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At just N1000, Glo Always Micro Data Plan is the most popular Among all Glo Data plans out there.

In this century, people practically live on the internet; Hence the quest for cheap data plans becomes more important than ever.

The 4 biggest telecoms players in Nigeria today – MTN, Globacom, 9mobile (formerly Etisalat) and Airtel – are offering all kinds of internet data plans to keep consumers satisfied and hooked to their respective networks.

Glo mobile was the first GSM company to launch 3.5G network (branded Glo 3G plus) in Nigeria.

Not as fast as 4G but this 3.5G or 3G HSDPA High speed internet provides download speed of up to 3.6Mbpz.

Globacom also allows users to share data wirelessly and can connect up to 1,000 WI-FI enabled device which is just awesome as some networks cannot or choose not to do this.

Part of Glo offerings are unmatched data value with high speed 3G and 4G internet service to its customers across Nigeria.

As for it’s data plans, they come at a good price. Probably the cheapest in the country.

Although Glo has got poor rating in terms of internet service, the rating has however gone higher as the Network now provides better and faster internet service.

In the past, popular joke was you greet Glo customers “Good evening” in the morning because that is when the message will be delivered.

Sonaija is going to provide you with amazing information on latest data plans, their prizes and subscription codes.

Glo Data Plans Overview

It’s safe to say in terms of cheapest data plans in Nigeria today, Globacom clearly leads the battle.

Also take into consideration Airtel Nigeria’s double data deals currently going as low as N2,500 for 7GB, except it is not applicable to all Airtel users unlike Glo internet bundles which puts into consideration all their esteemed customer.

Glo Nigeria also considers students in the tertiary institution who happens to be among-st the largest users of data, as they love surfing the internet, chatting on their social media platforms and making research using Google – among-st others.

It’s as if Glo knew this because students really need a cheap data plan that will allow them surf the internet at cheap rates because Globacom introduced the Glo Campus Data Booster which goes for as low as N100 and offers Glo customers in various campuses amazing benefits.

With just N100, they can get 100MB to chat on Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. and it is valid for 2 days to enjoy this plan, simply dial *777# and choose a N100 campus booster plan.

The Glo campus booster also has N200 plan for students that wants more value for their money.

To subscribe to this, simply recharge N200 then dial *777# and choose N200 Campus Booster, you will get 200MB data to surf the net.

The Campus Booster also have three (3) other plans which are the N500 plan, N1000 plan, and the N2000 plan.

So you can choose the one that suits your budget.

Note: All data plans are auto renewed, according to Glo Nigeria, a data plan is considered auto renewed if you Buy another Data Plan before the expiry of the existing data plan or within 7 days of expiry.

Glo now offers one of some of the most cost effective internet browsing packages with more internet data usage.

This data plan provides users with options to choose, ranging from 3.2GB to 48GB with limits that are well above industry standards.

The data is quite affordable compared to that of some other Networks, getting 5.75GB for just N2,500 is definitely a good offer that users should take advantage of.

Globacom images - Glo internet apn settings

Glo Data Plan Internet (APN) Settings

Most users wont have to bother with this but in rare cases, a subscriber may not have any internet connection to it’s Glo network.

In those rare cases, you can use the settings below to get your Glo internet connection up and running in no time.

Glo data plan uses the following internet APN settings:

Access point Name (APN)- gloflat

Username- Flat

Password- Flat

*if you are looking for internet APN settings for other networks, you can visit MTN 4G LTE APN settings and 9mobile internet APN settings

Globacom images - Glo data plans

Glo Data Plans, Prices and Subscription Codes

There are wide ranges of Glo data plans for every need and budget including monthly plans and some as little as plans lasting a few hours like the nightly data plans.

Your options are near limitless with a wide variety of choices. More importantly, these data plans differs in expiration or validity periods, prices and with comes with different subscription codes.

Other data plans to consider in Nigeria today are MTN data plans or 9mobile data plans, also Airtel data plans.

Feel free to compare network data plans.

You don’t have to memorize them all, you can simply bookmark this page.

Globacom images - Glo monthly data plans

GLO Monthly Data Plan

GLO 1.6GB data plan (Always Micro) – Most Popular

Cost of data plan N1000
Data volume with bonus 1.6GB
Validity 1 month or 30 days
SMS activation – SMS 53 to 127
USSD code validation – dial *127*53#

My phone data plan 3.5GB

Cost of data plan N2,000
Data volume with bonus 3.5GB
Validity 1 month or 30 days
SMS activation – SMS 55 to 127
USSD code validation – dial *127*55#

Glo 8GB data plan

Cost of data plan N3,000
Data volume with bonus 8GB
Validity 1 month or 30 days
SMS activation – SMS 54 to 127
USSD code validation – dial *127*54#

10GB GLO data plan

Cost of data plan N4,000
Data volume with bonus 10GB
Validity 1 month or 30 days
SMS activation – SMS 59 to 127
USSD code validation – dial *127*59#

12.5GB GLO data plan

Cost of data plan 5,000
Data volume with bonus 12.5GB
Validity 1 month or 30 days
SMS activation – SMS 11 to 127
USSD code validation – dial *127*2#

20GB GLO data plan

Cost of data plan N8,000
Data volume with bonus 55GB
Validity 1 month or 30 days
SMS activation – SMS 12 to 127
USSD code validation – dial *127*1#

26GB GLO data plan

Cost of data plan N10,000
Data volume with bonus 26GB
Validity 1 month or 30 days
SMS activation – SMS 15 to 127
USSD code validation – dial *127*11#

42GB GLO data plan

Cost of data plan N15,000
Data volume with bonus 42GB
Validity 1 month or 30 days
SMS activation – SMS 16 to 127
USSD code validation – dial *127*12#

50GB GLO data plan (platinum Plan)

Cost of data plan N18,000
Data volume with bonus 50GB
Validity 1 month or 30 days
SMS activation – SMS 17 to 127
USSD code validation – dial *127*13#

63GB Data plan (platinum plan)

Cost of data plan N20,000
Data volume with bonus 63GB
Validity 1 month or 30 days
SMS activation – SMS 33 to 127
USSD code validation – dial *127*33#

*if you are out of data before the end of your validity period, just dial *777# to boast your plan by 1GB for just #500 or 300MB for just N200.

Glo Monthly Data Plan Limit

Glo data plan has safe use download-upload limits, once you exceed this limit your internet access will be deactivated irrespective of whether the validity period has reached.

Globacom images - Glo hourly data plans

GLO Data Plan Hourly Bundle

Glo also has wonderful hourly data bundles or plans which offer internet services within specific hours and time period.

Glo G300 (300 hours internet browsing bundle)

Cost of data plan N15,000
Data volume with bonus 12GB data limit
Validity 300 hours internet browsing bundle

Glo G100 (100 hours internet browsing bundle)

Cost of data plan N6,000
Data volume with bonus 1GB data limit
Validity 100 hours internet browsing bundle

Users should en-devour to use the data plan within the stipulated time or validity period, or else it will expire.

The Glo hourly data pack can be activated by using the codes below:

Glo G100- send 20 to 127 (*127*5#)
Glo G300 browsing bundle – send 21 to 127 (*127*4#)

Globacom images - Glo Flexi Packs

Glo Data Plan – Flexi Packs

Glo also offers internet data bundle that allows internet access at specific periods of the day called the Flexi Packs or plans.

G-Leisure Flexi Plan

Glo N5,000 Flexi data plan – Glo weekdays data plan
cost of data plan N5,000
Data volume with bonus 12GB
Validity 8pm – 9am on week days + all day on weekends
SMS activation – SMS 30 to 127
USSD code validation – dial *127*7#

G- Work Flexi Plan

Glo N6,000 Flexi data plan – Glo 100 hours data plan
cost of data plan N6,000
Data volume with bonus 12GB
Validity 8am – 9pm daily
SMS activation – SMS 31 to 127
USSD code validation – dial *127*#

Globacom images - Glo Campus Data Booster

You might be interested in these juicy offers from different networks in Nigeria

Glo Campus Data Booster

Globacom is leading the data revolution with the Glo CAMPUS Data BOOSTER which is made for campus student.

As a campus student on Campus Data Booster, you get a huge free credit bonus for Glo to Glo calls as long as you are on a campus premises at no additional cost.

Glo N100 Campus data

cost of data plan N100
Campus data volume 100MB
Glo to Glo bonus N100
Validity 2 days

Glo N200 Campus data

Cost of data plan N200
Campus data volume 200MB
Glo to Glo bonus N200
Validity 4 days

Glo N500 Campus data

Cost of data plan N500
Campus data volume 500GB
Glo to Glo bonus N500
Validity 7 days

Glo N1000 Campus data

Cost of data plan N1,000
Campus data volume 1,000GB
Glo to Glo bonus N1,000
Validity 15 days

Glo N2,000 Campus data

Cost of data plan N2000
Campus data volume 2000GB
Glo to Glo bonus N2000
Validity 30 day

Glo N5,000 Campus data

Cost of data plan N5000
Campus data volume 5000GB
Glo to Glo bonus N5000
Validity 30 day

Simply dial *777# and choose a Campus Booster Plan.

If you are currently on campus and already have a regular data plan, your campus data plan will not be active till your current data is exhausted but you can’t carry forward unused campus data.

Globacom images - Glo Night Data Plans

GLO Night Data Plan

This plan is for customers who like to stay awake in the early mornings to browse, probably because they believe that network is faster during that period or situation demands it – work, education or maybe lifestyle.

Glo offers this night plan at a very affordable rate.

To subscribe to the Glo Night plan simply dial *127*60# and get 1GB data to surf the internet, this plans goes for N200 only.

Globacom images - Glo weekly data plans

GLO Weekly Data Plan or Bundle

Just like most other data providers in Nigeria, Glo has introduced similar plans for every budget too.

Glo Nigeria also introduced the weekly plan that is valid for 10 days, that is 3 more days than most other networks.

To subscribe to the weekly data plan simply dial *127*57# and it goes for just N500 which gives you 1.6GB data to access the internet as you see fit.

Other Glo Data Plans You Should Consider

7GB Glo data plan – The package goes for 3,000 and offers you 7GB with bonus of 1.75GB, you can subscribe to this plan by dialing *127*54#.

12.5GB Glo data plan – This plan offers you 12.5GB dat with 3.1GB bonus data. It costs just N5,000 and to subscribe, dial *127*2#.

26GB Glo data plan – This plan goes for N10,000 and offers 26GB data with 6.5GB bonus, to subscribe dial *127*11#.

Before you buy your next data bundle, read this recharge card tip.

Conclusion and Quick FAQ

How do i deactivate my current Glo data plan?

All Glo plans are auto renewed after the 30 days has elapsed or if you have exhausted your data before the 30 days, as long as you have enough credit on your android, iOS or whatever device you are using.

To stop auto renewal or end your current Glo data plan, SMS Cancel to 127. You will receive an SMS once deactivation has been successful.

How do I check my Glo data balance?

There are 2 ways to check your available Glo data balance – by SMS or dialing a USSD code.

To check your Glo data balance, simply dial *127*0# or via SMS, send INFO to 127.

Glo has done so well for its customers, the range and low prices of these plans makes it so affordable for most consumers.

Glo consumers get slashed prices on data plans and now with the latest Android, iOS and Windows smartphones sold at deal prices on Konga and Jumia (all you have to do is check daily deals section or simply sort through a price range for best deals on Konga or Jumia phones section) carrying top of the line network capabilities, must be a jolly period for Nigerians.

The BIG question is, can MTN data plans, Airtel data plans or 9mobile data plans compete with these prices?

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