MTN On Demand – Buy Airtime and Data from Your Bank Account

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MTN, the South Africa network is currently one of the best networks in Nigeria and South Africa. As we all know, MTN network offers a wide variety of offers and tariff plans that their customers can benefit from. The Nigerian network has now introduced the MTN On Demand which was created for the convenience of MTN customers.

What is MTN On Demand?

The MTN On-Demand is a direct service which allows MTN customers buy airtime as well as data bundles directly from their bank accounts via a USSD code at their convenience, anything and anywhere.

Remember the MTN slogan “Everywhere you go” this slogan was well thought of as MTN offers service to their customers anywhere they go, the MTN On-Demand is one of such services that can be accessed anywhere you go, you can enjoy this service even while in some awkward places like the toilet, bathroom  anywhere at all.

This service is available for all MTN subscribers and customers who prefer to buy data or airtime at the convenience of their home can enjoy this service.

However, they are specific banks that support this service, banks like zenith bank, Diamond bank, stanbic bank, FCMB, fidelity bank, first bank, access bank, union bank, UBA, skye bank and keystone bank. You can buy airtime or data bundles to a maximum of specified by the bank.

Using the MTN On Demand USSD code does not attract any charge.

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How to Activate MTN On Demand

Unlike some other services rendered by MTN Nigeria, the MTN On Demand service does not need any form of registration or activation; you can access the service automatically by default as long as your MTN number is connected to your bank.

The MTN number connected to your bank has to be the number registered with the bank account and in some cases, the number in which you as a bank customer receives credit alerts on.

How to use MTN On Demand

A unique MTN on-demand USSD code has been developed to enable customers access the service and buy airtime directly from any bank with their registered phone number.

To buy airtime directly from any of the above mentioned banks, simply dial *904# then follow the instructions on the menu that will be displayed to you, or dial *904*Amount# to buy airtime directly.

However, those that have more than one of the above mentioned banks account can choose any of the banks they want to use, once they dial the USSD code **904# a list of bank will pop-up for you to choose from.

See these USSD codes for data and credit on other networks in Nigeria

Please note; the short USSD code only works on an MTN number that is registered with a particular bank account on which you receive your transaction alert.

See these USSD codes for data and credit on other networks in Nigeria

You can purchase the following from the menu on *904#, airtime (for yourself and third party, friends and family), data bundles (for self and third party, friends and family) and xtravalue bundle.

Some of the banks mentioned above allow you to purchase up to N3000 worth of airtime in a day.

Below are simple steps to take when you want to purchase airtime for yourself and for another mobile number using the MTN *904# USSD code;

  • First dial *904*amount#, you will get a list of banks to choose from, simply choose the bank account you want to purchase the airtime from.
  • Next, you will be asked to input the account number, after putting it tap the send icon
  • Next you will be asked to put your pin and confirm it; this Pin will be used in subsequent transactions.
  • Once you follow these steps, your mobile number will be credited.

To purchase airtime for another mobile number follow the following steps below;

  • Simply dial *904*Amount*phone number of the third party#
  • Next, you will be asked to select the bank where you will be charged from.
  • Next, you will be required to input your PIN, after this your mobile number will be credited and your bank account will be debited.

You can also purchase data via the MTN *904# USSD code.

To purchase MTN data bundle or plan, simply dial *904*131# and you will be provided with data bundle option to choose from, then a list of banks will be given to you to choose, afterwards you will be asked to input your PIN to confirm the transaction.

MTN images - MTN On-demand to buy credit and airtime from bank

Quick Recap on MTN On Demand

How does MTN On Demand Work?

To allow MTN customers access this service, a unique code was developed with no charge that allows them purchase airtime or data directly from their bank accounts, and they can do this by dialing *904# or *904*Amount# to buy airtime.

What can a subscriber buy using the USSD Code *904#?

As a subscriber, you can purchase airtime (for self and third party, friends and family), data bundles and plans (for self and third party, friends and family) and xtra value bundle

Who can use this service?

Customers with individual bank accounts, who use MTN products and services, customer with bank accounts who buy physical recharge cards and top up their lines manually, customers with salary accounts, and customers with business accounts are all eligible to use this MTN On Demand service.

How many banks support the MTN On Demand service?

Currently, almost all the banks support this service; these banks are, FCMB, fidelity bank, zenith bank, diamond bank, first bank, access bank, UBA, union bank, stanbic bank, skye bank, keystone bank.

What are the benefits of using the MTN On Demand USSD code *904#?

Some of the benefits of this service are convenience for the MTN customer as they can buy airtime anywhere you go, you can recharge with ease, there are no hidden charges on your account or airtime, no network issues, the service is also simple and instant with no delays.

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