Etisalat or 9mobile Bonus Code (Calls and Data)

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Etisalat has now been changed to 9mobile but these bonus codes for calls and data should work on your 9mobile line without any issues.

It is no news now that there is high competition between the network providers in Nigeria. This has led to all networks introducing new ways to keep their old customers, as well as attract new customers. What this means for the general mobile users (me and you) is that we will be getting better offers from all network.

Etisalat in an attempt to try to stay competitive introduced different bonus plan for her customers. These bonus plans include both calls and data.

In this article, I’ll try to tell you about different Etisalat bonus on calls and data, their migration codes, conditions to be met where necessary and any other relevant information. So, by the end of this article, you will be able to identify which Etisalat plan together with the bonus will give you more value for money.

Etisalat Call and Data Bonus

Etisalat offers its customers different bonuses upon recharging your line. Some of these bonuses have conditions to be met, and usually, have a validity period attached to it. You will agree with me that it can be annoying when you get a bonus from your network provider and yet you couldn’t use it. So it’s also important you know the conditions and validity period attached to each.

Etisalat Real Bonus

The Etisalat real bonus offers you a 250% bonus on airtime recharge from 200 NGN above, and 150% bonus for recharge below 200 NGN. This bonus can be used for calls and pay as you go data, as well as text messages.

Etisalat real bonus offer is open to all new Etisalat customers who belong to either easycliq, easystarter, talkzone, and cliqlite tariff plan.

The bonus is split into two equal halves, 50% for calls to Etisalat lines, while the other 50% can be used to call other networks. Calls on this tariff are charged at 40k per second. You will also have the opportunity to subscribe 1GB for 500 NGN. This bonus has a validity period of 7 days. So make sure you use it up.

How to Migrate to this plan?

To enjoy this amazing offer, dial *611*1# from your Etisalat line.

While to subscribe to Etisalat 1GB of data for 500 NGN, dial *229*2*2#.

To opt-out, simply dial the code of the tariff you want to migrate to.

Etisalat Easystarter bonus

Etisalat easystarter plan offers its subscribers a unique opportunity to get free airtime on recharges. If you are on this plan, you will receive free 300 NGN airtime when you recharge a minimum of 200 NGN within the same week. You will also receive free 10MB of data when you recharge a minimum of 100 NGN in a week. This free airtime can only be used to call your registered you & me numbers.

You & me is a feature available to easystarter subscribers, which allows you to register 5 Etisalat numbers, and enjoy making free calls to this numbers. To register you & me number, dial *233*1*Etisalat number#. While to remove the number, dial *233*2*Etisalat number#.

The airtime bonus is valid for 7 days, while the data bonus is valid for 30 days.

How to migrate to easystarter plan?

To migrate to easy starter from your current plan, dial *244*2#.

Etisalat Easycliq Bonus

Etisalat easycliq plan offers you both call and data bonus. It is one of the most subscribed tariff plans on the Etisalat network. This plan gives new Etisalat customers a 150% bonus on recharge to call all network. You will also receive free 15MB data upon recharge of minimum 200 NGN weekly. This data is valid for 30 days, while the airtime is valid for 7 days.

On this plan, you will also receive double data when you subscribe between 50MB and 500MB data plan. Meaning if you subscribe for 100MB, you will receive 200MB data.

How to migrate?

To migrate to the easycliq tariff plan, dial *244*1# for existing customers. If you are a new customer, simply dial 200 and press 2.

To enjoy the double data offer, after migrating to easycliq, dial *545#.

Etisalat Easyflex Bonus

Etisalat easyflex bundle offers you more talk time. The amount of bonus you receive is dependent on what flex bundle you are subscribed to. Example, if you subscribe to flex 300 bundles, you will receive airtime value of 900 NGN and data bonus of 50 MB valid for 7 days. While if you subscribe to flex 5000 bundles, you will receive an airtime value of 12,500 NGN with no data bonus with a validity of 30 days. You may want to check the official website of Etisalat to know more about each flex bundle.

How to migrate to this plan?

To subscribe to any flex bundle, simply dial *344*Bundle Amount#. Example to subscribe to flex 1000 bundle, you will dial *344*1000#. If you will like to check your balance, dial *232#. To opt-out of a bundle, dial *344*0#

These are the tariff plans on Etisalat that I could gather which gives you data bonus and call bonus where applicable. If you know of any other Etisalat bonus, kindly let us know, so that we can update this article. If you find this article helpful, simply share with your family and friends.

We will also like to hear from you, so drop a comment about your experience using some of these bonus offers on Etisalat network

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