Etisalat or 9mobile Internet APN Configuration Settings

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Etisalat has now been changed to 9mobile but this internet APN configuration settings should work on your 9mobile line without any issues.

Having internet access is almost like a way of now these days. I can imagine how frustrating it will be to own internet enabled phone but not being able to access the internet. Usually, when you insert your sim into a new phone, you will receive an automatic configuration setting, and you just need to save it to get internet access.

However, sometimes you may have to do it the old school way. By old school, I mean configuring your phone manually to have internet access. Thankfully, Etisalat affords you the opportunity to do this configuration manually.

How to get Etisalat internet APN configuration settings automatically?

Like I said earlier, when you insert your Etisalat SIM card into an internet enabled phone, you should receive a message containing Etisalat configuration settings. What is then required of you is to save and then activate the setting to gain internet access. But, sometimes it may not work that way and you may need to put a little bit of effort.

Suppose you inserted your Etisalat SIM on internet enabled phone, and you didn’t receive Etisalat configuration settings automatically, follow the steps below:

  • Open the message application available on your phone. This should be straight forward.
  • Type ‘SETTINGS’ as the message body. Do not type any other thing aside ‘SETTINGS’.
  • Enter ‘790’ as the recipient’s number and send

Within seconds, you should receive a message with Etisalat configuration settings. When you click on the message, remember to save it. After saving, you will see the option to activate it. Usually, when you follow this procedure you should be able to browse the internet immediately. You can now download apps, chat online, etc. However, sometimes for one reason or the other, it may not work, and you will have to do a manual configuration.

But that’s equally not difficult provided you have all the required information. You will find that information here, so you have nothing to worry about.

How to configure internet settings on Etisalat manually?

In most cases, where automatic configuration failed, manual settings will work. Manual setting isn’t hard at all like I said before, you just need to have the right information.

The process I’ll describe below is for an Android smartphone. So if you have a smartphone that isn’t android, the process may be different but the information required is the same.

Go to your phone settings, and locate “Wireless & networks”. Click on Networks, but in case you can’t find Networks on your phone, you will see “More” under Wireless & networks. If you see more, click on it.

Next you need to select Mobile networks or Cellular networks, you should see one of them.

On more recent Android phones, you will see Access Point Names after clicking on Cellular network or Mobile networks. However, on older versions, you will need to click on GSM/UMTS Options before you finally see Access Point Names. Whichever version of Android your phone has, try and locate Access Point Name.

If you are already there, you will see Add New APN or “+”, it’s serving the same function, just click on it.

Configuration settings for internet APN

I want to assume you have gotten to Add New APN and have clicked on it. If so, you will see a lot of fields you are supposed to fill. Not to worry, not all the fields need information, we will provide the necessary information.

Use the following information to fill it out.

  • Name – Etisalat
  • APN – Etisalat
  • Proxy –
  • Port – 8080
  • Username – wap
  • Password – wap
  • Authentication Type – PAP or CHAP

This is all that is required, and your phone should now have internet access using Etisalat. However, remember you may need active data subscription or airtime to be able to browse the internet.

The above settings should work perfectly fine, but there is also another configuration setting which usually works as well. Follow the steps above to locate the Add New APN, and enter the following details:

  • Name – Etisalat
  • APN – Etisalat
  • Proxy –
  • Port – 8080
  • Username – Leave empty
  • Password – Leave empty

If you will like to get Etisalat configuration settings for the 4G network, check the next section. It is similar to the above settings but slightly different.

Etisalat configuration settings for 4G network

Just like the other settings, all you have to do is locate Add New APN. After clicking on Add New APN, insert the following information:

  • Name – Etisalat Ng
  • APN – Etisalat
  • Proxy – Leave empty
  • Port – Leave empty
  • Username – Leave empty
  • Password – Leave empty
  • Server – Leave empty
  • MMSC –
  • MMS Proxy –
  • MMS Port – 8080
  • MMC – 61
  • MNC – 60
  • Authentication – Leave empty
  • APN Type – default, supl, mms
  • APN protocol – Ipv4
  • And APN roaming protocol – Ipv4
  • You can leave every other field blank

Remember that if you received the automatic settings message, you don’t have to do this manual configuration. The automatic configuration will save you a lot of time and effort.

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