How To Quickly Increase Your Instagram Followers.

How to Grow your Instagram followers
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Table of Contents

Building followers on Instagram is like magic for newbies to this popular social media platform. So, if you pay for followers, you may end up having fake followers who wouldn’t actively engage in your posts. Therefore, you probably want to build an account with followers who will relate with your brand or followers who will interact with your posts.

It’s more hard as you realise that you have to either buy followers or be a celebrity to have the number of followers you desire.

Why do you need an Instagram hack course?

You need it because:

You are an E-commerce vendor or you are a celebrity and you need
to build your followers’ list.

  • Your followers list takes a long time to grow.
  • You don’t have much time to grow your followers.
  • You’re being followed by many fake accounts.
  • Your content is getting little or no engagement.

Now, you can bid goodbye to your little Instagram followers status. You can now have real followers and yes you too can get paid now to do Ads for others on your page.

Introducing ‘Instagram Growth Hack’ course. It is an online course that teaches you how Instagram works. Also, you’ll get access to strategies and tools which you can use to grow your Instagram profile with real followers as well as get paid for Ads.

Introducing ‘Instagram Growth Hack’ course. This course is put together by Gbemmy, an Instagram growth and marketing expert with 5+ years of hands-on experience. She has managed over 1000 business Instagram profiles and helped them to increase their followers, engagement and sales.

Equally important, this course will teach you how to grow your Instagram followers into tens of thousands. When you sign up, you’ll get access to over thirty videos that will teach you how to grow your Instagram followers to 10,000+ followers who will interact with your posts and Ads. These followers will also translate to people who will buy your products.

The Instagram Growth Hack course is divided into six modules.

Module 1
This will teach you how to understand Instagram Algorithm and how you can use it to boost your Instagram profile.

You’ll also learn how to use the Unicorn Social Graph and Topical Authority systems to boost chances of your IG profile being discovered.

Module 2
You will learn the Engagement Content Formula: how to get more likes and comments on your posts as well as how to build an engaged Instagram community.

You’ll also learn what content works on Instagram and how to rank in top hashtags.

Module 3
You will also learn how to optimise your profile to appear in front of your demographic across Instagram.

  • How to use SEO on your Instagram profile for greater reach.
  • Including how to drive traffic to your profile and track your link clicks and

Module 4
You will learn Hashtag Growth Strategy and how to get more impressions, engagement and followers from your posts as well.

You’ll further learn how to find hashtags that your posts can rank for.

Also, where to place your hashtags, how many hashtags to use and how to build sets.

Additionally, how to track the performance of your hashtags.

Module 5
You’ll learn how to create compelling stories that convert views to followers and sales.

You’ll also learn what content you should be uploading for your stories.

And how to boost engagement and reach through your Instagram stories.

Module 6
You will learn how to gain more followers quickly and increase the
engagement you recieve

You will also learn

  • How to utilise different platforms to boost follower growth.
  • How to use psychology terminologies in your captions to increase
    engagement on your posts

Asides from the above listed benefits, you’ll also get free bonuses. These are mini courses that will add more power to the Instagram Growth Hack course you will be implementing. These include:

Instagram Power Editor Ads LIVE Creation worth N250K
In this module you’ll learn how to create Instagram Ads which turn $10 into $15+. You’ll also learn how to create retargeting ads for great ROI.

Instagram Automation Revealed
Worth N250K

In this module you’ll learn how to setup Instagram automation tools with the best advanced settings. You’ll also learn the best practices, proxies, VPS, and other important areas to keep your profile in good hands.

Instagram Sales Funnel

Worth N250K

In this module you’ll learn how to easily generate sales and leads for your business. You’ll also learn the importance of building your email list and see live walkthroughs of creating a list in action.

Of course, you can be sure of Instagram followers list that will astonishingly grow as well as mega sales. What if it doesn’t work? ‘doesn’t work’ don’t apply to this course but just in case, you’ll get your money back within 7 days if you don’t want to continue with the course after enrolling.

Great news, it doesn’t cost a fortune for your Instagram profile to be
upgraded and for cash to start trickling in because of your posts and Ads. In fact, all this can happen with just N50,000. Shikili money!

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