  • Introduction to the export business in details.  
  • Export procedures and payments mode
  • How to package food and label it for export
  • Different export business opportunities in Nigeria, that many don’t know exists.

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  • How to get buyers  for your exportable products through different export marketing channels.
  • Common challenges in exports
  • How  Lagos Chamber Of Commerce can help your (export) business.
  • How to use EMS Nigeria for export business
  • And many more

More testimonials:

You may have been opportuned to go for other export trainings or seminars where their explanations seemed too complex and too theoretical.

The 7-Figure Exportation Guide by Olatunde Wealth is the man to help you with this dilemma.

Key into this guide by following this link:

Click here to start making 7 figures from exportation in Nigeria

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