The BEST Etisalat or 9mobile Family and Friends Plan

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Etisalat has now been changed to 9mobile but this Family and Friends or FnF plan and migration code should work on your 9mobile line without any issues.

Etisalat Family and friends is a unique plan offered by Etisalat, which offers more talk time to customers. Etisalat offers its customers a unique opportunity to make free calls to some numbers known as Family and Friends. This feature is also known as “You & me”. With the Etisalat family and friends, you get to make free calls to 5 selected numbers.

How it works

Once you recharge 200 NGN in a week, you receive 300 NGN free airtime to call the 5 registered Family and Friends number for a week. It is not restricted to just 200 NGN in a week. You will also get 100 NGN when you recharge 100 NGN for a week.

To make understand better, if you recharge with the sum of 100 NGN on Monday, you will receive 100 NGN bonus to call your You & me numbers. If you now recharge an additional 100 NGN on Friday of the same week, you will receive an additional bonus of 200 NGN to call your You & me numbers.

In other words, it’s better you recharge a minimum of 200 NGN in a week than 100 NGN. But, it all depends on your financial capability and your need for the airtime.

N.B: The bonus airtime you receive will last for only 7 days. Hence, ensure you use it up before it expires. Also, you can only receive the 300 NGN bonus once per week to call your family and friends numbers.

Who is eligible?

The Etisalat family and friends package is available to users on Easy Starter package. It is important you check what tariff you are currently on before you continue reading. To check your current tariff plan on Etisalat, simply dial *244*3# from your Etisalat line. In case you dial the code and receive an error message, it could be network or the code has been changed. Another way of checking your tariff on Etisalat is to dial *200#. A list of options will be displayed, reply with whichever number My Account, I think it’s 2 but check and be sure it may have changed. After sending the number that corresponds with My Account, more options will be displayed. This time, reply with the number corresponding to Check Package. Your current tariff will be displayed to you, and also sent as a text message.

Now that you know what plan you are on currently, you can continue with the process of registering your “You & me” numbers. If you are not already on the Etisalat Easy Starter package, dial *244*2# to Migrate to Etisalat Easy starter package.

Validity Period

For as long as you are on the Etisalat Easy Starter package, you will keep enjoying the Family and Friends feature. But this will stop if you migrate out of The Etisalat Easy Starter plan. There are other benefits aside You & me that you can enjoy on Etisalat Easy Starter package. Some of these benefits include:

  1. You will receive 10MB free data every week when you recharge with 100 NGN
  2. Also, you enjoy the receiver pays feature. This feature allows users to make calls even when they are out of airtime and the receiver pays for the call charges. This will particularly be welcomed by students who want to call their parents but are out of call time.
  3. If you spend up to 25 NGN in a day, your call charges will be reduced to 20k per second from a starting charge of 40k/s.

How to Register for Etisalat Family and Friends

To register You & Me numbers, simply dial *233*1*Etisalat number#. This should be done directly from your Etisalat line. Remember that you have the opportunity to register up to 5 different numbers. So, repeat this process for every number you want to register.

How to Remove a Number from Etisalat Family and Friends

In the event that you want to add a number to your Family and friends list, and you discovered you have already added up to 5 numbers, simply follow the instruction below.

To remove any number from You & me, dial *233*2*Etisalat number#.

How to Check Your registered Etisalat Family and Friends Number

It is very important that you are able to check the numbers you have already registered with the Etisalat family and friends. This will help you know when you have reached your limit of 5 numbers as well as help you know which number to replace when the time comes.

To check your registered Etisalat family and friends numbers, dial *233#.

With this, you will agree that Etisalat is always looking for ways to satisfy her customers. If you have used this Etisalat family and friends feature before, you can let us know about your experience. However, if you have not used it before, what better time to use it than now. Whatever the case, we will like to hear from you. Do you like this feature? What do you like about it? If you don’t like it, kindly let us know why as well.

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