Etisalat or 9mobile Free Night Call Code

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Etisalat has now been changed to 9mobile but this Free Night call and migration code should work on your 9mobile line without any issues.

I remember there was a time when I was obsessed with free night calls. I’ll make sure I was awake making calls when I really should be sleeping. And yes it was always going to be a girl I was calling. I don’t want to assume I was the only one who was acting this way then because it felt like all my friends were also doing it.

Well, that was in the past, right now I value my sleep more than anything you can think of. So, I really don’t see myself engaging in this free night call ever again. Like I will always say we all have our needs, and I’m sure some people still enjoy making free night calls. Who am I to judge? After all, we are all looking to save cost.

So, if you are looking to learn about Etisalat free night call, you are in the right place. However, if you want to know more about Etisalat call plans, you may want to search it using the search field available on this site.

If you are an Etisalat customer, and you never knew that Etisalat offers free night call to its customers, now you know. But it is important that I inform you at this point that Etisalat free night call is not open to everyone.

To enjoy Etisalat free night call, you would have to be subscribed to Etisalat Easycliq tariff plan. Easycliq on Etisalat is best known for the free night call it offers customers. So, before we continue, you may want to check your current Etisalat tariff. If you know how to check it, good for you. However, if you don’t know how to check it, don’t worry I’ll tell you. Just continue reading.

How to check Etisalat tariff plan?

If you don’t know your current Etisalat tariff plan, or you simply want to be sure, dial *244*3# from your Etisalat line. If you dialed the correct code, your current tariff would be displayed for you to see.

Assuming you checked and you found out you are not on Etisalat Easycliq, you may want to migrate to Easycliq now. How? You may ask. I’ll tell you

How to Migrate to Etisalat EasyCliq?

To migrate to Easy Cliq tariff, dial *244*1# from your Etisalat line.

Just in case you are wondering why you should migrate to Easycliq tariff just because of free night call, I have good news for you. Easycliq has lots of benefit outside the free night calls you are looking for.

Other benefits associated with Easy Cliq tariff include:

  1. 15MB free browsing data weekly after recharging minimum of 200 NGN in a week. When you recharge 100 NGN in a week, you will receive 5 MB worth of data. Then, when you recharge another 100 NGN in the same week you will receive an additional 10 MB making a total of 15 MB.
  2. You will get 10 free MMS weekly upon recharge of 200 NGN. This MMS can only be sent to other Etisalat lines.
  3. Get a bonus of 150% on every recharge. Isn’t that good news? So when you recharge with 100 NGN, you will receive 250 NGN. This bonus is valid for 7 days; however, the data bonus is valid for 30 days
  4. It doesn’t end there, you get to make calls at 20k per sec to Etisalat lines and 40k per sec to other networks. But it gets better, when you use up to 25 NGN daily, your call rates drop significantly. Calls to other Etisalat Easy Cliq lines will cost 15k per sec, while calls to other Etisalat lines will cost 20k per sec, and calls to other networks will cost 30k per sec.
  5. Unlimited SMS. This means, for every 1 text message you send, you will receive 1 text message free. These free text messages can only be sent to other Etisalat lines.
  6. Receiver pays for the call. This feature allows you to make calls even when you don’t have airtime while the call receiver pays for the call. To do this you must include 268 in front of the number you want to call.
  7. You will also receive a bonus on incoming calls. For every five minutes call you receive from other networks, you will get a minute worth of free call. This free minutes can only be used to call other Cliq subscribers.
  8. When you subscribe to the Cliq-4-d-day service at 5 NGN, you will receive 1 MB of data daily. To activate Cliq-4-d-day, dial *330*1#

Now that you know other benefits associated with Etisalat Easycliq, you will agree with me that it offers more than just free night calls.

About Etisalat free night call

Etisalat allows you to make free night calls between 12:30 AM to 4:30 AM when you recharge a minimum of 100 NGN. Outside this time, your calls will be charged at the rates associated with Etisalat Easycliq tariff.

We will like to hear from you, what has your experience been like while using Etisalat free night calls? Please leave a comment in the comment section.

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