How to manage MTN data and Save BIG

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There are certain days it seems the apps are against you, anything you do seems to consume data. Well, today you will learn how to manage data on your MTN

Almost all telecommunication networks in Nigeria offers bonus data and cheaper browsing rate to their various esteem customers, this data bundle can be used to surf their various social media platform.

But one annoying thing most customers face is that this data bonus or plans that was said to have cheap browsing rate get exhausted on low internet usage which is not expected as cheaper browsing rate offers longer usage of data bundles.

A lot of us wonder why our data gets exhausted very fast even when we feel we have not really used it to surf the internet, but do you know that there is a way to manage this data bundle.

Well this article will be discussing how we can manage data on one of the telecommunication network, but note that even managing data does not mean it will not get exhausted.

It simply means the data will last longer than usual. Before you buy your next MTN data plan, let me show you how you can make money from selling recharge card online.

MTN images - manage mtn data

How to Manage Data on MTN Network

MTN is one network in Nigeria that offers bonus data and also allows their customers enjoying lower browsing rate.

However, a lot of MTN subscribers are still faced with the problem of data getting exhausted very fast, and customers now feels that the data bundle and cheaper browsing rate offered by MTN is a scam but little do they know that their data problems lies on the settings of their mobile device.

And that same data problem can be easily managed.

Data usage is worked out by adding together  every information that is download or uploaded on the broadband connection.

See these USSD codes for data and credit on other networks in Nigeria

This is done by adding the number of times the activity is carried out and will also approximated the bandwidth usage of the particular hour recorded.

Now each activity carried out on the internet attracts different megabytes, for example accessing Facebook may take more megabyte than when you are accessing Whatapp.

There are many applications that are data hungry and tend to consume more data than some other applications.

Worse yet,most of these data guzzlers are our frequently used apps like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube…

You can save data by controlling your data usage and configuring your application settings on your mobile phone through various means.

You can configure you MTN device by sending “settings” to 3888, also with the right app setting, you will be one step closer to controlling your data.

Here are some few tips that can help you minimize or manage data consumption on some of your favorite applications.

MTN images - manage mtn data switch off auto play on facebok

Switch Off Auto Play on Facebook

  • Go to your Facebook option icon
  • Click on app settings (under help and settings)
  • Click on auto play
  • Select never auto play videos

In addition, you can also activate the data saver option

  • Navigate to the option Icon
  • Then go to settings and privacy
  • Select data saver
  • Toggle the data saver on
MTN images - manage mtn data on whatsapp

Deactivate Auto-Download Media on Whatsapp

  • Go to the “settings” selection in your Whatsapp application
  • Click on “data and storage usage”
  • Select media auto download option
  • Deselect all options under “when using mobile data”
  • You can also enable low data usage for whatsapp calls.
MTN images - manage mtn data on play store apps

Update Playstore Apps only Wifi Only

  • Go to your Google play store
  • Click on menu and go to settings
  • Click on auto-update apps
  • Select “auto-update apps
  • Select auto update apps over Wi-Fi only
  • There is also an option to choose “do not auto-update apps”
MTN images - manage mtn data on instagram

Manage Data Usage on Instagram

  • Open the options on you Instagram application
  • Go to settings
  • Select cellular data
  • Then click use less data
MTN images - manage mtn data on snapchat with travel mode

Manage Data Usage While on Snapchat

  • Go to snapchat settings
  • Click on “manage” under additional services
  • Then tick the “Travel mode” box
MTN images - manage mtn data on youtube

Manage Youtube Mobile Data Usage

  • Open the YouTube app
  • Top on the profile icon of the top right corner
  • Select settings
  • Click on general
  • Turn on “limit mobile data usage”

There you have it, these techniques can also be used to save data on other networks other than MTN like 9mobile, Airtel and Glo Networks.

Let me know it goes with your data saving adventure.

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