INSME App: Make Money From Free to N6million Monthly

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There are numerous platforms that promise to pay its users money for completing certain tasks, some of them deliver on their promise, some of these platforms pay for a while then disappear into the thin air and others are just nothing to write home about. In order to make good decisions on which platforms to join, it is good to check reviews – and that is the essence of this review.

Insme is a new app that was launched sometime in 2020, and is promising to reward its members after completion of certain tasks. They claim to have partnered with Instagram, in a bid to promote Instagram ads.

In this Insmeapp review or Insme review, am going to be writing all you will need to know about the platform, under the following headings “Insmeapp review”, “Insme app registration”, “Insme app login”, “Insme app scam”, “How does Insme work?”, “is Insme app legit?” as well as others.

What is Insme?

According to the Insme website “Insme is an authorized affiliate platform of Insheart in Nigeria. In 2015, with the strong support of Instagram, dozens of the most popular European and American internet celebrities has jointly founded insheart, an international online interactive community for IG users”.

“After the formation, Insheart is focusing on bringing global IG users together, enhance communication with each other and give the best advice to IG, so that they may also continue to improve.”

“During October of 2020, Insheart has opened its platform for the people in Nigeria by appointing insme. The member of insme can now earn extra income by helping to promote the ads of IG through insheart”.

Basically, Insme is paying you to complete certain tasks on it’s website. These tasks are referred to as “Missions”, and there are rewards for completing them.

InsMe is less than a year old, it is a fairly new platform that has been paying its first set of users. Whether that will continue is left to be seen.

How does InsMe app work?

There are 2 different business models on Insme.

The first is that InsMe members can get rewards just by clicking LIKE on the influential marketing contents on Instagram.

InsMe aggressively augments promotion of internet celebrities who have talent but are still anonymous due to lack of network resources.

When you register on InsMe app, you will have to choose a package, that will determine how many missions/tasks that you will complete daily and how much you will earn.

The bigger your package, the more tasks you will complete and also, the more you will earn.

How to register on InsMe (InsMe registration)

InsMe is currently open to the Nigerian market. This means that as long as you have a bank account and legal ID cards, then you can create an account and earn on their platform.

To register on InsMe, you can follow the process below:

  • Visit the official InsMe website
  • Fill the registration form, inputting all your details correctly.
  • Login to your InsMe account.
  • Invest by choosing any of the plans or you can start out with the free plan.
  • Once you are done, you can start completing missions.

NOTE: When you register for the free account, you can only accept two missions daily for 10 consecutive days, then you will be required to sign up into the lowest package, to continue earning.

InsMe app packages

The following are the packages available on InsMeapp:

Free package

  • Subscription fee: Free
  • Mission daily: 2
  • Validity: 10 days
  • First package
  • Subscription fee: N1680
  • Mission daily: 3
  • Pay per mission: N28
  • Validity: 60 days

Second package

  • Subscription fee: N6888
  • Mission daily: 5
  • Pay per mission: N69
  • Validity: 60 days

Third package

  • Subscription fee: N62888
  • Mission daily: 25
  • Pay per mission: N125
  • Validity: 60 days

Fourth package

  • Subscription fee: N148,888
  • Mission daily: 38
  • Pay per mission: N195
  • Validity: 60 days

Fifth package

  • Subscription fee: N298,888
  • Mission daily: 70
  • Pay per mission: N213
  • Validity: 60 days

Sixth package

  • Subscription fee: N638,888
  • Mission daily: 140
  • Pay per mission: N228
  • Validity: 60 days
  • Seventh package
  • Subscription fee: N1,488,888
  • Mission daily: 290
  • Pay per mission: N258
  • Validity: 60 days

Eighth package

  • Subscription fee: N2988888
  • Mission daily: 580
  • Pay per mission: N258
  • Validity: 60 days

Ninth package

  • Subscription fee: N6,388,888
  • Mission daily: 1238
  • Pay per mission: 238
  • Validity: 60 days

How to get missions and claim rewards on InsMe app

  • Click on “Mission”
  • After that, click on receive and wait for it to load.
  • Click on Open video link.
  • Like the Instagram post and screenshot.
  • Click on Add screenshot. And wait for it to show “Screenshot added successfully”.
  • Once you’re done with this, then it means you have successfully claimed your reward.

How to withdraw on InsMe app

Withdrawal time is 11:00 – 23:00 local time of Nigeria.

Their minimum amount for a single withdrawal is 200 naira.

When making withdrawal, it is important you check your payment information to make sure it is correct.

Your payment will be processed, and it should not take more than 48 hours for you to receive your money.

InsMe referral program

You can also make money by referring and building a team on Insme app.

As the leader of your person team, you will be able to get extra individual team reward from the total mission reward earned by each member of your personal group.

There are 6 levels of their individual earn reward:

  • The reward is 6% for the first level, 5% for the 2nd level, 4% for the 3rd level, 3% for the 4th level, 2% of the 5th level and 1% for the 6th level.
  • For example, when your 1st level in your team is having 100 people, and the total mission reward earned is $1000, then you are eligible to get an individual team reward of $60 per month.

Is InsMe legit or scam?

Insme is a fairly new platform, and it is less than a year old. Although, there have been evidence of payments, there is no guarantee that it will continue to pay.

If you really want to invest in the platform, then you should subscribe to one of the lower packages, at least, until we are able to confirm that they are really legit.

The lack of information about the owners of the platform, is a red flag and another reason why one should be very careful with platforms like this.

If you are a member of InsMe, you can leave your reviews below, so others can make well informed decisions.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who is the owner of InsMeapp?

Information of the owners of Insme is not yet known.

Is InsMe app legit?

Insme is a fairly new platform, and it is less than a year old. Although, there have been evidence of payments, there is no guarantee that it will continue to pay.


Thank you for reading my InsMe app review. If you have any question or comment, you can leave it below in the comments section.

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