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Import from USA
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Mini importation was a secret that flooded the Nigerian scene some years ago. Ever since then, this medium has brought succour to a large percentage of people involved in the business.

Importantly, the beauty of importation is that of the unrestricted nature that it comes with. Which means anyone can be involved in it,  including students and corpers. This has indeed made many young Nigerians to call themselves entrepreneurs.

Mostly, importation is done from China, where products are gotten at a cheap price, and with a little token, it is gotten to Nigeria, where it is further marketed and then sold.

However there seems to be a big problem with getting imported goods from China.

The Big Problem With Importation From China

China is a good place to import goods from. But there seems to be one big problem which has plagued many into the importation business, and who uses China as their importation route.

This big problem is getting substandard quality. It is a common experience to order for certain products and when they arrive, the quality is far from what was expected. Sometimes, it could be the difference in sizes of the specific products ordered from.

The effects of these Problems

Unfortunately, the nightmare with this quality issue is a possibility of running at loss, waste of energy and resources, loss of clients who may be dissatisfied with the product or even angry clients seeking refunds.

If you’re into importation, you may have had such an ugly experience or have probably heard about related stories if you’re intending to go into it,

The issue of quality is unfortunately one problem that plagues importation from China.

However, there are ways you can import from other countries, and one of such countries is the United States.

Importing From US As An Alternative

Have you heard of people importing from the United States? I bet you hardly do. This is because the pricing as compared to that of China is relatively high. Actually, China products are way less expensive and it is ideal for importation business.

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Benefits of Importing from US

Do you know the benefits of importing from the United States? There are at least three benefits. Firstly, you get good quality of products. As well as the superior brands. Also, you get good size, exactly your specification. But the price for such products are high.

But what if I told you that there are US stores where you can import at an affordable discount price, and get them successfully delivered to your doorstep?

This is where I hereby introduce to you Johnbosco Ife, an e-commerce expert who has been successfully importing from the US at such a discount price over the years.

Ife Johnbosco:

Ife’s Strategy

Ife Johnbosco have been successfully able to import products from America by following these steps below:

  • After visiting one or more of the genuine American stores he knew and shop for the products he wanted. Hence, there are safe websites that he has used over and over and he has a list of 248 of them.
  • As well as using a negotiation formula to ask for more discount on the products he was buying before making payments for the product using Paypal and at a very low exchange rate.
  • Thereafter using a US shipping address which he used in collecting the goods.
  • Getting collectors at the US address who collected the goods and finally shipped them to his Nigerian house address using a fast courier and then  collecting it within 10 days.

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Consequently, his repetitive success has made people to seek for his help and advice as to how to replicate them with their importation business. In a bid to help many as possible, Johnbosco therefore created a guide called the US Importation Masterclass

See what people are saying about Ife Johnbosco:

US Importation Masterclass

The US Importation Masterclass is Johnbosco’s way of walking you through the labyrinth of successfully importing high quality goods from the US. The US Importation Masterclass is for:

  • Anyone who wants to start buying high quality products from the US with rest of mind.
  • ​It is also for an E-commerce merchant who sells physical products online
  • And if you just want to buy the products for your personal use
  • Or you just want to buy the products to offer as gifts to your friends and loved ones

Whatever it may be, this Masterclass is a compilation of video guides where Johnbosco would unveil the full secrets that lies in the hands of a few. Many people are already keying into this.

See results of people who have done so:

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A Sneak Peak Into The Masterclass

Johnbosco’s masterclass will show you:

1 The secrets of importing successfully from the US

2 Where to find US stores that offer good discounts on their products.

3 Johnbosco’s negotiation formula to even get more discounts on products

4 Contacts that would help you ship your products from the Us shipping address you’re to use

5 Additionally, marketing your goods

6 Running adverts on social media.

And many more.

All these come with extra bonus that you will find by clicking the link below to key into the masterclass:

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Michael MiPaddy
Hi, I am Michael MiPaddy one of the enigma in with experience in forex and cryptocurrency trading, freelancing, entrepreneurship among others but now I am just a passionate writer pouring my heart out on MiPaddy Magazine. Check the about page to know more about me.

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