6 Best Glo Packages and Benefits You Can’t Resist

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Glo mobile offers mouth-watering packs and offers for seamless browsing and calls, these special offers give customers exceptional mad unlimited experience, this article is going to tell you all you need to know about Glo special packages. See this trick on how to start your VTU business with just 500 Naira.

List of Glo Special Packages and their benefits.

Listed below are the various Glo special packages you as a subscriber of Glo can get.

  • Glo Free Data Day Offer
  • Glo 4x Special Package
  • Glo Jolof Recharge Package
  • Glo IDD Package
  • Glo Biigy Package
  • Glo Flexi Data

There they are. So without further delay, let’s break each down for you to pick and choose which is best for you as a current Globacom subscriber or even a customer on the fence, thinking of switching from the other Nigerian networks special packs – MTN special packs, Airtel Nigeria special packs or 9mobile special packs to Glo.


Glo Free data special package offer allows customers enjoy unlimited data service for free. Which means that users can surf the web without recharging and subscribing for any data plan.

Indeed, the Glo free data package is a really amazing offer from Glo and potential users can take advantage of the free data offer by first buying and activating a Glo SIM.

Now here is how it works – within 7 days before the free data, you are expected to do the following in order to receive access to the free data:

  • Recharge at least N150 Naira for calls
  • Recharge and activate data worth of 100MB and above for browsing
Globacom images - Glo 4x bonus plan pack


As the name implies, Glo 4x Special Package gives four times the value of every recharge you make.

For that reason alone, you might want to advantage of this special offer and all you need do is to recharge at least N100 or more.

This special plans has wide coverage network as you can reach out to friends and family across over 30 countries of the world.

            * The offer is not limited to calls only but can also be used for SMS as well as browsing.

Before getting too excited, it would be wise to read up on the Glo 4x Special Offer to see the FAQs, terms and conditions then what it takes to be part of this tantalizing deal.

You might be wondering who is eligible for the Glo 4x promo? The short answer is, all new and existing Glo prepaid customers.

Hold on! Check out these other multiple bonuses

So how can I enjoy this special offer? Such a juicy offer can be gotten whenever you recharge electronically by topping up your account with any of the following exact amounts: N150, N250, N550, N1050, N2050, N5050, and N10,050.

Globacom images - Glo Jollific8 new customer bonus

Glo Jollof Special Package

This Glo Jollof Recharge gives subscribers the lowest call rate which will certainly give other networks a run for their money.

Glo Jollof special pack allows subscribers to enjoy calls at rates three times cheaper than the normal rate.

As a customer of Globacom Nigeria, you too can enjoy these package benefits at very low cost.

And subscription to Glo Jollof package is dirt cheap too, you can subscribe or migrate with N25 or N50. To subscribe or migrate with N25 simply dial *0805*25#, while to subscribe with N50, all you need do is dial 80805*50#.

But don’t mistake Glo Jollof Recharge Package for Glo Jollific8 Prepaid Plan

What are the benefits of Glo Jollof Recharge Package?

  • 3 Minutes of calls and 3 SMS at N25 or double at N50.

If that doesn’t impress you, i don’t know what will because it is quite cheap, even cheaper than some Nigerian networks that charges up to N15 for a minute.

Globacom images - Glo idd packs to make international calls at cheap rates

Glo International Call Bundle (IDD Rates) Package

The Glo International Call bundle (IDD rates) package is one special pack from Glo which is a great for roaming due to it’s international calls benefits.

Glo IDD special pack enables users to make international calls to about 24 countries at very cheap rates.

Glo is not unique in this because 9mobile has it’s own 9mobile roaming bundles then there is the Airtel roaming bundles and to top it off MTN international calling bundles.

To migrate to Glo International call bundle (IDD rates) pack offer, simply dial *777# and then recharge either N100, N200, N500 or N1000.

An option menu may popup, you can select option 3 for international call offers or choose the pack you prefer.

Benefits of Glo International Call Bundle (IDD rates) Package?

  • The Glo IDD data package offers 18 kobo per second call rate for N100 ,N200 or N500 and 15 kobo per second for N1000
  • It also offers 9 minutes for N100, 19 minutes for N200, 46 minutes for N500 and 111 minutes for N1000
  • The N100 package is valid for three (3) days while the N200 pack have a 7 days validity period. The validity period for the N500 package is 14 days but the N1000 package has a validity period of 30 days.
Globacom images - Glo biigy pack with 3x bonus


If you are looking for all a pack that combines voice, data and SMS, then look no further than the Glo Biigy Package.

The Glo biigy package offers bundled packs combining voice, data and SMS as a single plan and above all, allows subscribers enjoy flexibility of the pack while providing unprecedented discounts. The Glo Biigy comes in 3 packages.

GLO BIIGY Pack (Pack 1)

  • Bundle price – N100
  • Bundle value – N300
  • Validity period – 3 days
  • Code – *170*1#

GLO BIIGY Pack (Pack 2)

  • Bundle price – N300
  • Bundle value – N1000
  • Validity period – 7 days
  • Code – *178*2#

GLO BIIGY Pack (Pack 3)

  • Bundle price – N500
  • Bundle value – N1800
  • Validity period – 10 days
  • Code – *170*3#

Check this MTN out this MTN bundle

Quick terms and conditions of Glo BIIGY Pack includes;

  • All voice calls to any network in Nigeria will be charged at 45 kobo per sec.
  • SMS to all Networks within Nigeria will be charged at N4 per SMS.
  • Data usage is charged at 5Kobo per kb.
  • Glo Biigy package talk time will be forfeited on expiry of validity.
  • Once the above bundles are exhausted, charging will be as per base profile tariff.

How do i check Glo biigy package balance?

  • You can check your promo balance by simply dialing *122#. In addition, you can also retrieve your pack balance by dialing *124#.
Globacom images - Glo flexi recharge plan with ussd

Glo Flexi Recharge

Glo flexi voice and data recharge is a special plan from Glo that allows you use voice as per profile and bundle data at the rate of just N1 for 1MB without even currently having access to data subscription. Data is simply paid for by the Glo Flexi recharge at low cost.

The best part is, the Flexi recharge is open to all new and existing consumers so you need not worry.

To migrate to this Flexi data plan Simply dial *123*PIN# to start enjoying these cheap browsing benefits.

Glo offers amazing data plans for in-house smartphones. That is, you as a consumer can get smartphones from Globacom mobile outlets coupled with free 4G LTE data plan.

Price for Glo Flexi voice and data recharge coupled with smartphones.

  • N48,000 for Huawei Y3II
  • N60,000 for Huawei Y5II
  • N75,000 for GR3

*There are loads more enticing offers from Glo, MTN, 9mobile and Airtel Nigeria which can be accessed by you once the visit any of our menu.

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