Expertnaire Course: Foreign Copywriting Full Guide To Success

Foreign copy writing course on expertnaire
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Table of Contents

Coronavirus has changed a lot of things for everyone. While many are losing their source of income others are making money. So you too can be among the few who are smiling to the bank everyday and every month.

You can even earn up to $3,000 a month writing good news letters from home and make up to $36,000 per Year! This is over N13 Million Naira when you convert it to Naira.

There is a little-known $2.3trillion writing industry that pays new writers at least $1,500 for a single good letter.

Imagine how much you will be earning for writing about life-changing discoveries and opportunities for multi-million-dollar publishers.

New writers are in high demand in this $2.3 Trillion Industry! More businesses are trying to keep up with customers during this coronavirus period. The best way to do this is by publishing valuable
information and opportunities for people to improve themselves, family and income while at home.

In order to do this, they need lots of good news articles and letters published on their websites every month. Few people can write these kinds of letters which is why people who are in hot demand and well paid.

This kind of letter writing is called copywriting. While Copywriters are people who write letters like this.

These kinds of letters are not the usual letters you are used to. They are professional letters that offer solutions to people’s everyday problems.

You will be writing about: ‘how to earn more money; how to become, healthier, fitness or even how to do better at work while working from home.

You can write on any niche but there are some niche that have a higher demand. In fact, there are 12 most profitable niches and there are top five niches you need to take note of:

  • The Financial niche
  • The Health niche
  • Writing for the Web
  • Self development
  • Information marketing

Any one of these Letter-Writing Niches can pay you between $36,000 – $120,000 per year.

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As a copywriter, you are at the forefront of the company that hires you
because the letters you write persuade people to sign up for what the company is offering; to support a worthy cause or to try or buy a product the company is offering.

The more people take the necessary action, the more the company
benefits and when this happens, you earn more also.

You don’t need to be a professional to start making money. You can learn how to be an awesome copywriter in less than 3 weeks.

Introducing the Foreign Copywriting Initiative by Andy Mukolo. This
program has five modules and will teach you how to be a copywriter as well as how to make money as a copywriter.

Module 1

Understanding The Business Of Foreign Copywriting.

You’ll be shown a step by step guide on how to write your first sales letter and how to get your readers to take action at the end of your letter.

You’ll also learn the secrets of how to use words to create excitement in your readers. You’ll learn the business of copywriting and how to build a successful freelance business which you can easily run from home.

Module 2

12 Profitable Niches.

You’ll learn about the profitable and popular niches that will enable you to earn 7 figure income.

Module 3

A Modern Collection Of Great Copywriting Samples!

You’ll get a collection of letters and web copy that bring the best results.
It’s persuasive and you can use this to tailor your letters which will in turn have a high performance.

You’ll learn the techniques the writers used that made the letters perform well.

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Module 4

Your Golden Passport to Becoming A Copywriting Superstar to Foreign Clients!

In this module, you’ll learn secrets and techniques for creating powerful ideas — using real-life examples from some of the most successful blockbuster promotions ever.

  • You’ll learn how to touch the emotions of your readers.
  • What every Copywriter ought to know about high-ticket Copywriting
  • Two overlooked tools you can easily use to land high-ticket offers from
    premium clients.
  • 4 simple payment options you can easily use to receive payment from
    your Foreign clients… especially since you can’t receive payment on
  • How to get the favourable attention of marketers and publishers who are
    always looking for new copywriters.
  • A comprehensive list of over 20 deep-pocket clients you can work with
    immediately you finish the Foreign Copywriting Initiative program.
  • Your “A-to-Z plan for dealing with a new client.

Special Module:

The Copywriter’s Roadmap to Facebook Riches!

You will learn how to make money from your Facebook account. This is a special bonus course taught by successful Facebook coach, Benahili Ojeme.

You will learn step-by-step how to use Facebook and how to make an
additional N200,000 or more every month writing sponsored posts for
businesses on Facebook.

You’ll also get other bonuses:

Bonus Material 1: Top-10 secrets I wish I knew before I became a
copywriter worth N10,000.

Bonus Material 2: How to use what you already know to build a
N500,000/month side hustle worth N15,000.

GRAND BONUS: The N60,000 Copywriting challenge worth N60,000.
FAST-REPLY BONUS 1: Videos from the N40,000 private high-income
skill masterclass worth N30,000.

FAST-REPLY BONUS 2: Free one-year inner-circle subscription to
Marketing Intelligence worth N25,000.

The total value of these is N175,000.

You’ll also participate in the N60,000 Writing Challenge! This section of your program includes everything you need to write a good letter for a product. It includes stats, details, facts, and testimonials you need inside.

You’ll learn how a sales letter is structured and the strategies involved.
Then you’ll have to write a sales letter and if it’s darn good, you’ll earn
N60,000 for your effort.

Entries will be open till the first 20 people sign up for this program. After which, the challenge will re-open after the winner is announced.

This program comes with a 30 days refund guarantee by Expertnaire. You’ll get your money back if you don’t start earning after implementing this program. Don’t waste time struggling to earn a living sweating your life out on one stressful job when you can live big off Copywriting. It’s not rocket science and you can be sure of earning over $36,000 doing what you do best, writing letters!

No time to waste time. START NOW, be that millionaire!

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