IBM: Expertnaire Information Business Machine Course

Expertnaire Information Business Machine IBM
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Table of Contents

Information is everything and in today’s world, you can make money selling information. Currently, the whole world is on lockdown and though in some parts, the lockdown is being partially lifted, consequently, the business world is changing. Therefore, more people are working from home and many more people are learning viable skills to boost their businesses.

In that case, you too don’t have to worry about the lockdown and how coronavirus is affecting your business because you can make money by turning the information you have to viable products. Even if you don’t have any product to sell, we’ve got that covered.

You also get to learn how to convert the information you have to digital products that bring you cash. The interesting thing is that the information you are about to get is coming on a platter of gold.

Expertnaire Information Business Machine Course

Introducing: The Information Business Machines (IBM) training created by Mr.Jonathan Melody. It is worth N200,000 and comes with a lot of benefits for you.

When you pay for the information business machine (IBM) training you learn:

  • The product that would bring in cash for you.
  • The dos and don’ts of creating a digital product.
  • How to create a sales funnel where your products are in hot demand.
  • How to get others to market your products, the right price for your products
    and how to get your products to sell without advertising them.
  • How to increase the price of your products and still get people to pay
  • How to promote your products on social media.

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Thus, you practically learn everything that would prepare you for the creation, launching and sales of your digital products. There are several phases of the course and they are divided into mini courses. More like mini courses together in one course.

FAB1: 90 Days To One Million Naira Challenge worth N100,000

This will teach you how to make a million in 90 days. Also, you get to delve into the world of marketing, Facebook ads and market research. You will also learn how to overcome marketing problems often faced in online business. You also get thorough supervision.

FAB2: 30 DFY Products worth N150,000

How do you like ready made products to sell and make money from? This section would provide you with thirty wow products for you to edit and brand in your own style. Then voila! Let the cash alerts roll in.

You also don’t have to worry about marketing these products as each product has its own marketing materials and guidelines. So you don’t have to rack your brain as to how to market each product. Better still, trial and error marketing methods are eliminated.

FAB3: My Information Rolodex worth N740,000

Actually, this is a vault that contains hundreds of learning materials, courses and marketing materials that would help you in a step by step process of your online business.

Specifically, these materials would prepare you for online marketing, sales copies and powerful email that get buyers attention. You will also learn to create award winning webinars that will get visitors rushing for your products.

FAB4a: One Year FREE Consulting

During the learning process and after, the course author will be available for you to make consultations about your business. You get to do this free. Imagine getting a free consultation for a year in place of N500,000 for a three days consultation appointment? Wow right? That’s right!

FAB4b: Access To Telegram Support Group worth N50,000

Nothing beats being in a clique of like minded people. So, you get to share progressive ideas and learn from each other’s problems and success. Apart from the free 1 year consultation with the author, you would be added to the Telegram Support group where you will meet other sellers like you. Hence, you get the best of information about online business.

FAB5: Zero to 600,000 Instagram Followers worth N109,890

This course will teach you how to get 600,000 Instagram followers in 3 months without paying a dime. Active social media followers are everything.The more followers you have, the more likely to get your products sold on social media.

You get more trust from potential clients as they feel that your products must be valuable since you have such a large following. Let’s not even talk about the money you will earn from promoting others’ brands and products on your social media account.

FAB6: How to Become a Successful Vendor on Expertnaire worth N20,000

Expertnaire can make you a faster millionaire and this is not just all talks. Start counting your millions because when you sell on Expertnaire, you can be sure of people begging to market your products.

There are so many people who market others’ products on Expertnaire in exchange for commission. The good thing for you is that your price doesn’t change and your products will reach places your personal marketing efforts couldn’t reach. Also, the more popular you get through this, the more your personal efforts bring in more cash easily.

This course will teach you how to promote your products on Expertnaire and how to get affiliates interested in marketing your products.

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Before you finish counting your millions, you should know that this course is backed up with a money back guarantee. This is conditional however and you have to show proof of hard work. You have to show that you put in hard work and implemented all the strategies involved.

That’s all and you’ll get every single dime you spent back. I doubt this would happen because this course has worked for a lot of people. So, please go back and count your millions but that should be after you order this life changing course. Order Now- N50,000

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