Code To Get MTN Cheapest Data Plan On Your Mobile Phone

MTN cheapest data plan code in Nigeria
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There were times I run out of data and I need data urgently but do not have so much in my account and I am confused on what to do, but gladly MTN is at the rescue, you don’t have to be in the state of confusion I was in.

MTN offers a wide range of data plans that you can make choices from. Have you been thinking data is made for those that are ready to subscribe at a huge amount. No, you got it all wrong.

MTN is a mobile network that offers their efficient, dependable and reliable services to all categories of people that needs them and their data plan is not out of the deal.

What is MTN cheapest data plan?

MTN offers the cheapest of data and it just attracts a #50 charge to give you 20MB just for a day. It provides you solution to an instant data problem, or you have to search out something quickly and you do not have the data to do it, this would help you.

MTN cheapest data plan code in Nigeria

How to subscribe to cheapest MTN data plan

You can subscribe to the #50 data plan and start browsing by following the steps below

  • Start by dialing *131*1#
  • Select the option 1 to choose the daily plan
  • Choose option 1 to make selection of the #50 for 20MB
  • Make selection of option 1 to proceed to payment and subscribing.
  • Your data account will be credited with 20MB.

How long does it take to get your data?

MTN no dey waste time, subscribing for data does not take so long neither does it take century to get your data. Once the fee is deducted your data account will be credited with 20MB instantly, just in few seconds and you can continue chatting.

MTN cheapest data plan code in Nigeria

What does the daily plan work for?

The data plan is not a social media selective plan. It is general, so it works for all social media and browsers. So you can keep surfing the internet, check amazing stuffs on Instagram to keep up with the trend and never stop chatting.

How long does the data last?

The MTN data plan is a 24hour data plan. So as long as you as it is not exhausted you can use it for the whole day, I mean 24hours of non-stop internet browsing.

Can I subscribe more than once?

Yes, definitely you can subscribe more than once. With MTN there is no limit to how many times you can subscribe for the data plan in a day. You can subscribe as many times as possible even over a hundred times.

What happens to my data if I subscribe again and the previous is not exhausted?

Wait! Don’t panic. MTN is friendly mobile network service and the satisfaction of their customers is paramount to them. So you don’t have to be scared, your data remains intact even if you subscribe again without exhausting the previous as long as it is still valid.

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