How To Be A Highly Paid And Sought After Copywriter In Nigeria

Highly paid copywriter
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The bane of every business is to make profits. That way, the business thrives, more people are employed and the economy of a country at large booms.

In Nigeria, there are so many businesses out there and with the advent of social media, many businesses are done online. Many individuals ranging from students, youths, men and women are engaged with one venture or the other.

However, the only problem that seems to plague businesses online is sales, the ability to convince people to buy a product. And because of this, there are individuals whose skills are employed to convince people with words to buy. They are called copywriters.


Copywriting involves using the right words and triggers to buy into people’s emotions for them to make the final decision-buying a product. A lot of business owners online understand this, and that is why they look for individuals with this skill to use triggers for their businesses.

Copywriting Skill

Copywriting is a highly sought after skill, and many people are making  a financial fortune out of it. In fact, the amazing thing about it is that just about anybody can learn the skill.

Therefore, you really don’t need to be a professor of English to be a copywriter, neither do you need high writing skills. In fact, what is needed as a copywriter is knowing how to buy into people’s emotions with words -the right words actually.

Thus, in this piece, you’re going to learn how to be a high skilled copywriter that people will literally beg for you to do their copies for them.


Once you are good with copywriting, you don’t even need to work for hours to get paid. A 2-hour or less on a copy can give you the salary of a bank manager at a go.

However, the issue is many who want to delve into a career with this skill always see it as a big deal. They see it as a big perhaps because of the many theories or hearsay stories of what it takes to have the skill.

But the good news I give to you in this article is that there is someone who is ready to take your hand and show you the practical steps on how to be a high skilled and sought after copywriter, even if you’re just starting out.

Click here to speak with Andy Today

His name is Andy.

Andy is one of the top copywriters in Nigeria and has a client base from outside the country. This is how good and experienced he is, having taught this skill at different points in time.

Here are what people are saying about Andy:


Andy has compiled a short guide that would work you through the steps of being a bad-ass copywriter. Now here are a snippet of what’s in the guide:

1 The Biggest secret of copywriting

2 Clarifying those junks you must have heard about copywriting.

3 The first rule you should observe before attempting to write even a single word of Copy

4 The mysterious cash-generating force behind  “killer copy” and how to tap into it for financial gain every month!

5 The only 3-things you need to become a bad-ass, well paid copywriter. One who collects up to N50,000, N90,000, N150,000, N350,000 for a single sales letter.

6 The easiest way in the world to start and close a sales letter that sells like crazy. A formula that can be applied over and over again.

7 How to quickly use “GOOGLE, YOUTUBE and the algorithm of SOCIAL MEDIA”. Tto get inside the heads of people who are desperately looking for your product or service.

8 The amazing power of building blocks. And how to arrange them in the perfect order for a sales letter that can potentially change your life forever!

9 The Secret Weapon: How to write irresistible bullets that force people to give you money!

And so much more.

Click here to speak with Andy Today

Andy is ready to give you this short-cut guide for free. But what you need to do in exchange for this is to sign up for a risk-free trial of Marketing Intelligence;  a Quarterly Newsletter by Andy.

More Testimonials:

That’s all!!

About The Marketing  Intelligence Course

Marketing Intelligence is full of time-tested strategies, tips, solutions, and secrets that show you how to double or even triple your monthly income in the shortest possible time.

Inside, you’ll discover some very powerful secrets you can use to enrich yourself and your clients as a copywriter.

You will learn secrets like:

-How to use the killer secrets of “remote control seduction” to legally extract money from the rich.

Also, how to attract (and keep) deep-pocket clients who will give you as much as 10% of the profits from the proceeds of their business.

  • Including how to get maximum money from minimum clients or customers using the lazy man’s way.

-How to make money selling your brain every 30-days!

Click here to speak with Andy Today

-You will also learn how to get copywriting clients from social media. Even if you don’t have so much following on the platform, and do many more.

In-house secrets for marketing by Andy:

Andy is waiting for you to key into this golden opportunity he has presented to the world by you following this link:

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