How to perfectly setup MTN prepaid recharge

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Definitely, you have to recharge to be able to make use of any of available mobile packages but amazingly, MTN has made recharging easier. You can make your recharge even in the confines of your home, made for all prepaid users.

The Quickteller

The quickteller is one of the easiest way to make payment using your ATM card. Banks has made it easier that everyone can get an ATM card for any transaction. You get access to quickteller through your mobile device or personal computer. Whenever you recharge through quickteller it offers you bonus when you recharge. you can do the following to get access and recharge your MTN mobile network.

Methods to make use of the quickteller?

  • Visit
  • Register as a new user or login as an existing user
  • Make selection of the amount you want to top-up on your account
  • Provide your MTN mobile number
  • Enter your interswitch ATM card details to pay for the airtime subscribed for.
  • And with ease your account will be credited instantly with the amount you payed for.

MTN global airtime top-up

Another option you have is through MTN global airtime top-up, through this method you can make your recharge anywhere in the world, like it is called, it is global. So, it does not matter wherever you are you can top-up your line and keep call.

What can I do to recharge?

We have made things easier by providing below the following steps to recharge through the MTN global airtime top-up.

  • Visit
  • Register yourself if this is your first time or login if you are already registered
  • Make selection of your country from the menu
  • Provide your MTN number and amount to be purchased then submit
  • Make your payment through PayPal, master card or visa credit or debit card
  • Your account will be credited instantly without delay

ATM or POS terminal

The automated teller machine simply called ATM, is a machine made available by every bank that dispense money but that is not all it can be used for various transfer. Banks has worked hand in hand with different mobile networks to enable customers recharge their mobile network. The POS terminal which fully means the point of sale. This is also used to process card payments at any retail location. So, even if you cannot get an ATM around you or it is not working you can recharge your MTN line with the POS. With this method anyone can help you top-up your account.

How can I recharge through the ATM or POS?

  • Select airtime recharge after inserting your card and other requirements are completed
  • Enter your number as recipient
  • Enter amount to recharge and submit
  • You will get a confirmation SMS and your account will be credited immediately

Virtual airtime top-up

There has been a change in the world trend and everyone looks for a more convenient way to get things done better and faster. The VTU also known as virtual top up vendor is where services are being sold through mobile device. You can also make your recharge through the VTU for as low as #1 on MTN. WHAT !!! did you just say #1? Yes #1. So, you can recharge through virtual airtime top-up by visiting an MTN outlet and keep calling. And you can also ask your friends or family to help you top-up your account.

What steps should I follow?

To recharge your line at any MTN VTU outlet just do the following:

  • Visit the outlet and ask for virtual airtime top-up
  • Provide your number as the recipient and pay for the amount charged for top-up
  • Your account will be credited and you will get a confirmation SMS

Share N sell

You can never be stranded, you can never be out of options. don’t get confused if all of the above is not available for you. Because this last method made available by MTN is through share N sell transfer, you can ask your friends or family to send you airtime from their account even if you are out of all other options. The amount that can be transferred ranges from #50 to #5,000 in a single transaction and the overall amount that can be transferred in a day is #10,000.

Call that friend to send you some airtime, no need to get stranded.

How can I share N sell?

  • When using for the first time, you will be required to change the default pin from 0000 to your own preferable pin and this can be done by sending an SMS with the default pin and new pin to 777. For example, send 0000, new pin to 777.
  • After pin has been changed, send an SMS requesting for a transfer with the recipient number, amount and new pin to 777. For example, 081******** 5000 0123 to 777
  • The amount transferred will be deducted from the owners mobile account and it will be credited to the mobile account of the recipient and you will receive a confirmation SMS.

Do you love MTN like I do? I bet you do because MTN has made all things easy, comfortable, better and faster. So, start recharging and keep calling.

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