Glo International Call Rate and Slasher at 10kobo per second

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Glo international call rate have been reduced by the introduction of some simple packs and bundles for it’s esteemed customers to several countries around the world.

All countries have a specific international call rates depending on their network provider. In some countries, these calls are charged in cents per minute and calls are rounded up to the next minute.

International calling rates have become more economical as many phone service have transitioned from traditional landlines to more advanced VolP technology. It is of more benefit to shop around between different service providers to find a package that aligns with your business calling partners.

Research has shown that VolP telephone service provider Vonage offers the best international calling rates, calls to Canada and within the US are free, while calls to Mexico and Puerto Rico starting at $0.01, calls to Europe start from $0.02, in Asia from $0.03 and in south America from $0.02.

However, most network providers like MTN, Etisalat, Glo and Airtel offers affordable call rates to their various customers.

Glo International Direct Dial (IDD) Packs

Nigeria’s National Telecom carrier “Globacom” has consistently brought new innovation and quality service delivery to its subscribers since 2003. Glo introduced three new international direct dial (IDD) Packs to reduce it’s international call rates considerably..

One of the Glo new packs is called the “Combo pack 1”, which comes at a rate of N100 with bundled airtime of N100 and an international call rate of 14kobo per second to United States, Canada, India, china and fixed lines only in United Kingdom. The IDD pack has a validity period of 7 days.

The second Glo international call rate pack is termed the “Combo pack 2”, this pack has a validity period of 15 days and bundle rental rate of N200 with bundle airtime of N200. The IDD pack offers call rate at 13kobo per second for calls to the United States, Canada, India, china and fixed lines only in United Kingdom.

The third Glo international call pack is the “Combo pack 3” which has a rental rate of N500 with N500 bundled airtime,while international call rates to the United States, Canada and United Kingdom are fixed at 10kobo per second. This Glo IDD pack has a validity period of 30 days and provides customers more time to utilize the offer.

The International Direct Dial or IDD pack is a brilliantly initiative from Glo Nigeria, as it offers international call rate as low as 10k which is pretty affordable when compared to Airtel’s 33k per second for international calls.

Glo customers who have families, friends and business associates abroad should take advantage of this cheaper call rates, and non-customers of Glo can also enjoy if they subscribe to Glo network.

Any Glo customer that is not precisely on a profile that receives bonus on recharges such as Glo Infinito, Glo Gbam Extra and Glo Gbam plus can easily benefit from the IDD pack. Before I go on, let me share this trick on how you can make money from selling recharge card online in Nigeria.

Globacom images - Glo idd packs to make international calls at cheap rates

Glo IDD codes for subscription to various packs

Listed below are the Glo international call bundles and their respective subscription codes along with validity.

  • To opt for IDD combo pack 1, simply dial*170*23# on your Glo line, this pack has a validity period of 7 days and costs N100.
  • To subscribe to Combo pack 2, dial *170*24#, the service goes for N200 and has a 15 days validity period.
  • Combo pack 3 goes for N500 and can be subscribed to by dialing *170*25#, it has a validity period of 30 days.

What is GLO International Call Rates Slasher?

The Glo network has always looked for ways to satisfy its customer, another evidence of this is the introduction of the Glo IDD slasher.

Glo International call rate or IDD Slasher is a unique offer from Globacom that enables you to make international calls to over 200+ destinations at amazing discounts. When you subscribe to Glo IDD slasher, you will receive up to 85% discount on your favorite or preferred destination.

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That list is essentially all you need to know about roaming in Nigeria no mater the network – MTN, Glo, 9mobile or Airtel.

Just so you know, Glo IDD slasher is quite different from IDD pack in the sense that the IDD pack has different validity period for its various packages while the Slasher is a monthly subscription and has a 30 days validity period.

Glo slasher is a subscription offer with discounted value on IDD calls available at a monthly subscription fee of N200.

How to benefit from Glo IDD Slasher

  • The first step to be part of this initiative is get a Glo SIM card, then dial *777#. When you dial the code, a series of options will appear.
  • The next step is to select international call offers.
  • Then select IDD call slasher.
  • After selecting IDD call slasher, select “subscribe” and start enjoying the benefits from Glo IDD slasher.

Some of the countries that are eligible for the Glo IDD pack and IDD slasher are the United kingdom which has a fixed call rate, united states, India, china, Canada, Bangladesh, French Guiana, Hong kong, Malta, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, Sweden, south Korea, Norway, Mexico, Ireland, Denmark and more.

These countries have different international call rates and the Glo IDD call rates for these countries varies from 12 minutes to 139 minutes due to the fact the IDD tariff price is not fixed but is flexible; The IDD tariff is dependent on the terminating network and will change from time to time.

Glo IDD Slasher Subscription Code

To subscribe to glo slasher, simply dial *777# and select international call offers and select IDD call slasher.

After subscribing to Glo slasher, you will not get any free credit, either for local or international calls. However, you will get up to 85% discount on all calls to 200+ international destinations, that is a really huge coverage.

The Glo slasher is quite different from the IDD pack which has validity period for its various packs, Glo slasher is a monthly subscription and will be renewed automatically to ensure uninterrupted discount.

To unsubscribe from Glo slasher, simply dial *777#, select international call offers and select IDD call slasher menu, there you will see how you can un subscribe to the slasher.

Below is a summary of the 4 different Glo IDD packs, their rates, validity and prices.

  • For N100 customer can get 12 minute call with validity period of 3 days
  • N200 will fetch customers 24 minutes call and a validity period of 7 days
  • A 60 minutes call with validity period of 14 days goes for N500
  • With N1000 recharge, customers can make a 139 minute international call with validity period of 30 days.

USSD Subscription Code for 24 Country Glo IDD Pack

To subscribe a Glo IDD pack for the Glo IDD eligible countries mentioned above, simply dial *777# and select option 3 for international call offers to choose the pack you want. Remember that the various packs have different validity periods.

There are 4 different IDD packs, and they go for N100, N200, N500 and N1000 respectively.

Glo IDD Pack eligible countries

Once you have subscribed for the IDD Packs, you can call almost any international country at reduced rates.

The number of international countries is restricted to only 24 countries which are Glo IDD eligible countries. They are Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, China, Denmark, French Guiana, Guam, Hong kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Norway, Puerto Rico, Romania, SINGAPORE, South Korea, Sweden, UK, and US.

But Glo calls to any other country not listed will attract different charges; you will be charged at the regular Pay As You Go rate.

Also, you cannot use pay as you go when your IDD subscription is not exhausted or expired, the subscription has the highest priority after which you will be switched to the normal Pay As You Go rates after your Glo IDD pack expires or is used up.

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