Glo Biigy Packs with MONSTER Airtime Bonus

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Globacom Nigeria remains the best network providers both in Nigeria. Glo customers can attest to this because when it comes to making cheap and affordable calls both locally and internationally and cheaper browsing rate, Glo is the best.

You can doubt this fact that Glo is actually the best until you start reviewing most of its plans and packages then you will realize how generous Glo is to her esteemed customers. Truth be told, even if you are also an 9mobile customer, Glo actually offers more affordable call and browsing rate than 9mobile.

Glo Biigy Pack

Globacom has introduced another cool pack called the “Glo Biigy pack” but you can call it the airtime multiplier as it gives users value for their money.

Glo Biigy pack gives Glo customers double of their recharge, although the Glo biigy pack only has one offer, the offer is amazing as users can enjoy up to N8000 worth of airtime which can be used to call all other networks like MTN, 9mobile and Airtel Nigeria.

The Glo Biigy pack offers its subscriber’s voice calls to any network as low as 45k/seconds while SMS to all networks is charged at N4 per SMS. At that rate, it is similar to the SMS rates of other networks and data usage is charged at 5k/kb.

All Glo biigy benefits will be forfeited on expiry of validity that is, once the above bundle is exhausted, charges will be as per base profile tariff.

It is interesting to know that despite the fact that the pack has only one offer, which is doubling your recharge, you can enjoy up to N8000 airtime depending on your recharge.

Recharge of N100 naira will give you N300 but a N300 recharge fetches you N1000. N500 gives you N1800 and N1000 gives you N4000. Then N1500 gives you N6000 while N2000 recharge gives you N8000 to make calls to other networks, send SMS and surf the internet. If you buy recharge card without getting anything in return, you are throwing money away.

Globacom images - Glo biigy pack with 3x bonus

How to subscribe to Glo Biigy pack

Opting or subscribing to Glo Biigy pack is easy, all you need do is punch a couple of digits and viola! you are on your way to enjoying all these benefits.

To opt to the Glo biigy pack, simply dial *170*3# and start enjoying double of recharge made. If you recharge your Glo SIM with N200, you get N600 which is your main recharge of N200 and a double bonus of N400 which can be used to call other networks, browse and send SMS as well.

Need more monster bonus irrespective of telecom network in Nigeria?

Glo Biigy pack has 6 packs as shown below.

  • Pack 1: This pack goes for N100 and attracts Glo bonus of N200 airtime bonus plus the main recharge of N100 making it N300. The pack 1 Glo biggy pack has a validity period of 3 days.
    • You can opt for this pack by dialing *170*1#
  • Pack2: This pack gives you a total of N1000 Glo bonus on recharge of N300 and has a validity period of 7 days.
    • To subscribe to this pack, simply dial *170*2#
  • Pack 3: You can subscribe to this pack by recharging N500 artime, this will fetch you N1800 bonus airtime and it has a validity period of 10 days.
    • To opt for this pack, dial *170*3#
  • Pack 4: Recharge N1000 and dial *170*6#, you will receive a total of N4000 bonus airtime. This pack is valid for 15 days.
  • Pack 5: Recharge N1500, then dial *170*7#, you will get a total of N6000 bonus airtime to call all networks, browse and send SMS. Pack 5 valid for 30 days.
  • Pack 6: This is the last pack, and it offers a whooping N8000 bonus airtime on recharge of N2000 aritime. This pack has a validity period of 30 days.

How to check your Glo biigy pack tariff plan promo balance

You can retrieve your pack balance by dialing *122#, and you can check your main balance by dialing *124#.

What does Glo Biigy pack tariff plan offer?

The Glo biggy has only one offer which is doubling or multiplying your recharge. The benefit is amazing as Glo customers who subscribe to Glo biigy pack tariff plan can enjoy Airtime up to N8000 depending on their recharge.

To get information on other special packs click the link below

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Globacom images - Globacom Featured

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