Glo Roaming Plans and ALL you need to know

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Glo international roaming services allows you to stay in touch with family, friends and business associates whenever you travel, with global coverage for many countries with constant addition of more countries and network coverage, you are to be in touch with those you care about and business associate with ease.

What is a Glo Roaming plan?

The Glo unlimited Roaming plan is a roaming data plan that allows Glo prepaid subscribers roam internationally with a pocket friendly bundle offer that they understand. This plan offers prepaid customer a good transparent and affordable price point that will prevent bill shock any allow the customer have complete control over his/her data usage.

The Glo roaming has different roaming services like the prepaid roaming, post-paid roaming, WIFI roaming, GPRS roaming and more. Learn how you can make money from selling recharge card in Nigeria.

What is Glo post paid roaming plan?

The post-paid roaming services allows Glo users use their Glo lines outside Nigeria the same way as in the country, such that the user can make calls or can be reached on the same number in any of the countries that Glo has partnership with; you can check some these countries below.

The post paid roaming has many benefits such as one Glo telephone number – reachable always, anytime, anywhere, simple and easy to use and eliminates in conveniences of sending new phone number to friends.

What is Glo prepaid roaming plan?

The prepaid service allows Glo prepaid customers use their lines outside Nigeria. This simply means that they can be reached on the same number depending on the roaming arrangement. All the user needs to do is recharge their account adequately before traveling.

Some of the benefits of this prepaid roaming plans are one global telephone number which is always reachable, simple and easy to use, Eliminates inconveniences of sending new phone numbers to friends and no required additional registration or subscription charges.

Glo Roaming Packages

  • Glo Business roaming : Allows Voice, SMS and GPRS
  • Prepaid Roaming : Allows Voice and SMS

Setting up Glo business for roaming

To set up roaming on contract lines, visit any of the Glo world outlets countrywide and pay the subscription fee of N50,000 2-3 days before your trip. Also do well to out about Glo Roaming coverage in your planned travel destination.

Setting up prepaid roaming

Glo prepaid roaming subscribers have roaming enabled on their lines by default, so you only need to top up your credit with the desired amount you wish to spend during your trip.

International  roaming and why your device matters

  • Four frequencies (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) are used for wireless services worldwide.
  • Each phone has a ratio transmitter-receiver that works on one frequency (single band) or more than one frequency (multiband).
  • Since frequency vary from country to country and carrier to carrier, you will need a phone for international roaming that works on the frequency where you are traveling to. If you have quad-band device, it will work virtually anywhere there is a wireless signal.

Roaming rates by country and network

Coverage in most countries is generally of high standard, however, reception may be unavailable or interrupted due to terrain or handset quality.

*service available may differ from country to country.

Glo Roaming solution includes:

  • Glo Prepaid Roaming
  • Glo Postpaid Roaming
  • Glo WIFI Roaming
  • Glo GPRS Roaming
  • Glo Uniworld
  • Glo In-flight Roaming

Some countries with their networks

Some of the countries that support the Glo roaming plans are – Brazil, Germany, India, Italy, Canda, UAE, Russia, South Africa, Spain, UK, USA, Niger, Mali,  Switzerland, Sweden, South Korea and Netherlands.

Compiling an essential list of all things roaming so you worry no more

That list is essentially all you need to know about roaming in Nigeria no mater the network – MTN, Glo, 9mobile or Airtel.

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Who can subscribe to this Glo roaming plan?

This service allows all Glo prepaid subscribers enjoy its benefits which means that both new and existing prepaid subscribers of Glo can use the plan.

How can i activate Glo roaming plan?

To activate Glo roaming plan, you would need to dial a short code *0905# on your prepaid Glo line then Glo will deduct N2,500 from your account for the purchase of the bundle. The bundle allows you make outgoing calls at N100 with a validity of 15 days after which default international Roaming rates would apply.

Glo also offers affair usage of 60 minutes of incoming calls during the 15 days validity period and on expiration of the 15 days validity period, you can renew your Glo roaming plan.

*if you don’t renew your plans on expiration, default roaming charges would apply.

What are the Retail rates for this plan?

Retail rates for this Glo roaming plan includes the following below;

  • Subscription fee: N2,500
  • Validity : 15 days
  • Incoming calls : free 60 mins
  • Outgoing calls : N100
  • SMS : Free 15 SMS
  • Data : No. 15/kb

When should I activate this plan?

You can activate the Glo roaming plan locally or while roaming. Basically, you can activate Glo roaming plan whenever you desire although not advisable due to the charges.

Can the Glo roaming plan be renewed while roaming?

Yes! You can renew the Glo roaming plan while roaming and you can do this by following the steps listed above..

So there you have it – everything you need to know about Glo roaming plans. By the way, there are others out there like MTN roaming plans, 9mobile and Airtel are not left out a well.

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