LONGRICH: The Investment, Products and Benefits To Us

Longrich investment and products
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On this piece today, I am going to be doing a review of Longrich MLM and the Longrich Bioscience International Company.

Longrich was listed on the top MLM companies in Nigeria in 2019.

Longrich Bioscience International Company essentially is a global Multi-Level Marketing company that was started by a versatile entrepreneur Mr. Xu. Zhiwei in 1986.

The multi-level Longrich Business opportunity allows you to generate income using two methods. The first one is making money by direct sale of products.

The second smart technique enables anyone who is interested in can choose to be part of their extended team as an independent Longrich distributor.

The second option allows you to build your own chosen team and the benefit of receiving commissions from sales by all team members and the team as a whole with the added bonus of being a team leader.

It’s among the leading manufacturers of consumer products which include health care and skincare products, cosmetics, household cleaning items, furniture, and other accessories.

What you need To know About Longrich

Longrich- The Company

This company is built on the backbone of network marketing and its associated receive a financial compensation for product distribution. As a Longrich associate, one gets to earn commissions from sales of products and services and also commissions from their downline.

What is longrich all about?

It is an Asian multinational company which manufactures Health & Beauty products and has been in operation for over 30 years (since 1986). Longrich has over 2000 products from eight different categories such as: Cosmetics, Health careproducts, Household equipment, Furniture, Real Estate & Logistics.

Is longrich a pyramid scheme?

Longrich BioScience can be called a pyramid system but not scheme due to the Multi level marketing system it uses. First of all, in order to enroll as a Business Associate, you’ll need to personally purchase an Entry Level Pack yourself. This Entry Level Pack purchase generates PV that will then be used to pay out your upline through the Performance Bonus.

How do you make money with longrich?

As a member of longrich, you can make money from retailing their products. For example, if you are skilled in copy-writing and Facebook ads, you can set up a sales funnel to sell their products and you make good money. You can also make a lot of money from the networking plan.

Is longrich investment a good business?

Longrich is not scam! It’s a legitimate business that can help you make a lot of money and enjoy other benefits like free international trips, cars etc. As a member of longrich, you can make money from retailing their products. … Longrich s good business, they have been around for many years.

Why should I join longrich?

Longrich enables you to earn extra income from what you use everyday (household items or daily consumables), all that is required of you is to switch your brand and by so doing, you establish a goldmine in your home. LONGRICH products are highly effective.

How old is longrich in Nigeria?

Founded in 1986, the company havebeing through steady growth in both its expansion and market shares, making it one of the most successful private companies, leader in the Chinese cosmetic sector and daily care Industry, with over 12,000 employees worldwide to her credit.

Longrich Registration and how to become a distributor

The process of becoming a Longrich distributor in Nigeria is a process made easy. This is in agreement with the president’s vision which says ‘Longrich has an ambitious goal of giving each of us not only the chance to live in a harmonious and healthy environment but also build a successful business’.

Registration is FREE! Just buy Products that worth the proposed Entry value.

The simple step is to get registered as a Longrich distributor in Nigeria at any membership entry level specified by Longrich.

Membership Entry Level

Entry Level


Combo pack

  • Fixed products
  • Earn N1500-N3000 weekly
  • Earn 100k in 10months
  • Upgrade to earn more


Qsilver PROMO package

  • Earn N3000-N8000 weekly
  • Earn N400k in 10months time
  • Combo pack+ products of your choice
  • Upgrade to earn more


Silver Package

  • Earn N10,000-N25,000 weekly
  • Earn N1.6M in 10months time
  • Combo pack+ Products of your Choice
  • Upgrade to earn more


Gold Package

  • Earn upto N30,000 weekly
  • Earn N3.5M in 10months time
  • Combo pack+ Products of your Choice
  • Upgrade to earn more


Platinum Package

  • Earn upto N50,000 weekly
  • Earn N5M in 10months time + N6M car fund+ China Trip all expenses paid
  • Combo pack+ Products of your Choice
  • Upgrade to earn more


VIP Package

  • 1% global monthly shares from 198 countries longrich is in.
  • Earn N10M in 10months time,10M car, China Trip (2 slots) all expenses paid trip
  • Combo pack+ Products of your Choice
  • Sponsor 3 VIPs and be a Junior Stockist


VIP member

  • Earn upto N250,000 weekly
  • 1% global shares from 198 countries longrich is in
  • Earn N15M in 10months time,N10M car fund, China trip qualification multiple slots every year.
  • Products of your Choice


VIP member

  • Earn upto N500,000 weekly
  • 1% global shares from 198 countries longrich is in
  • Earn N50M in 10months time,N20M car fund, All expenses paid trip qualification to atleast 4 countries every year, with multiple slots.
  • Products of your Choice
  • global shares in addition to 12% weekly bonuses on your team activity.

NOTE: you are allowed to choose your products, nothing compulsory monies are paid into Longrich accounts.

Longrich Bank Account Detail:

Your Upline will assist you with the initial calculations on your PV status and products selection of your choice. You will then be able to pick the product(s) worth the point value(PV) of your entry level as covered by the amount paid.

You will then be required to take the teller alongside details of your personal information stated in the sections, to Longrich Head Office for documentation and processing.

Benefits of A Longrich Distributors in Nigeria

Becoming a Longrich Distributor in Nigeria the global can really change your life for the better. This is because Longrich is one of the leading Direct Selling Company and trustworthy global Direct Marketing Company dominating the cosmetic sector and daily care industry in China with about 30years expansion stability in annual production capacity of 20,000 Tons of cosmetics and production valued at 15.7 Billion Naira per year.

Longrichalso has more than 2000+ high quality products ranging from Personal Care, Skin Care series, Health food series, Health Instrument series, Women care, Incense care to Wine series which are all being marketed by the networking department of the company which started in 2008.

Longrich is fully involved in so many social responsibilities such as Sport, Health, Education and has a track record of acknowledged corporate social responsibility as she strives to give back to the society in which she operates.

Longrich CEO/ chairman MrZhiwei Xu says “Everyone has a dream of success, but many people could not find a good business platform, and unable to do so. Longrich customized marketing provide such a career platform for millions of those dream seeker, as long as they can successfully transfer their dream into a persistent pursuit, then they will succeed”.

Longrich gives you the opportunity to help others to build successful business – the satisfaction of building a better life for yourself and your loved ones.

Success Magazine also quoted saying that “No other industry on earth creates as many millionaires as Network Marketing. Not real estate, not insurance, not the legal profession. NO OTHER INDUSTRY.”

Longrich allow you to start business right from your own home – it’s a flexible home based business that can be run from anywhere you find yourself.

“Network Marketing gives people the opportunity needed, with very low risk and very low financial commitment, to build their own income-generating asset and acquire great wealth” by Robert Kiyosaki, Entrepreneur.

Make your own hours, and do things the way you want or launch a full time business according to your choice(s).

Longrich business gives you a life where you are in control of your time, because it helps you to harness quality time with your family and create a balance between your life and your work.

Longrich allows you to open and run your business the way you love to run it, without anyone’s permission to go to an important event of your family and also creating a balance between your career life and your personal life.

It allows minimum and low cost start -up investment with low risk – mimima capital is required to kick – start your vision with Longrich.

Longrich offers you a consistent earning and career potential – sell and share the opportunity of financial freedom with those you recruit and share mentor for greater financial rewards.

Robert Kiyosaki, an entrepreneur says that “If you are a person with big dreams and would love to support others in achieving their big dreams, then the network marketing business is definitely a business for you. You can commence your business with Longrich on a part-time basis at first and then as your business grows, you can help other people start theirs, also on a part-time or full time basis. This is a value worth having – a business and people who help others make their dreams come true.”


Longrich is a great company and is doing well for itself and its reps.

Their explosion in Africa is an indicator they plan to be around for a LONG time, which is something you should consider if you want to join an MLM business.

Multi-Level Marketing or MLM can generate a secondary income for you easily if you have the sheer determination of making MLM marketing work for yourself first.

We hope that you will agree with millions of others – that having your own business is an opportunity worth pursuing as you become a Longrich distributor in Nigeria.

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