Ultimate Guide: List of ALL Glo Tariff Plans and call rates in Nigeria

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Like the saying in Nigeria “making calls is important, making cheap calls is importanter” so this huge list of Glo tariff plans along with various call rates is importantest.

Glo remains one of the best service provider, both for calling and browsing. The calling rates are very cheap and the browsing rate is very affordable with unlimited internet service.

These and more are being achieve by making available cool Glo tariff plans which are not only easy to access but also free to opt into. Glo offers special call service that allows their customers benefit from cheaper call rates.

Migrating to between various cheap Glo call service to select Glo tariff plans for new and existing customers is very easy and this article will be giving you all the information on the various available call services, how to migrate to any Glo tariff plan, the prices for this call service and validity dates.

These amazing tariff plans and call services include;

  • Glo 11 kobo per second prepaid plan
  • Glo infinito plan tariff plan
  • Glo bumpa tariff plan
  • Go jollific8 tariff plan
  • Glo bounce tariff plan
  • Glo Free tomorrow tariff plan
  • Glo Generation G tariff plan

These Glo call services or tariff plans offer calls at very cheap rates and allows customers and subscribers enjoy affordable calls rates to family and friends.

Some of the plans are for both new and existing customers, while plans like the Glo jollific8 is for new Glo subscribers only, all they need do to enjoy Glo jollific8 is buy a Glo SIM, register and activate it. Before you buy your next data plan, read this recharge card tip.

Globacom images - Cheapest Glo Calls at 11k per second

GLO 11 Kobo per second tariff plan

The Glo 11k/s tariff plan is the cheapest Glo tariff plan currently which allows all prepaid customers both new and existing to call other Glo customers in Nigeria at a very cheap rate of 11k/s with no access fee.

This Glo tariff plan also enables Glo customers call other networks in Nigeria and 30 international destinations at a flat rate of 15k/s after the deduction of a daily fee of N5. These 30 countries are; US, Sweden, Spain, UK, South Korea, South Africa, Singapore, Romania, Reunion Island, Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, French Guiana, Guam, Hong Kong, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherland, Norway, Puerto Rico, Isreal, Japan, Luxembourg and Malta.

The Glo 11 kobo per second tariff plan allows the subscribers send on-net SMS at N4 per SMS, off-net SMS at N4 per SMS and international SMS at N35 per SMS.

You will also get 10 minutes free browsing every month, as long as the line is used every month. However, this is for the first 30 days you subscribe to the plan, the free data has a validity period of 7 days.

The migration code of this plan is *211#.

Globacom images - Glo infinito tariff plan for damily and friends

GLO Infinito Tariff Plan

The Glo infinito is another amazing call plan from Globacom Nigeria. Glo Infinito tariff plan allow its subscribers call other network for as low as 22k/s and gives customers the opportunity to call 10 members of their “family” for as low as 11k/s.

The Glo Infinito tariff plan is the best plan for your business line because all you need do is add 10 numbers of family and friends after migrating to the plan.

How do i migrate to Glo Infinito tariff plan?

The migration code for Glo infinito tariff plan is *100*9*2#. After migrating to the plan, then you can add 10 phone numbers of family and friends by dialing *101*1*number# then send to add. Continue this process until you add the 10 phone numbers successfully.

Globacom images - Glo Bumpa Bonus Plan at 200 percent

GLO BUMPA Tariff Plan

Globacom Nigeria is one of the top gamers in the telecommunication industry when it comes to making calls at a budget; the company introduces another wonderful call service which offers calls at cheaper and affordable rates than most other Nigerian telecoms like MTN, Airtel and 9mobile.

The Glo Bumpa prepaid plan gives you 200% bonus on all recharge above N100 thereby giving 3 times the value of any recharge you make.

The 3 times value of your recharge simply means, when you recharge N100 you get N300 as you Glo account balance, this means you get your main recharge of N100 plus N200 for on-net and off-net calls which are charged 50k per second.

How do i migrate to Glo bumpa tariff plan?

To migrate to Glo bumpa, simply dial *100*10#  then send and start enjoying the bonus. To check your Glo bumpa bonus balance simply dial *122*2#.

Globacom images - Glo Jollific8 new customer bonus


This is another initiative from Globacom which is a Glo tariff plan only for new customers. It offers awesome bonuses to new customers, so you might want to take look at this offer and go get a Glo SIM.

It is a pity that existing Glo customers can not benefit from this package, however, there are other packages that existing Glo users can benefit from. Benefits from this Glo Jollific8 tariff plan comes in different offers for different amount and I will take you through them:

  • First recharge your line, you can recharge as low as N100 to start enjoying this plan. When you recharge N100 you will be given N50 to call all networks then N450 to make calls to other Glo customers and 25MB data.
  • When you recharge N200, you will get N100 bonus to call other network, N900 to call Glo lines and 50MB data
  • N500 recharge will fetch you N250 for calls to other networks, a whooping N2,250 to Glo networks and 125MB data.
  • When you recharge N1000, you will get N500 naira to call other network, N4,500 to call Glo lines and 250MB data.

One amazing thing about this Glo Jollific8 tariff plan is that you can transfer some of your bonus to another Glo line. Call rate for this tariff plan goes for 67k/s for both on-net and off-net call and the bonus does not expire until 60 days after recharge.

This Glo Jollific8 tariff plan can be enjoyed even when the customer is on other plans like Glo jollof, Glo Biggy Pack and Glo IDD special packs.

This plan does not have any migration code so your only access to it is to get a new Glo SIM, register and activate it.

Globacom images - Glo bounce tariff plans for calls at 12k per second

GLO BOUNCE Tariff Plan

Glo bounce is another affordable call service from Globacom. This is one of the best Glo tariff plans with zero charge and low call rates. Customers are also able to make calls to other Glo customers for as low as 12k/ second.

One amazing thing about Glo bounce is that calls to other network attracts the same charge as call to other Glo customers (12k/s).

Calls between Glo Bounce subscribers go for an awoof rate of 5k/s, while customers on the campus zones enjoy 5k/second calls to all Glo networks, that is a meager 5 kobo paid for every second spent making a call on.

Low as that may be, 9mobile Talkzone offers call rates at about 1 kobo per second.

Also, the Glo tariff plan gives unlimited free night calls from the hours of 12.01 am to 4.59 am and N30 worth of airtime between the hours of 12.01am to 11.59a.m. Amazing right! The Glo bounce tariff plan is surely the real deal.

And i’m not done yet. You also get free 30MB data for recharging N200 and above which is valid for 7 days – Note you won’t be given the 30MB if you recharge electronically. You also enjoy free ring back tone for one month.

Loads more free stuff includes, free SMS for every charged SMS which is charged for N4 per SMS to all network and N10 per SMS to international lines and N3 to Other Glo lines. To some subscribers, this is actually the best offer from Glo.

Quick picks for you

How do i migrate to Glo Bounce tariff plan?

To migrate to Glo bounce tariff plan, all you need do is simply dial *170*4# then send to migrate. In addition, you can dial *170*9# then send to migrate to the campus Zone.

Checking Glo account balance is also a breeze, dial *122# to check your balance and *124*1# to check your account directly.

Globacom images - Free tomorro plan


Glo free tomorrow is another awoof tariff plan that enables you enjoy unlimited calls and just like the name implies the plans doubles your daily usage back the next day.

Which means that you get twice of what you use today tomorrow and with no conditions. So you will be able to use twice of what you used the previous day for free.

How do i migrate to Glo free tomorrow plan?

If you are in need of this Glo free tomorrow tariff plan, migrating to this plan is very easy, simply dial *300#, then send and start enjoying this awoof plan.

See MTN Tariff Plans

Globacom images - Glo gbam tariff plan for free night calls

GLO GBAM Tariff Plan

This Glo tariff plan is for everyone both new and existing Glo customers. This plans enables you enjoy free data, low call rates, low SMS rates coupled with free night calls, Sunday talk express promo benefits and more.

As a subscriber of Globacom Nigeria, you can migrate to Glo Gbam tariff plan by simply dialing *100*5*1# then press send on your smartphone. As the plan comes with the addition of 5 special Glo numbers at a much cheaper call rate, you can activate that by dialling *101*1*1number# to add the 5 special numbers.

On Glo gbam, on-net call rate is 15k/s, off-net call rate is 15k/s, family and friend rate is 9 kobo per second and you can also add 5 special Glo customers, on-net SMS rate is N4/SMS and off-net SMS rate is N4 per SMS.

As a matter of fact, Glo Gbam tariff plan also offers SMS to international lines for as little as N10 per SMS and free 5MB daily for browsing which is valid for 24 hours.

Globacom images - Glo generation G tariff plan

GLO Generation G Tariff Plan

This Glo tariff plan comes with fantastic call rates and packages. Some of the benefits of this Glo Generation G tariff plan is a 50% bonus on recharge of N100, 100% bonus on recharge of N200, and 200% bonus on recharge of N500 upwards.

How do i migrate to Generation G tariff Plan?

To migrate to this plan, just dial *170*5#, I hope you will get advantage of this plan or any of the above awoof plans for both new and existing customers.

There you have it, these are the exciting Glo tariff plans to enable you make calls are various rates and charges no matter the circumstances surrounding your previous experience with the other Nigerian networks.

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