Etisalat Business Plan Perfect For Employers and SMEs

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Etisalat has now been changed to 9mobile but this EasyBusiness plan and subscription codes should work on your 9mobile line without any issues.

Etisalat Business plan known as EasyBusiness was introduced for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Are you an employer? Do you have a minimum of 3 staff? Then Etisalat EasyBusiness plan is for you.

How Etisalat Business Plan works

As an SME, you are expected to purchase minimum 3 business line and register them in the same CUG. You can also use existing numbers but the remember they must be registered on the same CUG. A closed user group (CUG) is a group of people whom you can call and send free sms. You can also invite other EasyBusiness subscribers to join your CUG group

Etisalat Business Plan Packages

Etisalat business plan (EasyBusiness) comes in 3 package. Compact, Complete, and Premium.

EasyBusiness Compact

EasyBusiness Compact plan gets you free 500 minutes for calls. These calls can be made at any time of the day. But to be honest with you, if you are the type that talks a lot, this will finish before you even know it. However, if you don’t talk much then, this will work just fine. Before making your choice on which plan to go for, let’s see the other two plans.

To subscribe for this plan, Etisalat will charge you 500 NGN. So, make sure you have at least 500 NGN in your account balance before trying to subscribe. Don’t be too fast, have you read about the EasyBusiness Complete plan? If no, then please do.

To activate the EasyBusiness Compact plan, dial *246*4*3#

EasyBusiness complete

EasyBusiness complete plan gets you free 500minutes for calls, 50 free SMS and 100MB for browsing. Okay, this plan offers you the same talk time as the compact plan, but it comes with other benefits. So, you have 50 SMS to send, this could easily save you some call time. What’s more, you get 100MB free data browsing. Yes, I know 100MB may not last a day but it’s better than none.

I told you, the Complete plan will entice you more than the Compact business plan. So, we have seen the Compact business plan and the Complete business plan. I sure will want to know about the premium plan if I were you. But before then, you should know that this plan cost 1000 NGN which will be deducted from your account. To activate the Complete plan, dial *246*4*2#

EasyBusiness Premium

EasyBusiness Premium plan gives you unlimited free calls for one month. Well, it’s not unlimited per se, it has a limit. However, it affords you a much talk time than any of the other two. So, if you talk a lot, this plan will work well for you.

Remember it has a limit. So, don’t go talking on the phone for hours every day thinking it will never end. But I can assure you, it last longer than you would think.

The premium plan cost 1000 NGN which is the same as the cost of the Complete plan. However, the difference is very clear. While the Complete plan offers you SMS and Data, the premium is restricted to just calls. To activate this plan, dial *246*4*1#

Note: All these benefits and more can only be used with subscribers in the same CUG as you.

Because I love you; well, I love everyone. I’ve decided to add a little extra to this. Who doesn’t like extra? You may be wondering what the little extra is, it is called the Etisalat EasyBusiness 2.0. Yes, you read that correctly EasyBusiness 2.0

Etisalat EasyBusiness 2.0

We all know every 2.0 version is usually an upgrade to the 1.0. Well, if you don’t know I’m telling you now. The EasyBusiness 2.0 is an upgrade on the EasyBusiness. To learn more about it, just jump to the next paragraph.

Well, I don’t have to start telling you what Etisalat Business plan is all about again. What you need to know is that Etisalat also introduced EasyBusiness 2.0 which is an upgrade on Easybusiness plan.

EasyBusiness 2.0 prices

Unlike the previously discussed business plan, his bundle comes in 5 different packages. After considering that the previous 3 plans would not be good enough for everyone, Etisalat decided to bring something extra.

Recall that the other 3 plans where basically centered on calls. Well the 2.0 version is more of data than calls. And as you will expect, it’s more expensive.

Well, data is life. At least that’s what some people say. So, if you are in that category, your problem has been solved with the new Etisalat EasyBusiness 2.0. But, if you still prefer calls to browsing, or you already have a subscription for data separately, the 1.0 version is for you.

Below, I’ve highlighted the 5 different plans available to this package, their cost, benefits and activation code.

  1. Business 2000 cost 2,000 NGN (150Mins, 1.5GB data, valid for 30 days) dial *246*4*21#
  2. The Business 5000 cost 5,000 NGN (300Mins, 5GB data, valid for 30 days) dial *246*4*22#
  3. Business 10000 cost 10,000 NGN (650Mins, 10GB data, valid for 30 days) dial *246*4*23#
  4. Staff 1000 cost 1,000 NGN (750MB, 70Mins) dial *246*4*business number*22#
  5. Staff 1000 cost 1,000 NGN (150Mins)  dial *246*4*business number*21#

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