How You Can Relocate To Canada And Have A Permanent Residence In 6-9 Months

Canada Permanent residence
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Canada is a beautiful country because of many reasons. First, it’s a country that offers good working conditions for Immigrants like a citizen-born. It has a good educational system in the world at large. And also, Canada has good bilateral relations with many countries.

This is why according to statistics, Canada happens to be a country people want to easily migrate to, especially Nigerians.

People are scrambling for ways to enter this land of green pasture, and because of this, many have been swindled by dishonest persons.

Canadian Immigration Program

Recently, in a bid to curb all these, the Canadian government released an Immigration program,  which is far the easiest and most affordable Immigration programme. With this programme you can get a Canadian permanent residence within six to nine months of application.

This program is called the Rural and Northern Canada Immigration Pilot.

Rural and Northern Canada Immigration Pilot

Since it is a relatively new thing in the block, not many are aware of the opportunity that lay abound. In fact, you should be glad that you’re reading this right now. Especially if you’re a Nigerian who has been looking for one way or the other to relocate to Canada.

You should be happy because there is a blueprint already in place that would show you how to relocate successfully to Canada using the Rural and Northern Canada Immigration Pilot.

Why Rural And Northern Canada Immigration Pilot

But why using this route or method to get into Canada? What makes it different from other methods you may have applied or heard of? Here are some of the reasons why the Rural and Northern immigration program is an easier route to Canada:

  • This program is is straightforward and fast – You can be in Canada within the next 6-9 months
  • You are not required to have a high IELTS score. Even a 5.0 score is okay.
  • You’re only required to tender 12 months of previous work experience, unlike other situations where you may be required up to 3 years work experience.
  • You’re sure to get a job almost immediately with this process.
  • Age usually is no barrier with this method. For a  Nigerian, this is a huge blessing.
  • Only 2 years post secondary education required e.g. OND, NCE.
  • It is Not based on points (like Express Entry)

Eventually, like other immigration programs, it is going to be well known, and this would make the Rural and Northern Immigration Program difficult.

Click here to begin processing your Canada permanent residency

That is why you should take advantage of the Rural and Northern immigration program right now.

The Canada Permanent Residence Immigration Blueprint

As mentioned earlier, there is a blueprint already in place that would take you through the process and show you step by step instructions to take for you to relocate successfully to Canada.

Immigration expert, Daniel Ola has taken the pains of unveiling the secrets in his blueprint. The blueprint shows you the practical process from start to finish on how you can get your Canadian permanent residence and be in Canada within 6 – 9 months.

See proofs:

What’s the in-secrets in this blueprint that would enable you use the Rural and Northern Immigration Program?

  • You will be exposed to practical step by step instructions on how to start the processing from start to you landing in Canada.
  • How to get Canadian phone number, while in Nigeria
  • Also how to pass the IELTS Exam to enable you qualify for the program.
  • And how to get your medical and police reports.
  • Including how to get a job offer from one of the participating Canadian communities while in Nigeria
  • The most important thing you need to know about sending your transcript for verification so it doesn’t get delayed or lost in transit
  • How to get a community recommendation
  • Preparing for life in Canada, and so many other secrets.

Click here to begin processing your Canada permanent residency

Daniel’s Story:

This is why you should key into this blueprint that would make your dream of being in Canada come through. Time is of the essence, until when it is no longer a secret anymore.

Daniel Ola’s Blueprint and Strategy for a successful migration into Canada can be gotten via this link below:

Click here to begin processing your Canada permanent residency

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