Earn 6-7 Figures Monthly With Mini Importation In Nigeria

Mini Importation
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Today you will learn how to start a perfect and profitable mini importation business in Bigeria with little to no experience in importation or any related field.

Take this quick mini importation tutorial as your first training where you will see how others like you are making serious money selling products they bought directly from manufacturers and suppliers in China and then ship directly to their doorstep Nigeria.

Mini Importation is one business that presents succor to many Nigerians out there. Ever since its advent into Nigeria, many have transited from the state of poverty to financial buoyancy.

In addition, the thriving nature of the business is owed to the amount of profits garnered by those into the business. A person in Mini importation can make as high as 1000% profits on some products purchased.

Even without being in mini importation business where you looking to source for products from overseas like China, Turkey… you can still benefit from this training if you can be described as being a part of any of the following;

  • Dropshippers who are looking to get rare and unique items are extreme bargain prices.
  • Resellers and merchants on Jumia, Konga, Amazon, Shopify and even Ebay.
  • B2B companies who purchase from their clients.
  • Shop owners who are looking to make more profit from same or similar product.
  • Agents who collects orders for their clients in Nigeria.
  • B2B teams, Admin teams and procurement teams who purchase form their own companies.
  • Offline brick and mortar stores wholesalers and retailers.

Therefore, you will all benefit from this training and learn how to buy products from China and other countries and ship directly to Nigeria are extremely cheap prices.

What is mini importation business?

Mini importation is the sourcing and importing of goods from overseas with low capital. It can even be as low as 20,000 to sell in Nigeria either online or offline for huge profits.

Interestingly, it can be something as simple as a single power bank, smart watch or more bulky items like jacuzzis and bath tubs.

Profits can go from double the purchase price to as much as 10x the purchase price especially in the health and beauty fields.

Besides, mini importation is unlike the traditional importation business where you need to spend millions of Naira to bring in goods in containers to the shipping ports in Nigeria from various countries overseas.

How profitable is Mini importation business in Nigeria?

Normally in all my articles concerning money, i add pictures and screenshots to post so you can see proofs but for this mini importation , i wont want to scatter someone’s business by doing such so let me give you examples of how things actually are.

For instance, see that fancy wristwatch, you can get it for N200 on 1688.com (Yes! Two hundred naira ONLY), ship it to your doorstep in Nigeria with an extra N1,000 and then sell it for N7,000 on Jumia or Konga in Nigeria.

That is a profit of N5,800 from one simple item.

One is from Jumia Nigeria which is where most of you shop and the other is from Aliexpress while the third one if from 1688 which is one of the hottest but less known mini importation sites that merchants in Nigeria use.

How do you start importing goods to Nigeria?

Websites like DHgate, Aliexpress and Alibaba are extremely popular among everyone who knows mini importation business and even those traders particularly Ibos who buy and sell in brick and mortar stores (selling in physical shops) mostly buy directly from countries like China, Turkey, India, USA, Italy…

Some buy from the shipping ports in Nigeria but at a higher price than those that buy from the suppliers or manufacturers.

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China As The Hub Of Importation Business

Do you know that the country that presents this opportunity is China, where goods are designed according to the Nigerian specifications?

But no doubt that in all of these tantalizing discussions related here, there are issues that still plague those into the business.

1688.com is better than Aliexpress

Below i will give you 4 short reasons why 1688 is better than Aliexpress and Alibaba when buying products from China and shipping to Nigeria.

No minimum order requirement on 1688.com

Unlike Alibaba that usually gives you an option to purchase 20 to 100 pieces of the products, 1688.com offers lower or no minimum purchase requirements and you are also buying from local suppliers and manufacturers.

Negotiable prices on 1688

Like Alibaba, prices on 1688 are negotiable with one slight wrinkle, most suppliers and manufacturers on 1688.com don’t speak good english which is why you need to go through professional agents. Even with the addition of professional agents, the price of everything – buying, shipping, agency fee is still relatively smaller than Aliexpress and Alibaba.

1688 offers for consumers in China

Pricing issue is not easily spotted until you hit 1688.com after seeing a similar product on Aliexpress and Alibaba. The prices on 1688.com is so much cheaper because in 1688.com, the suppliers and manufacturers are stating the prices for local consumers while Aliexpress and Alibaba usually state prices for foreigners.

Aliexpress suppliers buy from 1688.com

Of course everyone buys from 1688 including the supplier you are in contact with on Aliexpress and Alibaba who just gave you a huge discount.

It simply means if they are buying from 1688.com then they are definetly making a proft by selling at a higher margin before shipping to you in Nigeria from China.

Problems Of Mini Importation

In as much as Mini Importation is a good business, there lies big problems that plague many, especially those delving into the business for the first time.

Firstly, there is the issue of quality, even though China presents  a good market hub for importation. You can order for a specific product and get a substandard product in return. This can consequently lead to loss in money invested or customers turning down products. Nevertheless, there are few manufacturers that make products as per standard for the Nigerian terrain.

Secondly, there is the issue of getting the right manufacturers of a product. Hence, many have fallen victims by ordering products from the wrong source. As the Chinese market is very large, there are manufacturers who also make fake products. Many have also fallen victims to them.

The Fears Of Mini Importation

In the end, many Nigerians don’t want to venture into the business of Mini Importation, while those who are having one issue or the other relating to the things highlighted above, have resulted in backing out from it entirely.

However, if you’re having these issues, you’re reading the right information that will help you avoid these issues and also scale up your business to 6-7 figures.

The Answer to Mini importation failure in Nigeria

To every given problem, there is a solution and that solution comes in the person of Patrick Ogidi, a seasoned Mini Importation expert. Patrick is arguably the pioneer of Mini Importation Business in Africa and Nigeria.

He will give you an in-depth mini importation training from the perspective of a Nigerian who has been successfully shipping from China and selling hot products regularly.

Including insights to pitfalls, possible problems you will likely face and solutions to such problems..

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See this about Patrick Ogidi:

He has been in the Business and has helped a lot of individuals become mini importation experts on their own. His training and coaching has enabled more than 50000 persons to know the secrets to a successful Mini Importation business.

See Patrick Organizing Trainings:

He is also commonly referred to as the Grand Commander of Mini Importation Business in Nigeria. A name coined and given to him by top Marketing experts in Nigeria.

Click here to start earning with mini importation in Nigeria today

Here are comments from Top Marketing experts about Patrick:

Patrick has decided once more to bring succour to individuals like you by organizing an online training that would help you through this difficulty. The good news is that the training is completely free. Too good to be true?

But check out what you would get from this training

Min Importation Training

Inside the mini importation training.

In the mini importation training by Patrick, you will be shown:

  • How to source for HOT products
  • Also, how to source for EVERGREEN products
  • Highly sort-after list of reliable suppliers, manufacturers, agents and shipping agencies.
  • How to scale your mini importation business up to 1000% profits
  • Killer strategies to run your business on autopilot, so you can have time to do other important things in your life.
  • You will also know the reasons why many people fail with the mini importation business.
  • You will learn how to solve the issues of returns by customers and the issues of delivery.
  • Powerful tips to selling more, that you can also apply to your other businesses as well.
  • How to market your products online, run highly engaging Facebook and Instagram Ads.

And much more.

Click here to start earning with mini importation in Nigeria today

This mini importation business training is not even optional, don’t skip it if you plan on making profits quick in mini importation business in Nigeria.

Check testimonials from people who have keyed in to this mini importation training:

If you’re keen and interested in Mini importation where you will learn how to buy from China and ship to Nigeria, and to solve issues you might be having with your business relating to mini importation then start with the highly recommended Pat Ogidi in the Free Online Mini Importation Class through this link below:

Click here to start earning with mini importation in Nigeria today

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