How To Move To Canada Even With Low IELTS Score

Move to Canada with Low IELTS Score
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Moving to Canada comes with a lot of drama and hassle, especially for Nigerians. Reason is primarily because of the requirements needed in any of the Canadian Immigration Programme.

IELTS Nigtmare

One of such requirements is the IELTS score which for most Canadian Immigration Program must be high. There is no telling that many people are plagued with a dilemma of obtaining low scores in their IELTS Exams, and it is serving rather as a stumbling block to living the dreams they have wanted.

This piece seeks to address this plague and to show Nigerians ways they can relocate to Canada with a low IELTS scores.

This is no joke to begin with. If it is then I would ask you some personal questions:

Have you tried IELTS Exams several times and still end up getting low scores?

Or Express Entry or PNP but still don’t get the end in sight to leaving Nigeria for Canada?

How about troubles of raising Proof of Funds?

If you have tried all these before, and haven’t succeeded you know how hard it is. If you haven’t, perhaps the stories around are sufficient to tell you that this piece would not be a joke to begin with.

But wipe your tears. A new secret has been unveiled which is not yet known to the mass denizens of the public. You should be thanking the stars that twinkled on you to stumble on this piece.


The Canadian Government has a system where immigrants can relocate successfully into Canada with a very low CLB score. A score as low as 5.0 in writing,  listening and spelling is more than enough to get you into Canada.

Another beauty of this program is that it requires no proof of funding, and showing your work experience which other programs hammers on.

The catch however is that you get a job as a Home Child Care Provider or a Home Support Worker. Don’t be daunted by this, if it is not a career path you don’t want to delve into once you settle into Canada, because after 24 months of working with this catch you can apply for a permanent residence and choose a career you want.

I know all of these seems too good to be through, and you may be doubting the veracity of all that have been discussed so far here.

While you’re doubting, few persons have keyed into this program and are already living their dream lives in Canada.

See people already doing so:

Why shouldn’t you?

Click here to know how to move to Canada with a Low IELTS score


Now, this program is not as popular as you think; I bet this is the first time you’ve heard of it. And if you have, you didn’t know about a guide that can help you do all these yourself, without you wasting money to seek the help of Visa Agents and Consultants.

The Low IELTS blueprint and guide was developed by Daniel Ola, who is a seasoned Immigration expert. The journey began for him when he wanted a better life, just as you want right now.

About Daniel Ola:

Through intensive research and fact findings, he was able to relocate with his family in 2018. And ever since then, he has sought ways to help individuals to get a greener pasture in Canada.

He did it himself without the help of Consultants or Visa Agents. And this is what he would do by taking you through a step by step process on how to relocate to Canada even with a low IELTS score.

Inside The Low IELTS Blueprint

The Low IELTS Blueprint by Daniel Ola would show you:

  • How to get the Home Child Care Provider or Home Support job once you get to Canada
  • How to get an Educational Credential Evaluated, which would enable you to get other Jobs once you work for the first 24 months
  • How to apply for a Permanent Residence which would make you a citizen of Canada.
  • How to get your medical and police certificate
  • And definitely how to settle down and live comfortably in Canada.

And many other juicy secrets.

Click here to know how to move to Canada with a Low IELTS score


The low IELTS program is scheduled to shut down in less than two years time, and once a secret is let out of the bag, everybody jumps on the bandwagon.


Take a step by taking Daniel Ola’s Blueprint to help you get out of Nigeria to your dream land. Follow the below link to see Daniel’s Strategy and Blueprint:

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