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We get so excited with making calls at rates of 11 kobo per second. Which is truly great but imagine making calls at a rate of 1 kobo per second – yes ONE kobo per second. Welcome to 9mobile Talkzone prepaid plan.

We all want to make calls at cheaper so that our airtime will last longer, many network providers in Nigeria (Glo, MTN, 9mobile, and Airtel) has tariff plans the enables the various subscribers who love to make calls enjoy cheaper call rates. This is a brilliant initiative as calling is one of the most important telecommunication needs of telecom users, hence the need for a plan that will allow them have a wonderful calling experience.

9mobile formally known as Etisalat which started operations in Nigeria in 2003 and has since been satisfying the communication needs of their customers; they have been doing this by introducing new tariff plans that offers cheaper call or discount on calls, bonus data and airtime bonus to promote communication.

To stay in game in the telecommunication market you always have to deliver as this is what is expected by telecom users from their various network providers, if a particular network fails to satisfy the communication needs of their customers, they might change to another network provider. Before you choose your next data plan, check out this post on recharge card business in Nigeria.

9mobile has launched another tariff plan called the Talkzone.

On this Talkzone tariff plan, you get 80% discount on calls made to 9mobile lines for as low as 12 kobo per sec at an off peak time 12:30am to 4:30am.

Before you go further, consider these tariff plans.

Note: These tariff plans all come with individual terms.

The 9mobile talkzone tariff plan was formally known as Etisalat talkzone prepaid plan, provide subscribers with a discount on calls depending on the location without any access fee – which simply sounds great.

The discount ranges from 10-98% for calls made to other 9mobile lines and 10-20% for calls made to other networks. The discount is made depending on the location you are some of the call rate are 98% discount 1 kobo per second, 80% discount 10 kobo per second, 70% discount 12 kobo per second.

Whenever you see a 98% discount on your screen, it simply means that calls made from that location will be charged at an INCREDIBLY low call rate of 1 kobo per second.

9mobile Images - 9mobile TalkZone

How to know the discount amount for each location

  • The first method you can use to know the applicable location, simply activate the cell broadcast feature in the message settings on your phone and you will start seeing the discount displaying on your phone screen.
  • Another method is by always dialing *551# before making a call to get the discount applicable to that location.

Benefits of 9mobile Talkzone tariff Plan

  • 9mobile talkzone packages also allows subscribers make free midnight calls between 12am to 4:30am
  • Subscribers will also receive an 80% discount on all calls made to 9mobile lines.
  • SMS to international number is charged at N15 per SMS, while SMS to national lines are charged at N4 per SMS

9mobile Talkzone prepaid plan activation or migration codes

To migrate or activate this plan, simply dial *244*8# and start enjoying discount on every call you make.

Quick How Tos of 9mobile talk zone prepaid plan

Switching to 9mobile Talk Zone Prepaid Plan

All new and existing prepaid subscribers of 9mobile are eligible to enjoy this tariff plan. This product does not have special features like family and friends and calls will be charged based on location and on the same rate as calls made to family, friends, business associate and every other person.

Daily access and migration fee

Unlike some tariff plans, the 9mobile talk zone tariff plan do not attract any daily fee. All you need do is migrate to the plan and start making all the amazing discounted calls. The first migration to this plan within 30 days is free, subsequent migration will be charged at N100

Getting call rates before calling on TalkZone

There are two methods you can use to know the applicable discount in a particular location. The first method is to activate the cell broadcast features in the message settings on your mobile device then the discount will be displayed on your phone screen. The second method is to always dial *551# before making a call and you will be told the applicable discount in your present location.

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