How To Make Money on GiftalWorld This Year

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They have no strict norms for using our online platform. With a range of niche, they bring you the latest piece of information that always allures you.

They let you earn money by reading news online. They welcome you to sign up on their website and earn money without any inconvenience. In fact, they keep your interest always on top and that’s why they are always standing on their toes to deliver you interesting content.

You can also share their daily sponsored posts and campaign adverts to make money online. No matter how desperate you are to make money online, they bring you oodles of changes to keep your pocket warm. Keep reading and sharing the posts to make money online.

Giftalworld is an incorporated organization, a registered e-commerce website with registration number 2680874 under Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). 100% legal.

How to Join Giftalworld ?

To join Giftalworld is as simple as ABC. It is as easy as you do sign up on other online registrations just by putting your profile details on registration form, with a one time fee of ₦3,000 as Registration Fee to become a financial registered member.

Foreign Membership

With their new partnership with Flutterwave,foreigners can pay directly with their card online to become a member and also receive payments straight to their bank account.

With their new online payment gateway , they accept online payments and also payout in the following currencies: Nigerian Naira (NGN), Kenyan Shillings (KES), Ghanaian Cedis (GHS), US Dollars (USD) and South African Rands (ZAR), and Other currencies too.

You can pay via PayPal And Bitcoin

If you do not have a paypal account, kindly visit PAYPAL To create an account.

How To Earn On Giftalworld

  1. Once you Sign up, you receive bonus of ₦1000
  2. Reading News earn you ₦20
  3. Commenting on News ₦20
  4. Sharing any news on the site, you earn ₦2
  5. Daily Login bonus is ₦100
  6. You Earn ₦100 for Sharing their Daily sponsored post
  7. You Earn ₦100 for sharing their Daily Campaign Advert.
  8. And Earn ₦1500 for Referral Bonus.
  9. You Earn ₦1000 Airtime for Alert Testimonies with the Best caption
  10. You earn ₦100,000 for being among their lucky Raffle draw winners
    They pay activities earnings every two weeks. Join them and you can smile to the bank too just like every other person.
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