How To Migrate To The BEST 9mobile Bonus code

9Mobile Bonus Codes
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The 9mobile network formerly and popularly called Etisalat, is a mobile network that offers amazing packages since existence that allows everyone to flex and enjoy all benefits.

They have a wide range of packages but we will be picking out the packages that offers you extra than your real value and to give out the code for this bonus. Follow us on this trip to give you the best choice. Also, start your recharge card business with just 5000 Naira. 

9Mobile MoreCliq

The 9Mobile MoreCliq is a prepaid package tagged the #breakfree, you can break free from those back breaking, head scattering and heart shattering packages and move into the limelight. It gives you freedom to choose what you want even the kind of bonus you want and it is perfect for youth. Offers you the best no other mobile network or package offers you. The bonus is packed in three categories.

250% Bonus
• You can get 250% bonus on every recharge of #100 and above.
• For recharge below #100 you get 150% bonus
• The bonus is split into 50:50 for on-net calls and off-net calls.
• The bonus is valid for 3days.

350% Bonus
• 350% bonus is for recharge on #100 and above
• This bonus can only be used for on-net calls
• Every recharge of below #100 attracts a bonus of 250%
• On-net calls are charged at 50k/secs

100% Bonus
• Get 100% data bonus on selected data plan of your choice (40mb – 500mb) the data bonus can be used from 11p.m to 4: 59a.m while the main data balance can be used anytime
• The 100% data bonus granted from 40mb to 500mb can only be used during off-peak periods.

To Migrate to MoreCliq

You can dial *244*1# to migrate to morecliq and make choice of bonus that you want by dialing *545#. If you are not on this plan you can dial and migrate now.

9Mobile MoreFlex

The 9mobile moreflex is a prepaid plan that gives you chance to stretch your tentacles and flex round different packages it offers and to get a percentage of bonus for any moreflex package you choose from. The more flex package all startd from “moreflex 200” to “moreflex 20000”

Benefits of 9mobile MoreFlex

• It offers you up to 300% extra bonuses for voice bundle, SMS and PAYG services.
• You can get 20% extra when you buy a higher moreflex bundle within the same validity period, for moreflex bundle like 200, 300, 500 & 1000.
• Enjoy free incoming calls while roaming in 10 selected countries when you recharge #5000 and above within a month.

How to migrate to 9mobile MoreFlex

To activate moreflex and enjoy the above-mentioned bonuses dial *344*amount#. Just load your desired bundle cost dial the activation code. Example, *344*20000# for #20,000, then your data and airtime will be given to browse all long and call all network.

9Mobile Moretalk

The 9mobile network offers different packages for different people and to suit different needs. Some will need package that offers more talk time and some will rather go for a package that offers them more time to browse online. Whichever you may want 9mobile is ready to give you the best and meet your need.

With 9mobile moretalk, you will get offers that allows you to talk more at a cheaper rate and offering your voice call bonus with all other mouth-watering benefits, so give you a whole lot of time to do the talking to your friends, family and that special one.

Features of 9mobile moretalk

• It is a prepaid package that lets you make calls for 25k/secs to all network on first usage of #25 per day. This is perfect for family & friends.
• You can get #300 free for a week to give call to five 9mobile numbers when you recharge #200 or when you recharge #100 you can get #100 for a week.
• To get 10MB weekly, just recharge #100
• If you are out of airtime, your receiver can pay for the voice call.

To Migrate to MoreTalk

To migrate to 9mobile moretalk you can dial *244*2#. If your line is new you can dial 200 and press 1 to migrate to this amazing plan.


100% Data Bonus
50k/s On/Off net3 Days *244*1# and *545# to select Bonus
MoreFlex300% For Voice, SMS, PAYGOn/Off net calls @ 40k/sec, SMS @ ₦4, PAYG @0.002k/kb7 – 30 Days *344*amount#
25k/s *244*2#
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