Glo Blackberry Subscription and Data Plans 2019

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Glo mobile offers Blackberry services to prepaid subscribers. The Glo network were the first to launch Blackberry data plan in Nigeria, although then they only offer blackberry services to post-paid or contract subscribers.

Blackberry devices are smartphones and tablets made by RIM that gives users secure data connectivity while on the move. Users can access many platforms like yahoo, facebook, hotmail, Gmail and more.

Like their counter-pact network MTN, Glo mobile has amazing blackberry data plans. Glo have two special plans for prepaid subscription which are the BIS monthly and the BIS weekly. The BIS monthly allows users access the internet for 30days, while the BIS weekly allows them to access the web with a period of 7 days.

Glo subscription for blackberry (BB) on Android is now available for just N1400 only and no more N1000.

Note: That the Glo BB subscription still works on Android device as long as you can change the IMEI number and APN (Access point) of your phone.

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How to activate Glo blackberry data plan

Glo Blackberry BIS complete month (3GB)

  • Price – N1,000
  • Code – Text CoMonth to 777 or dial *777*21#

Glo Blackberry BIS Complete Week (700MB)

  • Price – N400 naira
  • Code – Text Coweek to 777

Glo Blackberry Absolute BIS Monthly (3G)

  • Price – N1,500
  • Code – Text bbamonth to 777 or dial *777*23#

Glo Blackberry Absolute BIS Weekly (700MB)

  • Price – N500
  • Code – Text bbaweek to 777

Prices and codes of all Glo Balckberry data plans for BES

Glo Blackberry BES Monthly (3G)

  • Price – N4,200
  • Code -Text BESMonth to 777 or dial *777*6#

To activate Glo Blackberry BES Monthly or BES weekly on your prepaid blackberry phone send besmonth or besweek respectively to777, to check blackberry usage , text STATUS to 777.

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Glo Blackberry 10 or BB10 Data Plans FAQ

What are Glo Unified BB10 Data plans?

Glo offers unified BB10 data plans which gives access to 2G, 3G and 4G LTE. No need to buy specific 4G BB10 plans for 4G-LTE usage. Glo customers no longer need to buy multiple plans for specific access but can enjoy benefit of 4G, 3G, and 2G in one unified place.

What happen to my current Glo 3G BB10 data plan?

Your current 3G BB10 plan will now give you access to 4G data as well  and now work on any network coverage.

Can these Glo Unified data plans be Gifted?

All Glo BB10 data plans are not gifted or sharable.


BB100 (100MB)

  • Period – 1 day
  • Price- N100
  • Code – text BB100 to 777 or dial *777*4#

BB200 (200MB)

  • Period- 7 days
  • Price -N200
  • Code – text BB200 to777 or dial *777*5#

BB500 (1GB)

  • Period-10 days
  • Price -N500
  • Code- text BB500 to 777 or dial *777*7#

BB1000 (2GB)

  • Period – 30 days
  • Price – N1,000
  • Code – text BB1000 to777 or dial *777*8#
  • BB2000 (6GB)
  • Period- 30 days
  • Price – N2,000
  • Code – text BB2000 to 777 or dial *777*9#

BB2500 (10GB)

  • Period -30days
  • Price-N2,500
  • Code – Text BB2500 to 777 or dial *777*10#

BB3000 (12GB)

  • Period -30days
  • Price- N3,000
  • Code – text BB300 to 777 or dial *777*17#

BB4000 (18GB)

  • Period – 30days
  • Price – N4,000
  • Code- text BB4000 to 777 or dial*777*18#

BB5000 (24GB)

  • Period – 30days
  • Price – N5,000
  • Code – text BB5000 to 777 or dial *777*19#

BB8000 (48GB)

  • Period – 30days
  • Price – N8,000
  • Code – text BB8000to 777 or dial *777*20#

Note: All BB10 data plans are auto-renewable and customers who auto-renew their plans will get 100% bonus. Start your VTU business with just 5000 Naira in Nigeria.

Is there Any Grace period For Auto-renewal on these Unified plans?

Yes, if you purchase or renew Glo BB10 data plan within 72 hours of expiry or exhaustion of active data plan you will get 100% bonus. These plans are also stack-able but it has a maximum of 3 plans consecutively.

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